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The Wearle by D'Lacey, Chris. The Wearle

A Wearle of dragons set out on an expedition from their home planet and was never heard from again. Now, a new Wearle, determined to find the first, has come to the place its creatures call Erth. Gabrial, who still has the blue scales of a young dragon, is eager to prove himself, and to find his missing father. But when Gabrial causes an accident that results in a baby dragon going missing, he'll have to prove himself worthy of remaining with the Wearle at all. Across the scorch line, most Hom,

Feb 18, 2017
The wizard's dog by Gale, Eric Kahn, 1986- author. The wizard's dog

When his master and best friend, Merlin, is kidnapped, there is nothing Nosewise the dog will not do to get Merlin back, even if it means facing the strange Fae people and their magic-eating worms, or tangling with the mysterious Sword in the Stone.

Feb 20, 2017
Trials of Apollo, book two- the dark prophecy by Riordan, Rick Trials of Apollo, book two- the dark prophecy

Feb 18, 2017
Turning 15 on the road to freedom by Lowery, Lynda Blackmon Turning 15 on the road to freedom

Feb 18, 2017
Well, that was awkward by Vail, Rachel Well, that was awkward

Feb 18, 2017
Yours truly by Frederick, Heather Vogel, author. Yours truly

Another wild mystery needs solving and it's up to the Pumpkin Falls Private Eyes to unravel it, in this hilarious follow-up to middle grade mystery&#x00A0%x;Absolutely Truly.

Feb 16, 2017