Television Resource Guide

  • Looking for info about your favorite tv show? Trying to find television listings or information about the history of tv? All this and more is contained in this guide of resources about television.


Web Resources


  • Vincent Terrace
    791.45 Ter

    This four volume set covers more than 9,350 shows comprehensively, including talk shows, game shows and documentary television.

  • Wendy Walker
    791.4392 Walker Wal

    Starting as a secretary at ABC some 30 years ago, Wendy Walker has climbed up the male-dominated world of television production. She was the senior executive producer of Larry King Live, responsible for landing the exclusive interviews with the most important newsmakers and well-known celebrities from around the globe.

  • Joe Garner
    791.45 Ga

    This book chronicles a wide range of unforgettable television bits from entertainment to news coverage. Includes a DVD with moments ranging from Lucy's "Vitameatavegimin" to 9/11 coverage.

  • Margaret Haerens, ed.
    302.2345 Tel

    Since the advent of television, analysts have debated whether TV shows and commercials have an influence on viewers and on society. This anthology explores the role television may play in obesity, aggression, and stereotyping and its effects on viewers' morals and self-esteem. Also covers how programming should be regulated.

  • Don Nardo
    791.45 Nar

    Presents the history of television, from its early development in the 1930's, its emergence in popularity after World War II, the growth of network TV, and the emergence of popular sitcoms, twenty-four hour news stations, and cable channels.

Movies & Music

  • Joshua Hanig
    621.388 Tel

    A chronicle of the history of television from the vision of Philo  Farnsworth through today's technological advances. Interviews with media moguls and tv personalities look at all aspects of television.

  • 791.4392 Pio

    Six years in the making this PBS program is a tribute to the icons of early television and an entertaining retrospective on the golden age of television comedy.

  • 791.45 Pio

    This four part PBS series focuses on early sitcoms including archival footage and interviews with several of the stars.

Local Resources

  • Bloomington's own cable station- CATS- provides coverage of government meetings, educational programming and a venue for locally produced television programs.



  • WTIU is Bloomington's local PBS station owned and operated by IU airs educational and entertaining programs, as well as local interest shows.