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I've got feet! - fantastical feet of the animal world by Murphy, Julie, author. I've got feet! - fantastical feet of the animal world

"Animals around the world describe unique features of their feet and how they use them. From webbed feet to sticky feet, hooved feet to bright blue feet, young readers are introduced to animal adaptions in this nonfiction picture book"--

Oct 18, 2017
It starts with a seed by Knowles, Laura, author. It starts with a seed

"How can something so small grow into a tree, which is such an incredibly big thing to be? Journey through the seasons and years to watch as a single seed transforms into a mighty tree, and spot all the creatures that make it their home"--Back cover.

Oct 18, 2017
Firefighter by Bell, Samantha, author. Firefighter

"Each book in the My Friendly Neighborhood series is written for the earliest readers and dedicated to describing a neighborhood worker. This book studies the responsibilities of firefighters. Simple sentence structure and word usage help children developword recognition and reading skills. Includes a glossary"--

Oct 18, 2017
Earth! - my first 4.6 billion years by McAnulty, Stacy. Earth! - my first 4.6 billion years

Oct 18, 2017
Crayola fall colors by Schuh, Mari C., 1975- Crayola fall colors

Features the colors of autumn in photographs and activities to draw for the season.

Oct 18, 2017
Can you see what I see? - Toyland express by Wick, Walter, 1953- Can you see what I see? - Toyland express

In this search-and-find story, children read the simple text and use the picture clues to search twelve photos for 100 hidden objects!

Oct 18, 2017
Baby animals playing by Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer. Baby animals playing

"The first in a new series, this book showcases ten species from three continents, each engaged in different forms of play. Stunning, intimate, full-color photographs by Suzi Eszterhas are each paired with a short sentence highlighting information about the animal. Designed both as a read-aloud and for young children to explore independently, this book will encourage readers to make connections between themselves and the animals. Back matter gives further information about Suzi Eszterhas and her

Oct 18, 2017
A apple pie and traditional nursery rhymes by Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901 A apple pie and traditional nursery rhymes

The classic poem shows the ways to enjoy an apple pie in alphabetical order, and is accompanied by other traditional nursery rhymes.

Oct 18, 2017
Alone together by Junior, Clayton, author. Alone together

Alone Together looks at opposites and contrasts through unusual and humorous examples in the animal world. This charming picture book will spark conversations between adult and child and is a great introduction to a key early years concept. Its bold, colorful illustrations are perfect for parents and young children to explore together and to pour over time and again.

Oct 18, 2017
What's the difference? by Richards, Doyin, 1974- author. What's the difference?

Photographs and simple text celebrate friendship, diversity, and acceptance.

Oct 20, 2017
Big words for little geniuses by Patterson, James, 1947- author. Big words for little geniuses

Presents an alphabet book that uses big words, including bibliomania, dulcifluous, and catawampus, with their definitions for readers to learn how to use each correctly.

Oct 22, 2017