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What George forgot by Wolff, Kathy, author. What George forgot

"George is great at remembering things. When it's time to get ready for school, he remembers to wake up his family and put on his favorite fuzzy sweater and brand-new superhero watch. So why does George feel like he is forgetting something? Readers know what George forgot, but will he ever figure it out?"--

Oct 14, 2017
Zelda's big adventure by Alafaci, Marie, 1961- author. Zelda's big adventure

Zelda, determined to be the first chicken in space, carries on with her plans to build a spaceship, complete her training, and design experiments, even if her friends do not want to help.

Oct 15, 2017
Wee Sister Strange by Grant, Holly, author. Wee Sister Strange

"A wild, nameless girl the townspeople call Wee Sister Strange roams through forests and marshes and bogs in search for a bedtime story"--

Oct 15, 2017
Waltz of the Snowflakes by Mackay, Elly Waltz of the Snowflakes

Oct 15, 2017
This is not a normal animal book by Segal-Walters, Julie, author. This is not a normal animal book

"An author and illustrator try to work together to create a book about animals, but have very different ideas about what it should look like"--

Oct 15, 2017
This is a poem that heals fish by Siméon, Jean-Pierre, 1950- This is a poem that heals fish

After his mother, hurrying to her tuba lesson, tells him that a poem will cure his pet fish's boredom, a little boy tries to find out what a poem is by asking friends, neighbors, and other members of his family.

Oct 15, 2017
Shelter by Claire, Céline. Shelter

"As a big storm approaches, two strangers arrive in the forest. All the animal families, safe in their homes, are worried, unsure of their motives. So they all turn them away when they ask for shelter, and the strangers are left to fend for themselves. But then the fox family is suddenly forced out into the storm, and they must ask these outsiders for help. Will they find it in their hearts to give it? A timeless - and timely - story about generosity, and the difference even small acts of kindne

Oct 15, 2017
The secret life of a tiger by Wechterowicz, Przemysław, author. The secret life of a tiger

At night, Tiger's strange and heartwarming hobbies come to light.

Oct 15, 2017
Santa Rex by Idle, Molly Santa Rex

Oct 15, 2017
Samson, the mighty flea! by McAllister, Angela, author. Samson, the mighty flea!

A flea strongman leaves the small circus where he has been performing in search of greater fame and fortune.

Oct 15, 2017
Red Again by Lehman, Barbara Red Again

Oct 15, 2017
Read the book, lemmings! by Dyckman, Ame, author. Read the book, lemmings!

A literate fox attempts to teach a trio of overzealous lemmings to read in order to save them from their habit of jumping off cliffs.

Oct 15, 2017
Princesses wear pants by Guthrie, Savannah, author. Princesses wear pants

Princess Penelope Pineapple stays busy flying planes, exercising, and gardening, always wearing pants, and so when disaster strikes at the Pineapple Ball, Penny is prepared.

Oct 15, 2017
Pine & Boof - the lucky leaf by Burach, Ross, author, illustrator. Pine & Boof - the lucky leaf

One blustery day, Boof the bear's lucky red leaf gets swept away by the wind. Fortunately for him, Pine the porcupine just happens to walk by with his lucky compass-and the two set off on an adventure to find the lost leaf, only to discover true friendship in the process.

Oct 15, 2017
On a magical do-nothing day by Alemagna, Béatrice, author. On a magical do-nothing day

Sent outside by their mother on a rainy day, a child is dismayed when their handheld game falls into the pond before they encounter giant snails, wet mushrooms, and other elements that awaken them to the sensory aspects of nature.

Oct 15, 2017
Odd one out by Chaperon, Danielle, author. Odd one out

"Annabelle and I were inseparable. We were best friends and we did everything together. That is, until the horrible, terrible day when the new girl arrived. Now she is Annabelle's best friend, and I'm the odd one out."--Publisher note.

Oct 15, 2017
No kimchi for me by Kim, Aram, author, illustrator. No kimchi for me

"Yoomi hates stinky spicy kimchi--until Grandma makes kimchi pancakes for her!"--

Oct 15, 2017
Monkey - not ready for bedtime by Brown, Marc Tolon, author, illustrator. Monkey - not ready for bedtime

Every night, Monkey has trouble falling asleep and every day he is sleepy at school, until his big brother comes up with a great idea.

Oct 15, 2017
Milk goes to school by Border, Terry, 1965- author, illustrator. Milk goes to school

Milk goes to school and has a hard time making friends with the other food classmates.

Oct 15, 2017
The merry Christmas Nut by Border, Terry, 1965- author, illustrator. The merry Christmas Nut

"A merry little nut faces obstacles on the way to Christmas dinner at his grandma's house"--

Oct 15, 2017