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  • Year Published: 2008

    The Lazarus project

    Ben can't believe how much he has to be thankful for: a wife, a daughter and a steady paycheck. But when he unexpectedly loses his job, Ben foolishly turns back to crime, joining his ex-con brother in a robberty that has deadly consequences. Facing lethal injection, Ben must say goodbye to his family. Ben regains consciousness near a psychiatric ward. He is told he's been hired as the groundskeeper. Now he must determine if his previous life was only a dream or if he is part of something more si

  • Year Published: 1959

    The Mating Game

    A stuffy tax auditor comes to ferret out wealth on a small farm before falling for the owner's daughter who changes his mind about his mission there.

  • Year Published: 1980

    Cosmos Box Set

    The groundbreaking television series that was a guided tour by Dr. Carl Sagan through billions and billions of stars and galaxies.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Back to Christmas

    A woman travels back 1 year in time to the Christmas before her broken engagement and tries to repair what went wrong, only to discover that it is a challenging undertaking!

  • Year Published: 1967

    How I Won the War

    A hilariously surreal collage of battle footage and one-liners lampooning the absurdity of the war. The feature has been remastered for this release with supervision from Richard Lester (Director), and John Victor-Smith (Editor). Now you can bring home John Lennon's only non-Beatles performance in a feature film.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Doctor Strange

    A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Shut In

    Terror hits home in this harrowing psychological thriller that will chill you to the bone. Recently widowed child psychologist Mary Portman lives an isolated existence caring for her bedridden stepson in rural New England. But when a young boy Mary is treating goes missing in a snowstorm and is presumed dead, she becomes convinced that his ghost is haunting her, and soon Mary's grip on reality turns as slippery as her icy surroundings.

  • Year Published: 2011

    Low impact series. Athletic training

  • Classical stretch - the Esmonde technique- back pain relief and prevention

  • Year Published: 2013

    The Book of Esther

    Good battles evil in this timeless story of Biblical heroism. The righteous Jew Mordecai and the despicable Haman square off for control of the young Persian King Xerxes. But Haman's plans include something horrible for Mordecai and his people. It is up to Mordecai's niece Esther to win the affection of the King, unmask Haman's treachery and save the Jewish people. Based upon the Book of Esther. Dove Foundation Family approval.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Maya Angelou- And Still I Rise

    Born into poverty and a broken family, Maya Angelou's gift for poetry and storytelling propelled her to international renown as a leader in African-American culture and literature. Ultimately, her personal story and written words inspired and delighted millions from all races around the world. Witness a close-up portrait of a legendary figure in this first feature documentary about her life.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Keeping up with the Joneses.

    An ordinary suburban couple finds it's not easy keeping up with the Joneses; their impossibly gorgeous and ultra-sophisticated new neighbors. Especially when they discover that Mr. and Mrs. Jones are covert operatives.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Operation avalanche

    In 1967, during the height of the Cold War, two young CIA agents go undercover at NASA to investigate a possible Russian mole. In disguise as documentary filmmakers, they tap phones and break into offices while purporting to learn more about the Apollo project. But when they end up uncovering a shocking NASA secret, and a major government cover-up; they decide to embark on a new mission that puts their own lives at risk.

  • Year Published: 2014

    The human race

    Eighty people are abducted from a city street by an unknown entity and forced to participate in a brutal race to the death. The rules are simple; follow the arrows or you will die, step on the grass and you will die, get lapped twice and you will die. Only one participant will survive. Race or die. There can only be one winner, but who will survive and for what purpose?

  • Year Published: 2011

    Low impact series. Slide & glide

  • Year Published: 2016

    Rockin' reverend

    Unemployed actor Robert is dragged to church by his girlfriend and he's impressed with the amount of money changing hands. Together with his stoner buddy, he decides to create his own church and become the Rockin' Reverend. When the sham actually works, Robert is tempted by greed, lust, and drugs - and must choose between being a rock star - or a good father, loyal friend and faithful boyfriend.

  • Big business

  • Year Published: 2017

    Anything for love.

    Katherine, a high-powered executive who believes men are intimidated by her career, is persuaded by her friend to create an Internet dating profile claiming she is an executive assistant. Meanwhile, Jack, a male nurse, creates his own Internet dating profile without realizing his best friend has secretly changed his profession to be a doctor. They are matched and find themselves falling in love, but hiding their true identities proves far trickier than expected.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Pearl Harbor - into the Arizona

    The bottom decks of the USS Arizona have not been visited since the attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago. An expedition team using state-of-the-art imaging technology now has the means to explore the unexplored, and relive the events of a day that has lived in infamy since 1941.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Mr. Robot. Season 2.

