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Abby in Wonderland by Mlynowski, Sarah, author. Abby in Wonderland

Instead of the usual fairy tale, Abby finds herself in the middle of a book, Alice in Wonderland, with two of her friends, plus bossy Penny (who is definitely not a friend), and in order to get back to reality she must solve a curious riddle, find one of her friends who is missing, and somehow avoid getting her head cut off by the Red Queen--and figure out what she is going to tell the other girls if they ever get out of Wonderland.

Sep 25, 2017
Absolutely Alfie and the furry purry secret. Book 1 by Warner, Sally, 1946- author. Absolutely Alfie and the furry purry secret. Book 1

Seven-year-old Alfie Jakes isn't thrilled when her mom organizes end-of-summer playdates with her soon-to-be classmate, Hanni. Hanni is kind of bossy. So Alfie is relieved when Hanni is more fun to play with then she thought. Even better, she shows Alfie her cat--who has kittens! Alfie immediately falls in love with a little gray kitten and wants to give it a home. But one of the Jakes' house rules is 'no pets' because Alfie is supposedly alergic. Alfie is sure she's outgrown that allergy, but h

Sep 24, 2017
Against the Odds by Ignatow, Amy, author illustrator. Against the Odds

As their powers evolve in possibly dangerous ways, the Odds learn of a nefarious experiment in which they are unwitting test subjects and, even more incredible, become friends.

Sep 24, 2017
Ahimsa by Kelkar, Supriya, 1980- author. Ahimsa

Gandhi asks for one member of each family to join the fight for independence from the British, and when ten-year-old Anjali's mother is jailed for doing so, Anjali must step out of her comfort zone to take over her mother's work.

Sep 22, 2017
Alan Cole is not a coward by Bell, Eric, 1985- author. Alan Cole is not a coward

Perfect for fans of Tim Federle and Gary Schmidt, this is a hilarious and poignant tale about the trials of middle school when you’re coming of age—and coming out. Alan Cole can’t stand up to his cruel brother, Nathan. He can’t escape the wrath of his demanding father, who thinks he’s about as exceptional as a goldfish. And—scariest of all—he can’t let the cute boy across the cafeteria know he has a crush on him. But when Nathan discovers Alan’s secret, his older brother announces a high-stakes

Sep 24, 2017
Alice in Wonderland ; & Through the looking glass by Mason, Eva. Alice in Wonderland ; & Through the looking glass

An abridged version of the stories that tell of Alice, who falls down a rabbit hole and steps through a mirror, thereby experiencing unusual adventures with a variety of nonsensical characters.

Sep 24, 2017
Ambush by Bradford, Chris, author. Ambush

Teenage bodyguard Connor is assigned to protect a French diplomat's family on safari in Africa, but deep in the savanna the journey takes a terrifying turn when their convoy is ambushed by brutal gunmen.

Sep 19, 2017
Auma's long run by Odhiambo, Eucabeth A., author. Auma's long run

When AIDS devastates thirteen-year-old Auma's village in Kenya during the 1980s, Auma must choose between staying to help her family and working toward a track scholarship that will take her away from home.

Sep 19, 2017
Ban this book by Gratz, Alan, 1972- author. Ban this book

When her favorite book in the school library is challenged by a well-meaning parent, Amy Anne and her friends start a secret banned books locker library, using ridiculous reasons to ban every book in the library to make a point.

Sep 22, 2017
Baylor's guide to dreadful dreams by Imfeld, Robert, author. Baylor's guide to dreadful dreams

Aided by an amulet and his sister's ghost, boy medium Baylor Bosco, thirteen, enters the world of dreams seeking two teens lost at sea, while evading wandering demon spirits.

Sep 22, 2017
Beast & crown by Ross, Joel, author. Beast & crown

Boot boy Ji is tired of scrubbing soles and untangling shoelaces. He doesn't want to bow and scrape. All he wants is freedom--for himself and his friends. He decides to risk everything for a chance to accompany a young nobleman to the Diadem Rite, a magical ritual that chooses the heir to the Summer Crown. Ji doesn't care about crowns or ceremonies, but he vows that this trip will grant him and his friends new lives, far away from boots and bowing. What Ji doesn't know is that he and his friends

Sep 19, 2017
Beatrice Zinker, upside down thinker by Johannes, Shelley, author, illustrator. Beatrice Zinker, upside down thinker

Beatrice is afraid she is losing her best friend so she uses her topsy-turvy way of thinking to get things looking up.

Sep 19, 2017
Biz whiz by Greenwald, Sheila, author. Biz whiz

When her teacher announces a fundraiser for a school garden, Flossie recruits Billy, a new student who loves fresh vegetables, for her team but her bossiness causes trouble from the start.

Sep 23, 2017
Black Moon rising by MacHale, D. J, author. Black Moon rising

Middle-schoolers Marcus, Theo, and Lu return to the Library to help figure out, and fix, what is going wrong at a school in Massachusetts.

Sep 19, 2017
Bobby Lee Claremont and the criminal element by Mobley, Jeannie, author. Bobby Lee Claremont and the criminal element

In 1923, when New Orleans native and orphan Bobby Lee Claremont boards a train to Chicago, where he hopes to join the criminal element and make a new life for himself, far away from the heavy-handed salvation of the Sisters of Charitable Mercy, he acquaints himself with a group of intriguing and possibly dangerous passengers who cause Bobby Lee to reconsider his plans.

Sep 22, 2017
Boy Seeking Band by Brezenoff, Steve Boy Seeking Band

Sep 22, 2017
Caleb and Kit by Vrabel, Beth, author. Caleb and Kit

"Twelve-year-old Caleb is shorter, frailer, and more protected than most kids his age. That's because he has cystic fibrosis, a diagnosis meaning lungs that fill with mucus and a shortened lifespan. Caleb tries not to let his disorder define him, but it can be hard with an overprotective mom and a perfect big brother. Twelve-year-old Caleb is shorter, frailer, and more protected than most kids his age. That's because he has cystic fibrosis, a diagnosis meaning lungs that fill with mucus and a s

Sep 25, 2017
Caught offside by Montalbano, Andrea, author. Caught offside

Val feels left out when her soccer teammates focus on boys rather than soccer, and when Jessie tries to push her out she considers leaving the Brookville Breakers.

Sep 19, 2017
Chasing Augustus by Fusco, Kimberly Newton, author. Chasing Augustus

During a rough year in which she was placed in the care of her prickly grandfather after her father suffered a stroke, Rosie embarks on a search for her missing dog after he is given away by her estranged mother.

Sep 20, 2017
Children of refuge by Haddix, Margaret Peterson, author. Children of refuge

After Edwy is smuggled off to Refuge City to stay with his brother and sister, Rosi, Bobo, and Cana are stuck alone—and in danger—in Cursed Town in the thrilling follow-up to Children of Exile from New York Times bestselling author, Margaret Peterson Haddix. It’s been barely a day since Edwy left Fredtown to be with his parents and, already, he is being sent away. He’s smuggled off to boarding school in Refuge City, where he will be with his brother and sister, who don’t even like him very much.

Sep 25, 2017