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Peter Powers and the rowdy robot raiders! by Clark, Kent. Peter Powers and the rowdy robot raiders!

If you like the Avengers, Justice League, or The Incredibles, then you'll love this family of superheroes! This new chapter book series is perfect for reluctant readers. Everyone in Peter Powers' family has super awesome superpowers--except Peter. All he can do is make ice cubes and flash freeze little stuff. At least his brother and sister have finally stopped picking on him--mostly. But at school, an even more menacing bully has it out for Peter and his friends. As if that wasn't enough, Bould

Jul 21, 2017
Poppy and the mane mania by Lewman, David, author. Poppy and the mane mania

Poppy and her friends are getting their hair done for a big party when they learn that Karma has disappeared while searching for a flower to put in her hair, so they go to the rescue, no matter what the dangerous journey does to their hairdos.

Jul 25, 2017
Princess lessons by Pearl, Alexa, 1967- author. Princess lessons

Sasha discovers that she is princess of the flying horses, but before she can begin her duties she must take lessons and pass a Princess Test, with help from family and friends.

Jul 22, 2017
Remy Sneakers vs. the Robo-rats by Sherry, Kevin, author, illustrator. Remy Sneakers vs. the Robo-rats

There has been a break in at the Science Museum, and the chief suspect is Remington Raccoon, commonly known as Remy Sneakers, so with the help of Stix the mouse, and other city critters, Remy sets out to discover the truth--and the Critter Crew finds themselves up against a criminal mastermind and his army of robo-rodents.

Jul 27, 2017
Secrets unlocked by McCullough, Kathy, author. Secrets unlocked

Collects two stories in which Rapunzel must consult a wizard for an explanation on why her long blond hair has returned, and must determine what project she should enter into the royal invention convention.

Jul 27, 2017
The baby firebird by Harrison, Paula, author. The baby firebird

Talia lives in a tropical rain forest that is home to a flock of magical firebirds. One day she meets a baby firebird, and they become best friends. But the firebirds are in terrible danger. Can Talia and her friend Lucas protect the firebirds and save their home from destruction?--Cover [page 4].

Jul 27, 2017
The curse of Einstein's pencil by Zemke, Deborah. The curse of Einstein's pencil

Bea’s artistic gifts lead to a special new friendship in book two of this funny illustrated chapter book series for fans of Amelia’s Notebook and Judy Moody. Bea Garcia is looking for a new best friend, and she almost has one—the smartest girl in school, Judith Einstein. So when Einstein asks Bea to be her partner in the upcoming school geography contest, Bea is first. Schoolwork comes so easily to Einstein that Bea thinks the secret might be Einstein's special pencil. But when Bea

Jul 21, 2017
The great granny cake contest! by Corderoy, Tracey, author. The great granny cake contest!

Can you keep a secret? Pandora's granny is a witch! She causes magical mayhem wherever she goes. In these stories, she brings comic chaos to a televised baking competition, delightful disaster to a school fair, and tons of trouble to a stately home! But she makes everything right in the end, with a bit of help from Pandora. Everyone loves Granny, especially her long-suffering granddaughter!

Jul 27, 2017
The rainstorm brainstorm by Tripp, Valerie, 1951- author. The rainstorm brainstorm

The WellieWishers want to give Aunt Miranda something special for her birthday, and when Kendall discovers the Tomorrow Pile, a bunch of old, dirty, broken things, she sees the potential to make some cool stuff.

Jul 25, 2017
The unlucky lottery winners of Classroom 13 by Lee, Honest, author. The unlucky lottery winners of Classroom 13

"Unlucky teacher Ms. Linda LaCrosse wins the lottery and shares her winnings with her class. The students fulfill their dreams with their newfound wealth, but they soon learn that winning the lottery is not all that lucky"--

Jul 27, 2017
The worst fairy godmother ever! by Aronson, Sarah, author. The worst fairy godmother ever!

Fairy-godmother-in-training Isabelle doesn't know what gusto is, but she's pretty sure she has what it takes to pass fairy godmother training with flying colors. But then Isabelle is assigned a practice princess who is not a princess at all. Nora is just a normal girl -- a normal girl who doesn't believe in fairy godmothers, or wishes come true, or happily ever afters. Isabelle has to change Nora's mind about magic and grant a wish for her. If she can't, Isabelle will flunk training and never be

Jul 21, 2017