    Winner of the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama, it follows Elliot Alderson, a young cyber-security engineer who becomes involved in the underground hacker group fsociety, after being recruited by their mysterious leader. Following the events of fsociety's 5/9 hack on multi-national company Evil Corp, the second season explores the consequences of that attack as well as the illusion of control.

  • Year Published: 2016

    To Joey, With Love

    The amazing story of Joey and Rory Feek. Intimately filmed by the couple over a course of two and a half years. This documentary follows this beautiful couple through the birth of their daughter, and even shows Joey's struggle and ultimate surrender to cancer. However, they never lose hope. A love story for the ages.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Girls. The complete fifth season

    The return of the highly anticipated fifth season of the award-winning hit comedy series that follows the assorted humiliations and triumphs of a group of girls in their mid-20s, each facing new challenges in life and love this season.

  • Year Published: 2016

    24 hours to die

    Twelve strangers are held against their will as each of them must go along with the rules if they are to get the cure for a killer virus which infects them all.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Broad city. Season 3.

    Join Abbi, Ilana, and a lineup of special guests as they find true love, get high on life, and show New York City how it's done.

  • Year Published: 2005

    Elizabeth I

    Explores the intersection of the private and public life of Elizabeth I in the latter half of her reign, offering a personal look at her allies, her enemies, and her suitors as she struggles to survive in a male-dominated world.

  • Year Published: 2016

    A Kind of Murder

    A crime novelist obsessed with an unsolved murder case begins to fantasize about committing a crime of his own. His marriage is an unhappy one, and his desire to be free from his beautiful but damaged wife becomes an obsession. But when his wife is found dead, the lines blur between innocence and intent, forcing the question: who, in fact, is the real killer?

  • Year Published: 2016

    It had to be you

    After a sudden proposal from her easy-going boyfriend, a neurotic jingle writer must decide whether she'll join the ranks of her married friends or take a leap and pursue her fantasies.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

    Nineteen-year-old Billy Lynn is brought home for a victory tour after a harrowing Iraq battle. Through flashbacks the film shows what really happened to his squad, contrasting the realities of war with America's perceptions.

  • Year Published: 1957

    Triple Feature- Tammy and the Bachelor

    Includes Tammy and Tthe Bachelor (1957); Tammy Tell Me True (1961); and Tammy and the Doctor (1963).

  • Year Published: 1953

    The Affairs of Dobie Gillis

    Singing lovebirds Dobie and Pansy may want to add more to their cranial cogitations, like dour Professor Pomfritt's English class. And chemistry of the test tube and bunsen-burner kind. Dobie and Pansy are students at Grainbelt University, where the motto is 'Learn, learn, learn. Work, work, work.' Yet who can blame them for having fun, fun, fun?

  • Year Published: 2017

    Train to Busan

    While a zombie-virus breaks out in South Korea, a couple of passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Sleepy Hollow. The complete third season.

    Nothing is as it seems as the second exhilarating season of the witty, addictive series begins. After Ichabod Crane risks his life to rescue Police Lt. Abbie Mills from Purgatory, the two face even greater danger as sinister forces in Sleepy Hollow gain momentum. With Katrina held captive by the Headless Horseman, and Frank Irving mysteriously back from the dead, Ichabod and Abbie must rely on instinct to know who to trust in their quest to permanently vanquish Moloch.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Cyborg X

    After X-Corp, a radical weapons manufacturer is taken over by a Cyber Virus, a group of survivors must fight to save humanity from the arm of Machines the Virus now controls.

  • Year Published: 2011

    Warehouse 13 - Season 03

    Pete, Myka, Claudia and Artie are joined by new agent Steve Jinks as they pursue dangerous new missions and face a powerful new enemy whose vendetta against the facility knows no bounds.

  • Year Published: 2016

    The Free World

    A recently released former convict becomes involved with a married woman with an abusive husband.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Death race 2050

    It's the year 2050 and America is controlled by an all-powerful corporate government ruled by The Chairman. The masses have been brainwashed with violent virtual-reality entertainment. The event of the year is a race in which a motley crew of violent drivers compete in a cross-country race, scoring points for running people over and driving each other off the road. The reigning champion and fan favorite, Frankenstein, wants to take the crown, but his rebel spy co-pilot threatens his legacy.

  • Year Published: 2002

    Our man Flint

    Secret agent Derek Flint fights an evil organization called Galaxy which has learned how to send icebergs crashing into the Mediterranean, to flood whole valleys and to cause volcanoes to erupt.

