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The sea peoples - a novel of the Change by Stirling, S. M, author. The sea peoples - a novel of the Change

"S. M. Stirling's Novels of the Change are a "truly original combination of postapocalyptic sci-fi and military-oriented medieval fantasy"* about a future where mysterious Powers removed advanced technology, and humanity rebuilds society. However, this new world is not always a peaceful one.... The spirit of troubadour Prince John, the brother of Crown Princess orlaith, has fallen captive to the power of the Yellow Raja and his servant, the Pallid Mask. Prince John's motley band of friends and

Aug 19, 2017
The stars, like dust by Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992. The stars, like dust

Aug 19, 2017
The Stone in the Skull by Bear, Elizabeth The Stone in the Skull

Aug 19, 2017
The stone sky by Jemisin, N. K., author. The stone sky

""Intricate and extraordinary." - New York Times on The Fifth Season THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS... FOR THE LAST TIME. The Moon will soon return. Whether this heralds the destruction of humankind or something worse will depend on two women. Essun has inherited the power of Alabaster Tenring. With it, she hopes to find her daughter Nassun and forge a world in which every orogene child can grow up safe. For Nassun, her mother's mastery of the Obelisk Gate comes too late. She has seen the evil o

Aug 23, 2017
The talismans of Shannara by Brooks, Terry. The talismans of Shannara

Although some of the goals to keep Shannara safe had been met, the work of Walker Boh, Wren, and Par was not yet done. For The Shadowmen still swarmed over the Four Lands, poisoning all with their dark magic. Each Shannaran had a special death waiting for him- at the hands of The Shadowmen-unless Par could find a way to free them all with the Sword of Shannara.

Aug 19, 2017
The White City by Morden, Simon, author. The White City

Since escaping London's inferno, Mary and Dalip have fought monsters and won though in the magical world of Down, the most frightening monsters come from within. Now they hold the greatest of treasures: maps that reveal the way to the White City, where they can find the answers they're looking for, and learn the secrets of Down. But to get there they must rely on Crows, who has already betrayed them at every turn. As they battle their way towards the one place in all of Down without magic, they

Aug 18, 2017
Urban enemies by Urban enemies

"Villains have all the fun--everyone knows that--and this anthology takes you on a wild ride through the dark side! The top villains from seventeen urban fantasy series get their own stories--including the baddies of New York Times bestselling authors Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Kelley Armstrong, Seanan McGuire, and Jonathan Maberry. For every hero trying to save the world, there's a villain trying to tear it all down. In this can't-miss anthology edited by Joseph Nassise (The Templar Chronicles)

Aug 18, 2017
Vallista - A Novel of Vlad Taltos by Brust, Steven Vallista - A Novel of Vlad Taltos

Aug 18, 2017
Wildfire - a Hidden Legacy novel by Andrews, Ilona, author. Wildfire - a Hidden Legacy novel

Aug 19, 2017
Wired by Richards, Douglas E. Wired

"Kira Miller is a brilliant genetic engineer who discovers how to temporarily achieve savant-like capabilities in all areas of thought and creativity. But what if this transcendent level of intelligence brings with it a ruthless megalomania? David Desh left the special forces after his team was brutally butchered in Iran. Now he has been reactivated for one last mission: find Kira Miller, the enigmatic genius behind a bioterror plot that threatens millions. But when Desh learns that the bioterro

Aug 18, 2017
Zero-G Green Space by Shatner, William/ Rovin, Jeff Zero-G Green Space

Aug 18, 2017
Zero-G. Book 1 - a novel by Shatner, William, author. Zero-G. Book 1 - a novel

adapted from dust jacket.

Aug 18, 2017