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Las Elegidas by Las Elegidas

Young Ulises falls in love with teen Sofia, even as he is forced to lure her into his family's prostitution ring. Now he will do anything to save her.

Sep 12, 2017
Las Horas Contigo by Las Horas Contigo

Ema learns she is pregnant the same day she travels to Grandma's house to spend her last days with her. There, Ema is forced to live with her mother, a woman completely different and with whom she has never gotten along.

Sep 12, 2017
Malaventura by Malaventura

A group of friends on their way to a party decide to play a practical joke, which triggers a choatic series of events that will test their friendships and force them to face some difficult personal decisions.

Sep 12, 2017
Mexico Barbaro - Uncut & Uncensored by Mexico Barbaro - Uncut & Uncensored

Eight Mexican directors unite to bring tales of the most brutally shocking Mexican traditions and legends to life.

Sep 12, 2017
Pancho Villa- El Centauro Del Norte by Pancho Villa- El Centauro Del Norte

Jose´ Doroteo Arango Ara´mbula, better known as Francisco Villa, leader of the Mexican Revolution, of which there are many enigmas that surround his military and personal life. A tour of the events that led him to escape from his home as a child until he became the hero-villain we know today. Was Pancho Villa the illegitimate son of a foreign landowner? Did his charisma surpass his military strategy? Did he beg for his life in front of the firing squad?

Sep 12, 2017
Paraiso Perdido by Paraiso Perdido

Three close friends, Sofia, Mateo, and Pedro decide to head to one of the exotic and beautiful islands off the Mexican Caribbean for what they imagine will be an ideal getaway. Little do they know that their dream vacation could quickly become a nightmare- and potentially the last vacation of their lives.

Sep 12, 2017
Peninsula Mitre - A Forgotten Land by Peninsula Mitre - A Forgotten Land

The brothers have the goal of surfing a world class wave never ridden before at the Cape San Diego Lighthouse, the most easterly point. To get there they overcome heavy terrains, scarcity of food and harsh climate.

Sep 12, 2017
Sigue La Risa by Sigue La Risa

Live from California, get ready to follow the world's funniest comedy tour, hosted by Richard Villa. Features today's hottest Spanish-language comedians from the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America.

Sep 12, 2017
Sin alas. Without wings by Sin alas. Without wings

"Centers on a story of lost love between Cuban writer Luis Vargas and a famous dancer named Isabella Munoz. The trajectory of Luis' life unfolds against the backdrop of modern Cuban history, from his roots in an idyllic countryside town to his current urban existence in Havana"--Container.

Sep 12, 2017
Snow Buddies Cachorros En La Nieve by Snow Buddies Cachorros En La Nieve

Sep 12, 2017
Una Sonrisa a La Vida by Una Sonrisa a La Vida

Julia´n receives an unexpected visit from his friend Toma´s, who lives in Canada. The two men, accompanied by Julia´n's faithful dog, Truman, will share emotional and surprising moments prompted by Julia´n's complicated situation.

Sep 12, 2017
V8-Enciendan Sus Motores! by V8-Enciendan Sus Motores!

A group of friends got into a big trouble and they will try to do anything to get away with it.

Sep 12, 2017
Yoga Para La Salud - Estrenimiento by Yoga Para La Salud - Estrenimiento

Una serie de videos de instruccio´n para ser utilizado como una herramienta para los oyentes propio enfoque holi´stico integral para mejorar la salud. Intestinos necesitan moverse con regularidad, si no, se sufre de estren~imiento. Ejercicios de los o´rganos abdominales a trave´s de posturas de yoga restaurara´ su funcio´n normal.

Sep 12, 2017