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Cambodia by Mara, Wil, author. Cambodia

"This book details the history, culture, geography and government of Cambodia."--Provided by publisher.

Sep 18, 2017
California by Newman, Lauren, author. California

As the center of the United States entertainment and technology industries, California has a major cultural impact on the rest of the country. Readers will explore this coastal state and find out what makes so many people want to live there. They will also check out the local wildlife, get a taste of California cuisine, and more.

Sep 18, 2017
Bound by ice - a true North Pole survival story by Wallace, Sandra Neil, author. Bound by ice - a true North Pole survival story

In the years following the Civil War, "Arctic fever" gripped the American public, fueled by myths of a fertile, tropical sea at the top of the world. Several explorers attempted to find a route to the North Pole, but none succeeded. Bound by Ice follows the journey of George Washington De Long and the crew of the USSJeannette, who departed San Francisco in the summer of 1879 hoping to find a route to the North Pole. However, in mid-September the ship became locked in ice north of Siberia and dri

Sep 18, 2017
American Beavers by Klepeis, Alicia, 1971- American Beavers

Learn about where the American beaver lives, how it looks, and how it grows from a kit to an adult beaver ready to survive in the wild.

Sep 18, 2017
Alaska by Gregory, Josh, author. Alaska

Located far to the north, Alaskas relative isolation from the rest of the country has helped it foster a unique local culture that makes it stand out from the other states. Readers will tour this icy state and see how its people live. They will also find out how the area was first settled, what events led to it becoming a state, how it is governed today, and more.

Sep 18, 2017