  • Year Published: 2016

    The ecstasy of Isabel Mann

    Teenager Isabel Mann is seduced by a violent sect of day-walking vampires. Her classmates start to go missing, attracting two detectives. Things get weird as the disturbed teenager kills at will in the nearby woods. She's aided by head vampire Alejo, and eerily by Isabel's lost mother, an earlier recruit. She's trained in the art of the kill with horrifically bloody results for those she loves.

  • Year Published: 2016

    En man som heter Ove = a man called Ove

    Ove, a grumpy, isolated retiree who spends his days enforcing block association rules and visiting his wife's grave, decides to give up on life until an unlikely friendship develops with a boisterous young family that moves in next door.

  • Year Published: 1922


    A newly remastered version of the classic German silent film. Includes two musical scores and excerpts from other films by F.W. Murnau.

  • Year Published: 2017

    The unlikely pilgrims

    This is an intensely intimate journey following a group of recovering drug addicts along the beautiful medieval pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a journey where the physical challenge of walking across a foreign land is matched by the internal battle of its troubled characters.

  • Year Published: 2016

    God forgive us

    The story follows four strangers as they embark on an emotional journey through turbulent and trying tragedies that test their physical livelihood and mental endurance, pushing them far beyond the comforts of their self-seeking and self-destructive behaviors.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Contenders, The - 16 for '16

    Every four years, bold men and women declare themselves the MVP uniquely deserving of America's highest office. Among the many contenders, there can only be one winner. This documentary series presented by OZY Media examines 16 of the most unforgettable candidates from the past 50 years of election history and demonstrates how previous elections still influence the American political landscape today.

  • Year Published: 2016

    Outsiders- Season One

    A struggle for power and control set in the mysterious hills of modern-day Appalachia centers on the Farrells family, who behave as though they are above the law and are prepared to use any means necessary to protect their off-the-grid way of life in rural Kentucky.

  • Year Published: 2017

    Hillsong - let hope rise, the movie

    A theatrical worship experience feauturing Hillsong, an Australian-based band, and their rise as an international church. Their songs are sung every Sunday by more than 50 million people worldwide!

  • Year Published: 2016

    Black America Since Mlk- And Still I Rise

    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. embarks on a deeply personal journey through the last fifty years of African-American history. Joined by leading scholars, celebrities, and a dynamic cast of people who shaped these years, Gates travels from the victories of the civil rights movement up to today, asking profound questions about the state of black America, and our nation as a whole.

  • Year Published: 2017


    After running into trouble, teenager Mika's parents cancel her summer camp plans and cast her off to the countryside to live with her strict grandmother. In her grandmother'+s horse stables, Mika encounters a horse no one has been able to tame. Against all warning, Mika reaches out to the horse and ignites a powerful friendship that leads her to her true passion and the ability to tame even the wildest of beasts.

  • Year Published: 2016

    The story of God. Season 1.

    The power of religion touches all of our lives, no matter what our faith is. This is Morgan Freeman's journey to discover how our beliefs connect us all. The quest of our generation. This is The Story of God.

  • Year Published: 2001


  • Year Published: 2013

    Dracula- Season One

    Centuries after the Order of the Dragon cursed him with immortality and murdered his wife, Dracula arrives in Victorian London to wreak his revenge. Posing as an American industrialist who intends to bring modern science to England, Dracula sets out to destroy the sect, only to fall in love with a woman who strongly resembles his dead wife, an obsession that threatens to thwart all his plans.

New Fiction Books

New Adult Fiction Books

  • Beauty and the Wiener

  • Hekla's Children

  • Never never

    Detective Harriet Blue of the Sydney Police Department prides herself on an uncanny ability to catch the most deviant of criminals. So when her brother is charged with a brutal string of murders, it rocks her world. Shocked, in denial, and facing uncomfortable questions about how much she knew, Harry is transferred to avoid the media circus. Investigating the disappearance of a worker in an isolated mine deep inside the desolate Australian outback--the never never--she uncovers an insular societ

  • The Pleasure of the Rose

  • The futures - a novel

    Falling in love as Yale students and moving to New York City in 2008, hedge fund employee Evan is embroiled in a deal that risks everything he has worked for, while nonprofit employee Julia reconnects with someone from her past who represents a different kind of life.

