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Federica by Ritchie, Scot, author. Federica

Little Federica spends time in the park to get away from her buggy, messy house, until her and her animals come up with a clever solution.

Oct 19, 2017
Dino-dancing by Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- author. Dino-dancing

"Dinosaurs compete in genres of dance from hip-hop to ballet to swing dancing and more at the Dino-Dancing Finale"--

Oct 19, 2017
City mouse, country mouse by Rudy, Maggie, author, illustrator. City mouse, country mouse

City mouse William Gray and country mouse Tansy become good friends who enjoy visiting each other in the country and the city, but they miss each other when they are apart--is there a way for them to meet halfway without giving up the city and country lives they love?

Oct 19, 2017
Buster and the Baby by Hest, Amy/ Dunbar, Polly (ILT) Buster and the Baby

Oct 19, 2017
Bumpety, dunkety, thumpety-thump! by Going, K. L. (Kelly L.), author. Bumpety, dunkety, thumpety-thump!

Illustrations and onomatopoeic text capture a busy day in the life of two young siblings as they pick berries, help make a pie, and "thumpety-thump" their way to bed.

Oct 19, 2017
Book or bell? by Barton, Chris, author. Book or bell?

Engrossed in a book, Henry decides to ignore the school bell, which sets off a chain reaction.

Oct 19, 2017
Bonaparte falls apart by Cuyler, Margery, author. Bonaparte falls apart

Bonaparte the skeleton is literally falling to pieces and needs help from his friends to pull himself together before the first day of school.

Oct 19, 2017
The Berenstain Bears' Show-and-tell by Berenstain, Mike The Berenstain Bears' Show-and-tell

Oct 19, 2017
The bad mood and the stick by Snicket, Lemony, author. The bad mood and the stick

Curly's bad mood travels from person to person, unexpectedly leaving opportunities for forgiveness, laughter, and love in its wake.

Oct 19, 2017
Babies can sleep anywhere by Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- author. Babies can sleep anywhere

Compares the sleeping habits of animals with those of human babies.

Oct 19, 2017
Alone together by Junior, Clayton, author. Alone together

Alone Together looks at opposites and contrasts through unusual and humorous examples in the animal world. This charming picture book will spark conversations between adult and child and is a great introduction to a key early years concept. Its bold, colorful illustrations are perfect for parents and young children to explore together and to pour over time and again.

Oct 20, 2017