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The Return by Helmreich, Joseph The Return

Feb 19, 2017
The skill of our hands by Brust, Steven, 1955- author. The skill of our hands

The Incrementalists are a secret society of two hundred people - an unbroken lineage reaching back forty thousand years. They cheat death, share lives and memories, and communicate with one another across nations and time. They have an epic history, an almost magical memory, and a very modest mission: to make the world better, a little bit at a time. Now Phil, the Incrementalist whose personality has stayed stable through more incarnations than anyone else's, has been shot dead. They'll bring hi

Feb 18, 2017
The stars are legion by Hurley, Kameron, author. The stars are legion

"Set within a system of decaying world-ships travelling through deep space, this breakout novel of epic science fiction follows a pair of sisters who must wrest control of their war-torn legion of worlds--and may have to destroy everything they know in order to survive. On the outer rim of the universe, a galactic war has been waged for centuries upon hundreds of world-ships. But these worlds will continue to die through decay and constant war unless a desperate plan succeeds. Anat, leader of th

Feb 18, 2017
The turn - the hollows begins with death by Harrison, Kim, 1966- author. The turn - the hollows begins with death

"#1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to her beloved Hollows series with The Turn, the official prequel to the series that will introduce you to a whole new side of Rachel Morgan's world as they've never seen it before! Can science save us when all else fails? Trisk and her hated rival, Kal, have the same goal: save their species from extinction. But death comes in the guise of hope when a genetically modified tomato created to feed the world combines with the government's n

Feb 13, 2017
The weight of the world by Toner, Thomas, 1986- author. The weight of the world

"It is the 147th century; the turning of the Amaranthine new year. In the provinces of the Old World, the giant Elatine's war of liberation has come to an impasse, leaving the wicked monarchy of the First in possession of the throne. In the Vaulted Lands of the Firmament, acolytes have risen up to execute their immortal masters. The opportunistic races of the Prism, intoxicated with greed, have arrived inside every Solar Satrapy to scavenge what's left. In the wild Investiture, on a forgotten wa

Feb 18, 2017
Thrawn by Zahn, Timothy Thrawn

Feb 18, 2017
Unbound - tales by masters of fantasy by Unbound - tales by masters of fantasy

Feb 18, 2017
Waking gods by Neuvel, Sylvain, 1973- author. Waking gods

"26 years ago: A girl in South Dakota falls through the earth, then wakes up dozens of feet below ground on the palm of what seems to be a giant metal hand. 9 years ago: She is a top-level physicist leading a team of people to understand exactly what thathand is, where it came from, and what it portends for humanity. Today: with the remainder of the giant robot found and assembled, every question answered about the mysterious contraption raises two more. But the team behind the greatest discover

Feb 18, 2017
Walkaway by Doctorow, Cory Walkaway

Feb 18, 2017
Winter of the Gods by Brodsky, Jordanna Max, author. Winter of the Gods

"Manhattan has many secrets. Some are older than the city itself. Winter in New York: snow falls, lights twinkle, and a very disgruntled Selene DiSilva prowls the streets looking for prey. But when a dead body is discovered sprawled atop Wall Street's iconic Charging Bull statue, it's clear the NYPD can't solve the murder without help. The murder isn't just the work of another homicidal cult -- this time, someone's sacrificing the gods themselves. While raising fundamental questions about the ve

Feb 19, 2017
Winter Tide by Emrys, Ruthanna Winter Tide

Feb 18, 2017
Wolf Moon by McDonald, Ian Wolf Moon

Feb 19, 2017