  • Man on the run

    "It was the night before his wedding, fifteen years ago, that the nightmare began for Jay Crawford--locked up for a crime he never committed. Now, he's escaped prison and wants nothing more than to clear his name and protect his family. To get justice, he'll need the help of the three best friends who have always had his back--Wil, Kyle and Allan. But a man on the run requires absolute trust...and Jay may just be setting himself up for the ultimate betrayal"--

  • Signals

    "A widely celebrated novelist gives us a generous collection of exhilarating short stories, proving that he is a master of this genre as well. Once again, "he reminds us," wrote The Miami Herald, "that great writing is a timeless art." After the stunning historical novels The Clearing and The Missing, Tim Gautreaux now ranges freely through contemporary life with twelve new stories and eight from previous collections. Most are set in his beloved Louisiana, many hard by or on the Mississippi Rive

  • Echoes of Massacre Canyon

    The year is 1881. Clint Ramsay is a renowned troubleshooter for the Underwood Detective Agency. He has been summoned to San Reale, Texas, by an old friend who needs his help. Ramsay soon discovers that danger is lurking behind every bush and rock in the small cattle town. He finds himself drawn into a complex web of treachery, greed, and murder. Who can he trust? And what is the secret everyone but him seems to know?

  • Call to Honor - Night Maneuvers Bonus

  • Christmas masquerade

    "In the crush of a Mardi Gras parade, Jo Marie meets Andrew, her dream man. He stole a kiss, and Jo Marie's heart -- she can't forget the stranger she met so briefly. Then, at Christmas, she meets Andrew again -- only to discover he's someone else's fiance´. But is the engagement between Andrew and his intended all that it seems? Jo Marie has her doubts, which increase when she finds herself back in Andrew's arms in a dance during the whirlwind of Christmas festivities and parties. Is Jo Marie c

  • Postcards from the edge

    A novel which centers on a "movie brat" (much like the author herself) and her problems with drugs, the Hollywood scene, and men.

  • We Were on a Break

  • The sisters of Sugarcreek

  • Written in love

    "Jalon Chupp has a past he isn't proud to claim. He's worked hard to overcome his youthful mistakes, and he has recommitted himself to his faith. When he receives a sweet note included in a piece of misdirected mail, he can't help but write back. Soon, the letters he receives from Phoebe are the highlights of his days, and with a hopeful heart, he suggests they meet in person. Phoebe, too, looks forward to every single one of Jalon's letters. Living with her overbearing aunt, Phoebe doesn't ha

  • The newcomer

    As Anna and her fellow church members seek out a new beginning in eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, she expresses an interest in ship carpenter Bairn, who has yet to commit to the strict expectations of the Amish community.

  • Colonel Lágrimas

    Holed away in a cabin in the Pyrenees, the world-famous and enigmatic mathematician Alexander Grothendieck is working furiously on a final project. But what exactly is this monumental, mysterious undertaking? Why did this man, one of the greatest geniuses of the century, a politically militant man himself, suddenly decide to abandon politics and society altogether? As the reader pursues the answer to these questions, two layered narratives emerge. One is a series of unforgettable characters that

  • A Lady's Code of Misconduct

  • Knottspeed - A Love Story

  • Into the firestorm

    Luke Brodie meets his match in fellow bounty hunter Emma Cassidy, as both of them try to hunt down a vicious criminal with whom Emma has history.

  • Dare to Lie

  • Wasted beauty

  • Vida

  • The wicked city

    Moving into the building that once hid a speakeasy, Ella Hawthorne uncovers the Jazz Age story of a scandalous love triangle involving redheaded flapper Gin Kelly, a rugged Prohibition agent, and a wealthy debonair Princetonian.

  • Fraulein M

    "BERLIN, 1931: Sisters raised in a Catholic orphanage, Berni and Grete Metzger are each other's whole world. That is, until life propels them to opposite sides of seedy, splendid, and violent Weimar Berlin. Berni becomes a cigarette girl, a denizen of the cabaret scene alongside her transgender best friend, who is considering a risky gender reassignment surgery. Meanwhile Grete is hired as a maid to a Nazi family, and begins to form a complicated bond with their son. As Germany barrels toward th

  • Bane and shadow

    "Red is being trained as a cold-blooded assassin by the biomancers. As he becomes increasingly embroiled in palace politics, he learns that even life among the nobility can be deadly. While terrorizing imperial ships as the pirate Dire Bane, Hope stumbles onto a biomancer plot of such horrifying scope that it makes even the massacre of her childhood village seem small in comparison. With the biomancers tightening their grip of fear over the empire, Hope and Red struggle to fill their new roles a

  • Fickle

    A man falls to his death in front of a subway train in Boston. The only witness is a woman whose blog turns up in the dead man's computer.

