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Collared by Rosenfelt, David Collared

May 28, 2017
Burying Ben by Kirschman, Ellen, author. Burying Ben

"Dot Meyerhoff has barely settled into her new job as a psychologist for the Kenilworth Police Department when Ben Gomez, a troubled young rookie that she tries to counsel, commits suicide without any warning and leaves a note blaming her. Overnight, herpromising new start becomes a nightmare. At stake is her job, her reputation, her license to practice, and her already battered sense of self-worth. Dot resolves to find out not just what led Ben to kill himself, but why her psychologist ex-husba

May 28, 2017
Arrowood - Sherlock Holmes Has Met His Match by Finlay, Mick Arrowood - Sherlock Holmes Has Met His Match

May 28, 2017
Another man's ground by Booth, Claire, author. Another man's ground

"It starts out as an interesting little theft case. Branson, Missouri's new Sheriff Hank Worth is called out to look at stands of trees that have been stripped of their bark, which the property owner had planned to harvest for the booming herbal supplement market. At first, Hank easily balances the demands of the investigation with his fledging political career. He was appointed several months earlier to the vacant sheriff position, but he needs to win the fast-approaching election in order to k

May 28, 2017