Preschool Exploration Center Supervisor

Volunteer Job Description
Childrens Department
Preschool Exploration Center Supervisor

Purpose of job:

Present the program "Learning through Play" to preschool children and their parents. This program provides the opportunity for language development and early learning through entertaining activities. Children range in age from birth to age 6.

Time commitment:

Minimum 1 or 2 hour on a regular schedule. Please plan to stay in this job for a "season" (Sept to Dec; Jan to May; June to August). At the end of each season, you may want to look at other volunteer jobs which are open, or you may want to commit to another season in this job.

Tasks you will do:

  • Opening procedures: set up music, check supplies at each station, check book displays, open blinds, set out "open" sign. At the beginning of each month, take time to go through each station to understand the intended activity.
  • Welcome each parent and child as they come into room, explaining the theme and intent of each learning station.
  • Keep statistics on number of people using the room.
  • Observe activity in the room, moving around to straighten or replace things as needed, conversing with children and parents about the activity, demonstrating or pointing out ways to use various stations.
  • May need to redirect behavior or remind people of appropriate use of the room.
  • If you are working with another volunteer, you may interact one-on-one with children. You might share a book, "talk" a puppet, play a game, or help with craft activities.
  • Report problems to the librarians as they occur.
  • Take responsibility for emergency situations.
  • When your shift is over, clean up, replenish supplies, report any areas that are low on supplies, re-set up book displays, close blinds, bring in "Open" sign.


Really LIKE being around young children, tolerant of some mess and noise, helps to be imaginative and to enjoy playing. Were looking for people who are observant and patient and who can communicate with both young children and with their parents. Physically, you need to be able to pick up things from the floor and sit on small chairs. You cannot bring your own child with you while you volunteer.

For more information or to fill out an application:

Contact the Childrens Department on the First Floor of the Library or call Joshua Wolf, Childrens Department Manager, at 349-3100.