  • O fallen angel

  • Mathilda Savitch- a novel

  • The Scoundrel's Pleasure

  • Perfect for You

  • Hey Harry, hey Matilda

    "A brilliant, hilarious, endlessly inventive debut, Hey Harry, Hey Matilda is the story--told entirely in emails--of fraternal twins Harry and Matilda Goodman as they fumble into adulthood, telling lies and keeping secrets, and finally confronting their complicated twin-ship"--

  • We Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire

  • The believer - a novel

    A New York City trend spotter returns to her Stockholm borough home to discover the truth about her missing brother's alleged ties to ISIS, while a human rights researcher discovers she may be unwittingly contributing to the dark agendas of powerful forces.

  • The Odds of You and Me

  • The illusionist's apprentice

    "Harry Houdni's one-time apprentice holds fantastic secrets about the greatest illusionist in the world. But someone wants to claim them . . . or silence her before she can reveal them on her own"--

  • To the farthest shores

    Six years after breaking Jenny Bennett's heart, Naval officer Ryan Gallagher reappears in her life, refusing to explain why he left, but Ryan remains determined to win Jenny back in spite of the fact that he cannot talk about his secret government mission.

  • Lust

    A tale inspired by the seven deadly sins follows the experiences of a woman caught between an entertainment mogul with a shady past and his vengeance-seeking childhood friend.

  • The life and times of Persimmon Wilson - a novel

    A slave-turned-Comanche warrior travels from the brutality of a New Orleans sugar cane plantation to the indomitable frontier of untamed Texas to search for the woman he loves and his own identity.

  • Perforated heart - a novel

    A successful writer examines the journals he kept in 1970s New York and contrasts his life as an older, more experienced, and jaded author with the ambitions and ideals of his younger self.

  • Jubilee

    A novel based on the life of the author's great-grandmother follows the story of Vyry, the child of a white plantation owner and one of his slaves, through the years of the Civil War and Reconstruction.

  • The little communist who never smiled - a novel

    "An award-winning novel powerfully re-imagines a childhood in the spotlight of history, politics, and destiny. Montreal 1976. A fourteen-year-old girl steps out onto the floor of the Montreal Forum and into history. Twenty seconds on uneven bars is all it takes for Nadia Comaneci, the slight, unsmiling child from Communist Romania, to etch herself into the collective memory. The electronic scoreboard, astonishing spectators with what has happened, shows 1.0. The judges have awarded an unpreceden

  • The Amish Wanderer

  • The echo of twilight

    "As I watched him his long legs striding the narrow path through the heather, his golden hair catching the sun I had a hideous feeling in the pit of my stomach. For it seemed as though he was already marching away from me. In 1914, despite the clouds of war threatening Europe, Pearl Gibson's future is bright. She has secured a position as a lady's maid to a wealthy Northumberland aristocrat, a job that will win her not only respect but an opportunity to travel and live in luxury. Her new life at

  • This is not over.

    Clashing over exchanged insults that compromise their reputations, a woman running from her sordid past and a doctor's wife who depends on tenant income risk everything to protect shattering secrets.

  • Glaxo - a novel

    "Glaxo is a chilling novel of betrayal, romance, and murder, from a major Latin American writer being published in English for the first time. In a derelict town in the Argentine pampa, a decades-old betrayal simmers among a group of friends. One, a barber, returns from serving time for a crime he didn't commit; another, a policeman with ties to the military regime, discovers his wife's infidelity; a third lays dying. And an American missionary has been killed. But what happened among these men?

  • The Impossible Fairy Tale

  • Indelible - a novel

    "Magdalena has an unsettling gift. She sees the truth about people written on their skin--names, dates, details both banal and profound--and her only relief from the onslaught of information is to take off her glasses and let the world recede. Mercifully, her own skin is blank. When she meets Neil, she is intrigued to see her name on his cheek. He's in Paris for the summer, studying a medieval pilfrimage to the coast of Spain, where the body of Saint Jacques is said to have washed ashore, covere

  • The Painted Gun

  • General Escobar's War - A Novel of the Spanish Civil War

  • The angels' share

    "Some believed he was the second coming of Christ. William wasn't so sure. But when that drifter was buried next to the family distillery, everything changed. Now that Prohibition has ended, what the townspeople of Twisted Tree, Kentucky, need most is the revival of the Old Sam Bourbon distillery. But William McFee knows it'll take a miracle to convince his father, Barley, to once more fill his family's aging house with barrels full of bourbon. When a drifter recently buried near the distillery

New Nonfiction Books

New Adult Nonfiction Books

  • Indiana canoeing guide.

