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Lies she told by Holahan, Cate, author. Lies she told

Liza Cole has thirty days to write the thriller that could put her back on the bestseller list. With stresses weighing her down in both her professional and her personal lives, Liza escapes into writing her latest heroine, Beth. But soon the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur.

Oct 11, 2017
Lightning Men by Mullen, Thomas. Lightning Men

The follow up to Thomas Mullen's complicated crime fiction that melds an intense plot with fully realized characters, exploring race, law enforcement, and justice in mid-century Atlanta.

Oct 9, 2017
Loved by Cast, P. C.. Loved

It's Zoey's eighteenth birthmas and the Nerd Herd has been scattered across the country busily adulting for almost a year when Stark calls them back to Tulsa to surprise Z. All is not well in T-town. Strange, dark signs are appearing, could it be possible Neferet is stirring? Not willing to chance disaster striking again, Zoey calls on her newly reunited friends to circle with her and add a layer of protection over Neferet's grotto jail. Easy, right? Nothing at the House of Night is ever as it s

Oct 9, 2017
Made for Love by Nutting, Alissa. Made for Love

Hazel has just moved into a trailer park of senior citizens, with her father and Diane, his extremely lifelike sex doll, as her roommates. Life with Hazel's father is strained at best, but her only alternative seems even bleaker. She's just run out on her marriage to Byron Gogol, CEO and founder of Gogol Industries, a monolithic corporation hell-bent on making its products and technologies indispensable in daily life. For over a decade, Hazel put up with being veritably quarantined by Byron in t

Oct 9, 2017
Manhattan Beach - a novel by Egan, Jennifer, author. Manhattan Beach - a novel

Anna Kerrigan, nearly twelve years old, accompanies her father to the house of a man who, she gleans, is crucial to the survival of her father and her family. Anna observes the uniformed servants, the lavishing of toys on the children, and some secret pact between her father and Dexter Styles. Years later, her father has disappeared and the country is at war. Anna works at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where women are allowed to hold jobs that had always belonged to men. She becomes the first female d

Oct 11, 2017
Men, Women & Worthiness by Brown, Ph. D., L.M.S.W., Brene. Men, Women & Worthiness

Dr. Brene Brown teaches listeners how to engage with the world from a place of worthiness, free of shame. She explores the differences and similarities between the experience of shame for men and women; guilt vs. shame--why one is useful, while the other is not; and the four elements of shame resilience--identifying triggers, critical awareness, reaching out, and speaking honestly.

Oct 9, 2017
My time with God - renewed in his presence daily by Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author. My time with God - renewed in his presence daily

Over the course of three years, Joyce Meyer recorded in her journal the personal devotions and inspirations that guided her busy life. This book is a collection of those writings, a 365-day devotional that shares powerful insight into Joyce's spiritual reflections and journey.

Oct 12, 2017
Neuroscience for leaders - a brain-adaptive leadership approach by Dimitriadis, Nikolaos, author Neuroscience for leaders - a brain-adaptive leadership approach

What makes a great leader? This important question has been on the minds of scientists, philosophers, and professionals around the globe for centuries. Many theories and models have been proposed in answer to it, but none has succeeded in capturing leadership in its entirety. Until now. The leadership enigma finally has a convincing answer - an answer rooted in a specific and very tangible source: the brain. The real breakthrough today is neuroscience. Over the past 20 years, leaps in technology

Oct 9, 2017
Nomadland by Bruder, Jessica. Nomadland

From the beet fields of North Dakota to the National Forest campgrounds of California to Amazon's CamperForce program in Texas, employers have discovered a new, low-cost labor pool, made up largely of transient older Americans. Finding that social security comes up short, often underwater on mortgages, these invisible casualties of the Great Recession have taken to the road by the tens of thousands in late-model RVs, travel trailers, and vans, forming a growing community of nomads: migrant labor

Oct 9, 2017
Nothing by Barrows, Annie. Nothing

The story of Charlotte and Frankie, two high school students and best friends who don't have magical powers, fight aliens, crash their cars, get pierced, or discover they are royal. They just go to school. And live at home. With their parents. Nothing ever happens to Charlotte and Frankie. Their lives are nothing like the lives of the girls they read about in their YA novels.

Oct 9, 2017
One hot summer - Dickens, Darwin, Disraeli, and the great stink of 1858 by Ashton, Rosemary, 1947- author. One hot summer - Dickens, Darwin, Disraeli, and the great stink of 1858

While 1858 in London may have been noteworthy for its broiling summer months and the related stench of the sewage-filled Thames River, the year is otherwise little remembered. And yet, historian Rosemary Ashton reveals in this compelling microhistory, 1858 was marked by significant, if unrecognized, turning points. For ordinary people, and also for the rich, famous, and powerful, the months from May to August turned out to be a summer of consequence.

Oct 9, 2017
One Nation After Trump by Mann, Thomas E.. One Nation After Trump

A roadmap for understanding how Trumpism came to pass in 21st-century America, identifies the sources of systematic decay in politics, and the actions necessary to prevent worldwide democratic erosion.

Oct 9, 2017
Openly Straight by Konigsberg, Bill. Openly Straight

A witty, coming-out-again story follows teenage Rafe's journey through being different, fitting in, and finding what it means to be himself.

Oct 9, 2017
Origin - a novel by Brown, Dan, 1964- author. Origin - a novel

In keeping with his trademark style, Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and Inferno, interweaves codes, science, religion, history, art, and architecture into this new novel. Origin thrusts Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon into the dangerous intersection of humankind's two most enduring questions, and the earthshaking discovery that will answer them.

Oct 14, 2017
Past Perfect by Steel, Danielle. Past Perfect

From number one New York Times best selling author Danielle Steel, this is a spellbinding story of two families living a hundred years apart, who come together in time in a startling moment, opening the doors to rare friendship and major events in early twentieth century history.

Oct 9, 2017
Principles by Dalio, Ray. Principles

Ray Dalio, one of the world's most successful investors and entrepreneurs, shares the unconventional principles that he's developed, refined, and used over the past forty years to create unique results in both life and business, and which any person or organization can adopt to help achieve their goals.

Oct 9, 2017
Reading People by Bogel, Anne. Reading People

Anne Bogel shares specific, practical real-life applications across all facets of life, including love and marriage, productivity, parenting, the workplace, and spiritual life. In her friendly, relatable style, Bogel shares engaging personal stories that show firsthand how understanding personality can revolutionize the way people live, love, work, and pray.

Oct 9, 2017
Recovery - Freedom From Our Addictions by Brand, Russell. Recovery - Freedom From Our Addictions

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, activist, and author of several best selling books, including the New York Times best sellers My Booky Wook; and Revolution.

Oct 9, 2017
Renegades by Meyer, Marissa. Renegades

A syndicate of prodigies, humans with extraordinary abilities, who emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone; except the villains they once overthrew. Nova has a reason to hate them, and she is on a mission for vengeance. As she gets closer to her target, she meets Adrian, a boy who believes in justice, and in Nova. But Nova's allegiance is to a villain who has th

Oct 9, 2017
Resurrection Row by Perry, Anne. Resurrection Row

After a wonderful night at the theatre, Thomas and Charlotte find themselves confronted with a corpse in the driver's seat of a hansom cab. Even more shocking-it is the body of a peer of the realm who had been decently buried the week before. While the doctor insists Lord Fitzroy-Hammond died a natural death, the Pitts find the situation anything but natural. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Inspector Pitt begins his investigation within the proper channels while his intrepid wife Char

Oct 9, 2017