I Spy with My Winter Eye...


At MCPL, we think it is important that families come to the library to learn and play. One of the ways we enrich our environment is through interactive displays, "early literacy spots." These displays are designed to promote language and knowledge for preschool children. Here's what to look for winter:


How tall is winter?

How do you measure up against objects used in winter? Come to the column next to the reference desk to see if you are as tall as a cup of cocoa, a sled, an evergreen tree, or other items. This display gives adults and children the opportunity to discuss simple math concepts, such as using units of measurement and sorting data.


Three Little Kittens Mitten Count

Alongside the traditional "Three Little Kittens" rhyme, you will find a number of red, yellow, and blue mittens. Children are encouraged to count how many of each colored mitten they can find. This activity helps to foster preschool math concepts such as one-to-one counting (where each object is counted only once), as well as classifying objects based on an observable characteristic.


Whose Boots?

This is a simple matching game, where children are encouraged to match the photo of boots to their most likely owner. This display helps to build vocabulary and speaking skills by encouraging children to name and describe the pictures and talk about connection between a person's occupation and the clothes they wear.

Enjoy the beautiful winter weather by having lots of conversations with your child about the world around them.