  • Ancient America - fifty archaeological sites to see for yourself

  • Sexual assault - the ultimate teen guide

    Provides strategies, tool, and resources to help readers cope with sexual violence, and outlines ways in which they can get the help they need.

  • Ignite your spark - discovering who you are from the inside out

    Presents a guide for teens that navigates the confusing and sometimes depressing challenges of adolescence while sharing positive advice on topics ranging from relationships and self-image to willpower and learning from failure.

  • Climate wars - why people will be killed in the twenty-first century / Harald Welzer ; translated by Patrick Camiller.

  • Medieval Europe

  • Addiction, recovery, change - a how-to manual for successfully navigating sobriety

  • Governing from the skies - a global history of aerial bombing

  • The film photography handbook

  • Food, health, and happiness - 115 on-point recipes for great meals and a better life

    "With dishes created and prepared alongside her favorite chefs, paired with personal essays and memories from Oprah herself, this cookbook offers a candid, behind-the-scenes look into the life (and kitchen) of one of the most influential and respected celebrities in the world"--Back cover.

  • How does that make you feel? - true confessions from both sides of the therapy couch

  • Italian grammar

  • This naked mind- control alcohol- find freedom, rediscover happiness & change your life

  • Ocean of insight - a sailor's voyage from despair to hope

    "Heather Lyn Mann was a battle-weary environmental advocate in Madison, Wisconsin, struggling over what to do about climate change when she and her husband decided to explore the Atlantic on a small sloop. This memoir of six years living afloat is a chronological unfolding of disasters and discoveries--life-threatening storms, the boredom of isolation, societies on the brink of extinction, sinking ships, colorful Caribbean characters, near collisions, a pirate scare, and more. Throughout, the oc

  • The endurance training diet & cookbook - the how, when, and what for fueling runners and triathletes to improve performance

    "Achieve your goals in endurance racing with the detailed training advice and perfectly tailored recipes in this new must-have manual and cookbook. Fueling your body is just as important as training it, but different phases of training and racing require different combinations of nutrients. Written by one of the world's leading triathlon coaches, The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook includes in-depth advice to boost your performance and seventy recipes that will help you reach your personal be

  • The genome factor - what the social genomics revolution reveals about ourselves, our history, and the future

    " For a century, social scientists have avoided genetics like the plague. But in the past decade, a small but intrepid group of economists, political scientists, and sociologists have harnessed the genomics revolution to paint a more complete picture of human social life than ever before. The Genome Factor describes the latest astonishing discoveries being made at the scientific frontier where genomics and the social sciences intersect. The Genome Factor reveals that there are real genetic diffe

  • iOS programming - the Big Nerd Ranch guide.

  • How bad do you want it? - mastering the psychology of mind over muscle

  • Treehab - tales from my natural, wild life

  • The beeswax workshop - how to make your own natural candles, cosmetics, cleaners, soaps, healing balms and more

    "Making all kinds of amazing, all-natural stuff out of beeswax is easy and fun. Packed with over 100 step-by-step recipes, The Beeswax Workshop shows you how to make beautiful gifts, household cleaners, beauty supplies and so, so much more. Whether you use beeswax from your backyard hive or purchase a supply, this book offers tips, tricks and techniques for getting the most out of this miracle ingredient."--Page 4 of cover.

  • Wind in a box

    "Terrance Hayes is an elegant and adventurous writer with disarming humor, grace, tenderness, and brilliant turns of phrase. He is very much interested in what it means to be an artist and a black man. In his first collection, Muscular Music, he took the reader through a living library of cultural icons, from Shaft and Fat Albert to John Coltrane and Miles Davis. His second collection, Hip Logic, continued these explorations of popular culture, fatherhood, cultural heritage, and loss. Wind in a

  • Sabbatical of the mind - the journey from anxiety to peace

    In this humorous account, a successful Christian businessman in Washington, D.C. begins to have debilitating anxiety attacks, which lead him to take a sabbatical and explore life|s biggest questions. After five months, he returns to work with new drive and purpose.

