• Senior citizens face unique and changing needs during this time in their lives. This resource guide provides a collection of information sources for all aspects of senior citizen living. The websites, books, and DVDs here provide information about health and wellness, government resources, retirement, legal concerns and many other topics of interest to seniors and their families.



Journals & Magazines

  • Published bi-monthly by the American Association of Retired Persons this magazine, with more than 47 million readers, helps people 50+ live their most fulfilling lives.

  • Published by Arthritis Foundation this magazine is the ultimate source on arthritis diagnosis, treatment, information, news and research. 

  • The large print version of this magazine includes inspirational articles by famous and everyday people recounting turning points in their lives.

  • Housed in the library's consumer area this newsletter provides monthly heart news for readers who may already suffer from heart disease and for people concerned about their risk who wish to take steps towards positive change.

  • This newsletter, found in the library's consumer area, keeps you up to date on the latest breakthroughs for the most common medical conditions which affect healthy aging.

  • The large print edition of this popular magazine includes tips on health, home, money and food, as well as inspirational and humorous stories. 

  • Reminisce Magazine brings back the "good old days" by taking readers on a stroll down memory lane in each bi-monthly issue.

  • From in-depth information on conditions such as aphasia, high blood pressure and depression to tips for daily living this magazine keeps you abreast of how to cope, how to reduce your risk of stroke and how to make the most of each day.

Movies & Music

  • Andrew Weil
    612.67 Wei

    Learn how to reject the notion that aging is an evil. The rewards of growing older are emphasized and practical steps for remaining healthy are offered. Learn the best approach to diet and exercise, how important sleep is, and much more.

  • 646.79 Emb

    Families, experts and seniors share insights on aging, facing illness, and cooperating as siblings in the care of aging parents. Residents of a co-housing community for those over 55 offer attractive alternatives for the aging years.

  • 613.7 Fun

    This title focuses on improving balance. Other titles in this series designed for seniors include: arthritis, brain power, diabetes, fat burning, copd and asthma, bone builder and pain free back and neck.

  • Laura Gabbert
    305.262 Sun

    Sunset Story is a funny and intimate documentary that will make you think differently about growing old. It tells the story two friends at a rest home for retired radicals. While not shying away from the sadness of old age it reveals two elderly women's lives in an unusually authentic and surprisingly moving way.

  • 305.26 Whe

    By traveling Indiana and looking at the lives of older adults in a wide variety of settings and situations, and through insightful conversations with a panel of leading experts, this local production explores the questions: Are there things that we can do to help minimize the rough spots in the aging process? And, are there measures we can take to maximize the opportunities unique to our older selves?

  • 612.67 You

    People can actually become more fit, both physically and mentally, as they grow older. Join Dr. Henry Lodge as he dispels the myths of American aging and explains the new science of aging.

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