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07 Ghost Complete Collection by 07 Ghost Complete Collection

For over 1000 years, two great empires, the Barsburg Empire and the Kingdom of Laggs, shared power in the world until a brutal war saw the Kingdom of Laggs destroyed. Ten years later, an amnesiac orphan Teito and his friend Mikage are attending Barsburg Military Academy. When Teito meets Staff Chief Ayanami, his memories return and he discovers he is the prince of the destroyed Laggs Empire. Teito must leave the army to find his true mission and the secret of his past.

Feb 17, 2017
Actually, I Am... Complete Tv Series by Actually, I Am... Complete Tv Series

Feb 17, 2017
Cobra the Animation Complete Collection by Cobra the Animation Complete Collection

There may be stronger and more ruthless guns for hire in the universe, but when it comes to sneakiness, nobody out-sneaks the space soldier of fortune known as Cobra. Who else would change his face and wipe his own memories to hide from former adversaries, then replace his arm with the ultimate holdout weapon? Whether he's running from mechanical pterodactyls or trying to rescue a friend in need, Cobra never forgets the most important thing: scoring with pretty girls.

Feb 17, 2017
Jazz G Men by Jazz G Men

A group of retirees form an improvized jazz band in a bid to become legit jazz musicians.

Feb 17, 2017