  • Staying alive - the signs that you have to see a doctor right now (and the ways to avoid having to see one again)

  • Colloidal silver - the natural antibiotic

    "A complete guide to the many uses and benefits of colloidal silver, which acts as a natural antibiotic against bacterial infections and also kills viruses, fungi, and parasites"--

  • Running with a police escort - tales from the back of the pack

    "In the fall of 2012, quirky and cat-loving Cleveland librarian Jill Grunenwald got an alarming email from her younger sister: her sister was very concerned with Jill's weight and her overall mental and physical health. Having always struggled with her weight, Jill was currently hitting the scales at more than three hundred pounds. Right then, Jill looked in the mirror and decided that she needed to make a life-style change, pronto. She enrolled in Weight Watchers and did something else that she

  • Kadian journal - a father's memoir

    "In July 2012 Thomas Harding's fourteen-year-old son Kadian was killed in a bicycle accident. Shortly afterwards Thomas began to write. This book is the result. Beginning on the day of Kadian's death, and continuing to the one-year anniversary, and beyond, Kadian Journal is a record of grief, and of a mind in shock and questioning a strange new reality. Interspersed within the journal are fragments of memory: jewel-bright everyday moments that slowly combine to form a biography of a father's rel

  • Prom - the big night out

  • The bare bones broth cookbook - 125 gut-friendly recipes to heal, strengthen, and nourish the body

    "Bone broth is one of mankind's oldest foods--and healthiest, boasting one of the most complete nutritional profiles of any food on earth. The collagen, bone, skin, marrow, and fat that is extracted when animal bones simmer in water for hours (or days) are the building blocks of life, containing proteins that help to combat inflammation; boost immunity; strengthen bones; improve hair, skin, and nails; and help a host of digestive issues by promoting optimum gut health." --

  • The 30-day ketogenic cleanse - reset your metabolism with 160 tasty whole food recipes & a guided meal plan

    The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse is a guidebook for healing your body from the inside out with a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Sadly, most people who attempt a keto diet do it incorrectly. Keto expert Maria Emmerich, on the other hand, has based this cleanse on a true, well-formulated ketogenic diet, which will help you reset your metabolism, regain good health, boost your energy, and shed unwanted weight, all without feeling restricted or deprived,"--page [4] of cover.

  • 10-minute recipes - fast food, clean ingredients, natural health

    "Improve your health with clean, natural foods and nutrient-rich recipes that can be made in 10 minutes or less! Liana Werner-Gray understands how hard it is to find the time to take care of yourself; to keep up with her fast-paced life, she indulged in processed convenience foods until she landed in the hospital and could no longer take her health for granted. She shared her journey to healing herself in her blog, The Earth Diet, which launched her best-selling book of the same name. Through th

  • The whole coconut cookbook - vibrant dairy-free, gluten-free recipes featuring nature's most versatile ingredient

    With all of their creamy goodness and adaptability, coconuts are an indispensable ingredient in many recipes, from smoothies and curries to cakes and salads. Moreover, they are an incredible superfood, providing essential nutrients and healthy fats in recipes that are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free. In The Whole Coconut Cookbook, this amazing fruit is celebrated in all its glory, from the familiar coconut water, coconut oil, and sugar, to creamy coconut milk and coconut aminos.

  • 21 things you need to know about diabetes and weight-loss surgery

  • Imprints - the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and the city of Chicago

    The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians has been a part of Chicago since its founding. In very public expressions of indigeneity, they have refused to hide in plain sight or assimilate. Instead, throughout the city's history, the Pokagon Potawatomi Indians have openly and aggressively expressed their refusal to be marginalized or forgotten and in doing so, they have contributed to the fabric and history of the city. Imprints: The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and the City of Chicago examines

  • Naked food magazine's master plants cookbook - the 33 most healing superfoods for optimum health - with over 100 delicious recipes

    "Food isn't just food, it can be medicine! A whole food, plant-based diet can help prevent and even reverse chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, while also promoting a healthy weight. Far from being a fad, knowing the health benefits of certain foods have become "must-have" information for many households--but the big question is: "How do I make it delicious?" The Master Plants Cookbook, complied by the founder and editor of Naked Food magazine, features the 33 essential

  • The body sculpting bible for men - featuring the 14-day body sculpting workout

    The Body Sculpting Bible for Men Platinum edition is the definitive workout and nutrition guide, updated and expanded to include: 21-day express workouts and unique time-saving exercises ; bonus nutritional section including recipes and smart supplementation ; tips and helpful information to keep you motivate and help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Cyberbullying and the wild, wild web - what everyone needs to know

    "The world has changed drastically over the past decade. The Internet has had a huge part in that, as it has made the world more accessible to anyone of any age, race, or gender. Used for entertainment, education, shopping, dating and more, the internet has provided a whole new virtual world for everyone to enjoy. But with the good also comes the bad and for kids and teens these days, the bad has becomes a constant threat from cyberbullies and cyberstalking. J. A. Hitchcock began to have an inte

  • Gunpowder girls - the true stories of three Civil War tragedies

    With thousands of men off fighting in the Civil War, the government hired women and girls--some as young as ten--to make millions of rounds of ammunition. Poor immigrant girls and widows paid the price for carelessness at three major arsenals. Many of these workers were killed, blown up and burned beyond recognition.

