Cold Weather Reads

Cold Weather Reads

Books with quilts in them.

A Single Thread     A Single Thread    
Marie Bostwick
Cobbled Court novels

Moving from Fort Worth, Texas to New Bern, Connecticut to open a quilt shop begins a new life for Evelyn Dixon, bringing unexpected connections with a trio of women who come to the shop for quilting classes.

Fool’s Puzzle     Fool’s Puzzle    
Earlene Fowler
    MYS Fowler
Benni Harper mysteries

Albenia ``Benni'' Harper, a youthful widow, serves as curator of an impecunious folk-art museum in San Celina, California. Just as the deadline for a quilting exhibit arrives, she spots her cousin fleeing from the scene of a murder.

Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club     Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club    
Wanda Brunstetter

A group of “English” (i.e., non-Amish) people take a quilting class from Amish widow Emma Yoder. The students all have problems in their lives that they inevitably bring to the class, which quickly functions as a support group .

Leaving Gee’s Bend     Leaving Gee’s Bend    
Irene Latham
    J Latham

Ludelphia Bennett, a determined, ten-year-old African American girl in 1932 Gee's Bend, Alabama, leaves home in an effort to find medical help for her sick mother, and she recounts her ensuing adventures in a quilt she is making

Lover’s Knot     Lover’s Knot    
Clare O’Donohue
    MYS Odonohu
Someday quilts mysteries

Overjoyed to receive a handmade quilt from her grandmother as an engagement gift until her fiancâe calls off the wedding, Nell seeks refuge at her grandmother's home in picturesque Archers Rest, until the body of a local handyman turns up in the quilt shop.

Perisan Pickle Club     Perisan Pickle Club    
Sandra Dallas

Hard times in Depression-era Harveyville, Kansas, are softened by the conviviality of a weekly quilting circle called the Persian Pickle Club.

Quilt or Innocence     Quilt or Innocence    
Elizabeth Spann Craig
    MYS Spanncr
Southern quilting mysteries

When Judith, the landlord who was responsible for closing down Posy's Patchwork Cottage quilt shop, is murdered, Beatrice, the newest member of the Village Quilters guild, must piece together the clues to solve this crime.

Runaway Quilt     Runaway Quilt    
Jennifer Chiaverini
Elm Creek Quilts

Weaves a modern-day family mystery around a pre–Civil War tale of bravery, deception and the Underground Railroad.

The Cat, the Quilt, and the Corpse     The Cat, the Quilt, and the Corpse    
Leann Sweeney
    MYS Sweeney
Cats in trouble mysteries

When she returns home from a quilting show, recently widowed quilter Jillian Hart discovers that someone has catnapped her beloved Abyssinian and, with the help of her other two cats, stumbles upon a troublesome mystery involving more missing cats and a murder.

Wedding Ring     Wedding Ring    
Emilie Richards
Shenandoah Album novels

helping to restore the family home in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, Tessa MacCrae reevaluates her marriage and discovers an old wedding ring quilt that holds the key to forgiveness, hope, and healing.