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Caroline - Little House, Revisited by Miller, Sarah Caroline - Little House, Revisited

Aug 16, 2017
Cat shining bright - a Joe Grey mystery by Murphy, Shirley Rousseau, author. Cat shining bright - a Joe Grey mystery

Missing his crime-solving work in spite of his delight in training his three kittens, cat detective Joe Grey assists an investigation into the murders of a beautician and one of her customers, only to have his kittens complicate the case.

Aug 17, 2017
Cherokee - a Justa Williams western by Tippette, Giles, author. Cherokee - a Justa Williams western

Acclaimed western storyteller Giles Tippette delivers a truly exciting novel of family pride and frontier violence . . .As boss of the Half-Moon ranch, the biggest along the Gulf Coast of Texas, Justa Williams is a chip off the old man’s block. But when the old man ups and asks him for a dying man’s favor, it’s Justa’ s duty to honor his words. Even if that means taking $25,000 of company gold and riding blind into the blood-soaked Cherokee battleground of Oklahoma Territory—to look for a man wh

Aug 22, 2017
Close to home by Robinson, Peter, 1950-, author. Close to home

Alan Banks, a detective chief inspector in Yorkshire, is given a case that unearths the remains of a childhood friend that had been missing for 35 years.

Aug 21, 2017
Code girls - the untold story of the American women code breakers who helped win World War II by Mundy, Liza, 1960- author. Code girls - the untold story of the American women code breakers who helped win World War II

Aug 21, 2017
Crime scene by Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Crime scene

Eccentric, reclusive Walter Rennert lies cold at the bottom of his stairs. At first glance the scene looks straightforward: a once-respected psychology professor, done in by booze and a bad heart. But his daughter Tatiana insists that her father has been murdered, and she persuades Clay to take a closer look at the grim facts of Rennert's life.

Aug 16, 2017
Curried away by Oust, Gail, 1943- author. Curried away

Piper Prescott, proprietor of Spice It Up!, has persuaded Doug Winters, the mild-mannered vet she's been dating, to demonstrate Indian cuisine at her shop. But before Doug's presentation of classic chicken curry is completed, Ned Feeney, local handyman, bursts in with news of a murder. Sandy Granger, the director of a local production of Steel Magnolias, was found strangled in the third-floor balcony of the Brandywine Creek Opera House. Sandy, it seems, had not endeared herself to cast or crew.

Aug 18, 2017
Dark rites by Graham, Heather, author. Dark rites

When her friend, professor Alex Maple, goes missing, Vickie Preston, who is having blood-drenched visions, teams up with Special Agent Griffin Pryce and the FBIs elite Krewe of Hunters, following Alexs trail to Massachusetts where a serial killer and an ancient evil await them.

Aug 21, 2017
Dead man switch by Quirk, Matthew, author. Dead man switch

Aug 21, 2017
Deadfall - a novel by Fairstein, Linda A., author. Deadfall - a novel

A wild heart beats within New York City. Amid concrete and skyscrapers, the Wildlife Conservation Society works to preserve and protect the animal kingdom both within and beyond the borders of the five boroughs. But dangerous creatures don't always have claws and fangs, as Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper and NYPD detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace know all too well. Predators lurk close to home, and in the aftermath of the shocking drive-by murder of an important city employee someone Alex

Aug 21, 2017
Death by chocolate lab by Blake, Bethany, author. Death by chocolate lab

Aug 21, 2017
Doors open by Rankin, Ian, author. Doors open

Three friends descend upon an art auction. Mike Mackenzie - retired software mogul, bachelor and fine art enthusiast - wants something that money can't buy. Fellow art-lover Allan Cruickshank is bored by his banking career and burdened by a painful divorce. And art professor Robert Gissing is frustrated that so many paintings are hidden in private collections. After the auction, they have a chance encounter with a crime boss ...

Aug 21, 2017
Dust to dust by Duffy, Margaret, author. Dust to dust

Patrick Gillard and Ingrid Langley face their biggest challenge to date when senior NCA official Richard Daws is murdered. The murder of Richard Daws, 14th Earl of Hartwood and a senior official at the National Crime Agency at his home - the highly secure Hartwood Castle - has sent shockwaves through MI5, MI6 and the Met. Patrick Gillard, Daws' protege and 'adviser' to the NCA, along with his wife and working partner, Ingrid Langley, vows to find his killer. Soon hunting down the recently out-of

Aug 21, 2017
Egypt's sister - a novel of Cleopatra by Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957- author. Egypt's sister - a novel of Cleopatra

Aug 21, 2017
Endurance - A Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery by Kelly, Scott Endurance - A Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery

Aug 18, 2017
Every other Wednesday by Kietzman, Susan, author. Every other Wednesday

Three women, each facing an empty nest, come together to cheer and challenge one another in this insightful, poignant new novel from acclaimed author Susan Kietzman. For years, Ellie, Alice, and Joan enjoyed a casual friendship while volunteering at their children's Connecticut high school. Now, with those children grown and gone to college, a local tragedy brings the three into contact again. But what begins as a catch-up lunch soon moves beyond small talk to the struggles of this next stage of

Aug 16, 2017
Exit music by Rankin, Ian, author. Exit music

As Detective Inspector John Rebus ties up loose ends before his retirement, a new case lands on Rebus's desk: a dissident Russian poet has been murdered in what looks like a mugging gone wrong.

Aug 21, 2017
Falling darkness by Harper, Karen (Karen S.), author. Falling darkness

Claire Britten's forensic psychology training never prepared her for a plane crash. Or how to help frightened fellow survivors cope, huddled in two small rafts awaiting rescue. Especially when three of them are your ex-husband, your daughter, and the man you love -- whose pursuit by a criminal mastermind forced you all to run in the first place.

Aug 21, 2017
Fierce kingdom by Phillips, Gin, author. Fierce kingdom

"An electrifying novel about the primal and unyielding bond between a mother and her son, and the lengths she'll go to to protect him. The zoo is nearly empty as Joan and her four-year-old son soak up the last few moments of playtime. They are happy, and the day has been close to perfect. But what Joan sees as she hustles her son toward the exit gate minutes before closing time sends her sprinting back into the zoo, her child in her arms. And for the next three hours--the entire scope of the nov

Aug 21, 2017
Firstborn by Lee, Tosca Moon, author. Firstborn

"Audra must find her archenemy, the Historian, and put an end to the centuries old Progeny/Scion war once and for all. But first she has to rescue her husband, Luka, who is being held prisoner by the Scions, all while on the run as an international fugitive and struggling to control her growing powers"--

Aug 16, 2017