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National Poetry MonthIt's April and National Poetry Month is in full swing. It's easy to see why a large group of poets, librarians, and publishers chose April to promote this wonderful art, for as e.e.cummings said, "in Just-/ spring when the world is mud-lucious... and puddle-wonderful." Here are several contemporary books that I found compelling.

Graphic Novels for The Afraid

MercuryI will come right out and say that I do not like superheroes (movie or print) and I didn't read comic books as a kid, so I am not naturally drawn to the graphic novel format. Because I'm kind of a nerd, what I do like is big fat novels and dusty historical non-fiction. So color me surprised when recently I've been enjoying more graphic novels. Last night as I finished Mercury by Hope Larson I began to wonder and hope that the reason went beyond the fact that I can read on in a single sitting -- though that is very satisfying too! My rationale is that I've been craving something different. I have read enough fiction to be somewhat bored with a traditional storyline. I want to think while I read -- to be engaged! And picking up some graphic novels has been the way to do that recently. I've tried to compile a list of graphic novels for the hesitant -- for anyone who thought that they weren't interested. Give one a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

"The Arrival" reviewed by Jennifer on August 3, 2010

The Arrival
Shaun Tan
graphic novel
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The book is a masterpiece through and through. Wordless, told through beautiful drawings, "The Arrival" portrays the immigrant experience in a compelling, universal light. As a man leaves his war-torn homeland in search of safety for his family, he is confronted with the challenges of settling down into a way of living that is completely foreign. The new-world that Tan creates is both strange and stunning, and the concept and characters are as strong as the graphics. This book most certainly deserves your attention.

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