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Alice and the Assassin by Koreto, R. J. Alice and the Assassin

Feb 23, 2017
The New York trilogy - City of glass, Ghosts, the locked room by Auster, Paul, 1947- The New York trilogy - City of glass, Ghosts, the locked room

City of glass: A writer of a detective stories becomes embroiled in a complex and puzzling series of events, beginning with a call from a stranger in the middle of the night asking for the author.

Feb 24, 2017
Mrs Pargeter's public relations - a Mrs Pargeter mystery by Brett, Simon, author. Mrs Pargeter's public relations - a Mrs Pargeter mystery

"It is her characteristic generosity rather than her love of animals that finds Mrs Pargeter supporting her friend, Jasmine Angold, at a charity reception for PhiliPussies, whose worthy aim is to rehabilitate stray cats from the Greek island of Atmos into caring English homes. But the evening is to have unexpected consequences. At the event, Mrs P is taken aback to meet a woman who claims to be the sister of her late husband, the much-missed Mr Pargeter. This surprising encounter leads to unwelc

Feb 24, 2017
I wish you missed me - a Kit Doyle mystery by Hill, Bonnie Hearn, 1945- I wish you missed me - a Kit Doyle mystery

Farley Black, Kit Doyle's friend and former radio co-host, is missing. He was supposed to be surfing but he never arrived at his Malibu Beach destination. As the last person to hear from him before he disappeared, Kit is determined to find out what happened to him. But when Kit searches Farley's home, a surprising discovery makes it clear that Farley has been lying to her - and everyone else. As she heads north in search of the truth, a series of menacing incidents convinces Kit that she's b

Feb 24, 2017
Fractured families - a Lottie Albright mystery by Hinger, Charlotte, 1940- author. Fractured families - a Lottie Albright mystery

It's the Garden of Eden. And the weather is absolutely freezing! The discovery of the body of a young man inside the mausoleum of the Civil War veteran who commissioned this bizarre sculpture park makes the blood of Undersheriff Lottie Albright and her husband's Aunt Dorothy run cold. Dorothy Mercer, paying a visit to Western Kansas from Manhattan, may be a bestselling mystery novelist, but she is truly shocked confronting murder firsthand. But the real bone-chiller is yet to come.

Feb 24, 2017
False fire - a Bea Abbot Agency mystery by Heley, Veronica, author. False fire - a Bea Abbot Agency mystery

Attending a birthday celebration for two young girls, Bea Abbot tries not to let superstition get the better of her when she realizes that there are thirteen people at dinner. What she doesn't anticipate is that the evening will end in sudden, violent death. Chaos descends when a fire breaks out. While two memebers of the host family are rushed to the hospital, Bea and a fellow guest search for the birthday girls in a house which has been plunged into darkness. And then the drama really begins.

Feb 24, 2017
The enemy within by Marston, Edward, author. The enemy within

Pentonville Prison. Wally Hubbard is serving a long sentence for arson. But after befriending and tricking one of the officers, Hubbard makes an audacious escape. Inspector Marmion, the detective who arrested Hubbard, is warned to watch his back, but it seems that Hubbard has another target in his murderous sights. However, the investigation is mired in confusion, the identities of killer and victim become increasingly ambiguous. An inmate at an internment camp who might be a spy sending intelli

Feb 24, 2017
Desert vengeance by Webb, Betty, author. Desert vengeance

When the man who raped Scottsdale PI Lena Jones when she was a nine-year-old foster child is released from prison, Lena is waiting for him in the parking lot--with a big knife. "Papa" Brian Wycoff survives their meeting, but the next day, his wife, who knew about his crimes but did nothing to stop him--in fact enabled him--is found dead in their Apache Junction home, shot through both eyes. Terrified he will be next, Wycoff, violating his parole, flees north to the small town of Black Canyon Cit

Feb 24, 2017
Dead souls by Rankin, Ian. Dead souls

John Rebus has trouble in the form of a paroled murderer, a pedophile and the missing son of a former sweetheart, all coming together in a mystery that could cost him everything.

Feb 24, 2017
A cold case - a Maurice Mundy mystery by Turnbull, Peter, 1950- author. A cold case - a Maurice Mundy mystery

Introducing Maurice Mundy, retired detective constable at the Met; a maverick who's back and about to raise the temperature on a ten-year-old unsolved murder of a young boy. Maurice Mundy, recently retired detective constable at the Metropolitan Police, has returned to join Scotland Yard's Cold Case Review Team. Ten years ago a twelve-year-old boy was murdered, his body left floating in a nearby pond. A second look at the case soon reveals that a sex worker was also murdered nearby on the same n

Feb 24, 2017
Black Betty - an Easy Rawlins mystery by Mosley, Walter. Black Betty - an Easy Rawlins mystery

Easy Rawlin's search for a stunning beauty takes him into America's racial dilemmas of the early '60s and the mysteries of the human character.

Feb 24, 2017
Bad blood - a Henry Christie thriller by Oldham, Nick, 1956- author. Bad blood - a Henry Christie thriller

As former Detective Superintendent Henry Christie settles into a new life running The Tawny Owl pub with his fiance´e Alison, their rural idyll is disrupted by a violent intruder. After Henry foils a kidnap attempt on Alison's daughter, it becomes clear that he and his family have become the targets of a ruthless professinal killer. But who... and why?

Feb 24, 2017
The swap - a Nicole Graves mystery by Boyarsky, Nancy, author. The swap - a Nicole Graves mystery

"When Nicole Graves arranges a summer-long swap of her Los Angeles condo for a London couple's house, she thinks it's the perfect arrangement. She's always dreamed of seeing the real London; she's also hopeful the time away with her husband, Brad, will be good for their troubled marriage. But things don't turn out the way Nicole expects: The Londoners fail to arrive in L.A. and appear to be missing. Then people begin following Nicole and making threats, demanding information she doesn't have. So

Feb 25, 2017
What my body remembers by Friis, Agnete, author. What my body remembers

"From New York Times bestselling author Agnete Friis comes the chilling story of a young mother who will do whatever it takes to protect her son. Ella Nygaard, 27, has been a ward of the state since she was seven years old, the night her father murdered her mother. She doesn't remember anything about that night or her childhood before it--but her body remembers. The PTSD-induced panic attacks she now suffers incapacitate her for hours--sometimes days--at a time and leave her physically and psych

Feb 26, 2017
A welcome murder by Yocum, Robin, author. A welcome murder

Feb 26, 2017
Walking on my grave by Hart, Carolyn G, author. Walking on my grave

Feb 26, 2017
Trumpet of death - a Martha's Vineyard mystery by Riggs, Cynthia, author. Trumpet of death - a Martha's Vineyard mystery

"When 92-year-old poet/sleuth Victoria Trumbull takes her city-bred tenant Zack Zeller on a nature walk on one of Martha's Vineyard's conservation areas and shows him a mushroom she calls black trumpet of death, he's sure he's found the way to rid himselfof his troublesome girlfriend, Samantha. But the mushrooms he's given Samantha end up on her daddy's dinner table, and Zack, one of the invited guests, is sure he's doomed the diners to an untimely death. Meanwhile, dead bodies are cropping up o

Feb 26, 2017
The Thirst by Nesbo, Jo/ Smith, Neil (TRN) The Thirst

Feb 26, 2017
That Empty Feeling by Corris, Peter That Empty Feeling

Feb 26, 2017
Souls of Men by Ashworth, A. R. Souls of Men

Feb 26, 2017