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Still stuck by Yoshitake, Shinsuke, 1973- author, illustrator. Still stuck

At bath time, a boy who believes he is ready to dress and undress himself gets stuck in his clothes, then imagines what life will be like if he remains that way forever.

Oct 13, 2017
The Berenstain Bears we love the library by Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author. The Berenstain Bears we love the library

Looking for something new to read the Berenstain Bears head to their local library where they discover that the town is considering closing the library.

Oct 13, 2017
The boy and the whale by Gerstein, Mordicai, author, illustrator. The boy and the whale

Abelardo defies his father's instructions and sets out to free a whale caught in their tangled fishing net.

Oct 15, 2017
The call of the swamp by Calì, Davide, 1972- author. The call of the swamp

"Boris, a swamp creature who was adopted by human parents, starts to question where he truly belongs"--

Oct 15, 2017
The dinosaur that pooped a planet! by Fletcher, Tom, 1985- author. The dinosaur that pooped a planet!

One boy. One space rocket. One very hungry dinosaur. The ingredients for an explosive space adventure. But when Danny realizes he's forgotten Dino's lunch box, the very hungry dinosaur eats everything in sight, including their only way home: the rocket! How will Dino get them back home?

Oct 15, 2017
The five forms by McClintock, Barbara, author, illustrator. The five forms

Award-winning author-illustrator Barbara McClintock’s meticulous research and vibrant watercolor illustrations breathe life into this frenzied, fictionalized exploration of China’s ancient Five Forms. When a young girl finds a mysterious, discarded book of martial arts poses, she ignores the warning printed in bold inside its cover: Do not attempt these forms without an experienced teacher! She decides to attempt them herself . . . but is shocked to find that doing so conjures real animals right

Oct 17, 2017
The glassmaker's daughter by Hofmeyr, Dianne, author. The glassmaker's daughter

When Daniela spends her days looking glum and feeling sad and bored, her father promises a glass palace to anyone who can make her smile.

Oct 15, 2017
The knish war on Rivington Street by Oppenheim, Joanne, author. The knish war on Rivington Street

Benny's family owns a knishery and sells delicious round dumplings. Then the Tisch family opens a store across the street--selling square knishes--and Benny's papa worries. So he lowers his prices! But Mr. Tisch does too. As each knishery tries to outdo the other, Benny helps his papa realize there's room on Rivington Street for more than one knishery.

Oct 17, 2017
The library book by Chapin, Tom, 1945- author. The library book

Using the lyrics to Tom Chapin and Michael Mark's "The Library Song," this picture book celebrates the magic of reading and of libraries.

Oct 17, 2017
The little reindeer by Killen, Nicola, author, illustrator. The little reindeer

"When a jingling sound wakes her from her sleep, a little girl's dreams come true when she meets a lost reindeer in the forest. They set off on a magical adventure and it becomes a Christmas never to forget"--

Oct 15, 2017
The littlest train by Gall, Chris, author, illustrator. The littlest train

"When a toy train falls off a train table, he gets lost in the outside world, but after meeting many different trains who help him along the way, he is finally able to return home"--

Oct 13, 2017
The merry Christmas Nut by Border, Terry, 1965- author, illustrator. The merry Christmas Nut

"A merry little nut faces obstacles on the way to Christmas dinner at his grandma's house"--

Oct 15, 2017
The one day house by Durango, Julia, 1967- author. The one day house

A little boy promises his beloved friend, an elderly lady, that one day he will fix up her old house--and his words inspire the other people in the neighborhood to pitch in and get it done.

Oct 17, 2017
The paper-flower tree - a tale from Thailand by Ayer, Jacqueline, author, illustrator. The paper-flower tree - a tale from Thailand

After admiring a peddler's tree made of paper flowers, Miss Moon plants one of the flowers and waits for a tree to grow.

Oct 17, 2017
The secret life of a tiger by Wechterowicz, Przemysław, author. The secret life of a tiger

At night, Tiger's strange and heartwarming hobbies come to light.

Oct 15, 2017
The secret life of squirrels - a love story by Rose, Nancy (Nancy Patricia), 1954- author, illustrator. The secret life of squirrels - a love story

Mr. Peanuts, a most unusual squirrel, is lonely as Valentine's Day nears but he meets Rosie in the bookstore and soon they are nuts about each other.

Oct 13, 2017
The secret life of squirrels by Rose, Nancy (Nancy Patricia), 1954- The secret life of squirrels

"Mr. Peanuts, a rather unusual squirrel who enjoys playing the piano and reading, learns that everything is more fun with a friend"--

Oct 13, 2017
The wolf, the duck & the mouse by Barnett, Mac, author. The wolf, the duck & the mouse

When a mouse is swallowed by a wolf, he learns that a duck devoured earlier has set up a table to enjoy the food the gluttonous predator eats.

Oct 17, 2017
There's nothing to do! by Petty, Dev, author. There's nothing to do!

Bored and unable to find anything to do, Frog asks his friends for suggestions and discovers that sometimes doing nothing is best.

Oct 17, 2017
This is a poem that heals fish by Siméon, Jean-Pierre, 1950- This is a poem that heals fish

After his mother, hurrying to her tuba lesson, tells him that a poem will cure his pet fish's boredom, a little boy tries to find out what a poem is by asking friends, neighbors, and other members of his family.

Oct 15, 2017