"The Chinese Parrot" reviewed by Bev H on June 20, 2013

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The Chinese Parrot
Earl Derr Biggers
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The Chinese Parrot (1926) is the second in Earl Derr Biggers's mystery series featuring Charlie Chan. What is interesting is that these stories were running during the same time period as Sax Rohmer's "yellow peril" Fu Manchu. Biggers's representation of Asians may not be perfect, but it is certainly far more positive than most of the Western literature of the early 20th century. The Chinese detective from Honolulu manages to outsmart everyone in this snapshot of 1920s America. And he's using his intelligence for good, rather than in an evil "yellow" plot to wipe out civilization. I grew up watching the Charlie Chan movies on Saturday/Sunday afternoon television and I must say that I appreciate this novel much more. I enjoyed the mystery and the wisdom of Chan. It didn't matter that I suspected who was responsible the entire time...there were enough twists and turns and unknowns to make for an enjoyable read. Three and a half stars. I read this for many online reading challenges that I do in the book-blogging community and because it is a vintage mystery--a genre that I love. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good classic mystery.
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