  • My life, my love, my legacy

    "The life story of Coretta Scott King--wife of Martin Luther King Jr., founder of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and singular twentieth-century American civil rights activist--as told fully for the first time, toward the end of her life, to one of her closest friends. Born in 1927 to daringly enterprising black parents in the Deep South, Coretta Scott had always felt called to a special purpose. One of the first black scholarship students recruited to Antioch College, a committed

  • Your cholesterol matters - what your numbers mean and how you can improve them

  • How propaganda works

    Our democracy today is fraught with political campaigns, lobbyists, liberal media, and Fox News commentators, all using language to influence the way we think and reason about public issues. Even so, many of us believe that propaganda and manipulation aren't problems for us--not in the way they were for the totalitarian societies of the mid-twentieth century. In How Propaganda Works, Jason Stanley demonstrates that more attention needs to be paid. He examines how propaganda operates subtly, how

  • Agile project management- creating innovative products

  • The perfect treehouse - from site selection to design & construction

    Outlines "everything you need to know in order to choose a suitable location and the right materials for your build; how to choose the right tree; which tools you need and how to use them; how to build with the health of the tree in mind--which is important for treehouse safety as well as the environment"--

  • The tongue of Adam

  • Electric interurbans and the American people

  • Preventing credit card fraud - a complete guide for everyone from merchants to consumers

  • Whole bowls - complete gluten-free and vegetarian meals to power your day

    "From the creator of the award-winning food blog Yummy Beet, turn familiar and traditional tastes into healthy, one-bowl meals. Healthful, plentiful, and simple kitchen creations feel at home in a bowl. Whether a meal is enjoyed as a weekday breakfast for one or part of a leisurely dinner with friends, whole foods come to life when presented within the walls of this steadfast kitchen vessel. For Allison Day, the nutritionist and food blogger behind Yummy Beet, meal-sized bowl recipes showcase he

  • Girl rising - changing the world one girl at a time

  • The government and geography of ancient India

    Discusses geography and politics in ancient India, describing the rulers of the Indus Valley civilization and Maurya and Gupta dynasties, and the influence of geography on agriculture, trade, and forms of government.

  • Roots - the complete guide to the underground superfood

    "From the familiar potato to the not-so-familiar salsify, Nature wisely concentrates a host of health benefits in roots, such as fiber, vitamins, powerful antioxidants, and healing phytonutrients. Roots shows how easily (and inexpensively!) these nutritional powerhouses can be transformed into delicious snacks, treats, smoothies, juices, meals, desserts, and even beauty products"--

  • Make it up - the essential guide to DIY makeup & skin care

    Provides instructions for creating makeup and skin care products at home, using natural ingredients that can be tailored to individual needs.

New Young Adult Books & Graphic Novels

New Graphic Novels

  • The totally awesome Hulk - civil war II

    When the events of Civil War II arrive at Amadeus Cho's door, the loss of his friend sends him into a rage, but Black Panther has control of the situation as Amadeus takes on a new archenemy.

  • Aleister & Adolf

    "Legendary occultist Aleister Crowley develops a powerful and dangerous new weapon to defend the world against Adolf Hitler's own war machine"--Provided by publisher.

  • In the Trenches

    "In their second adventure, brothers Tuck and Hudson become their superhero alteregos, Stretch and Brella, to fight the evil Trench right in their own neighborhood"--

  • Glenn Gould - a life off tempo

    "Glenn Gould was a Canadian pianist, a child genius who became a worldwide superstar of classical music remembered for, among others, his almost revolutionary interpretations of Bach. This graphic novel biography seeks to understand the eccentric personality behind the persona. Who is the mysterious Glenn Gould? Why did he abruptly end his career as a performing musician? Why did he become one of the very first of his peers to disappear from the public eye like J.D. Salinger? Sandrine Revel delv

  • Fairy tail. 58

    As the members of Fairy Tail advance through Zeref's army, Natsu, Lucy and Happy are taken away from the battle to stay safe, and Gray duels Zeref's chief of staff, Invel Yura.

  • Uncle $crooge and Donald Duck - the universal solvent

    When a liquid that dissolves any substance is invented, Scrooge McDuck believes that he can dig instant mine shafts, but after dcreating a tunnel to the Earth's core, he risks destroying the world.

  • The Thea sisters and the mystery at sea! / The Thea Sisters and the Mystery at Sea!

    Discovering that the turtles on Turtle Island have gone missing, the Thea Sisters spot environment-threatening drums of a strange oil and struggle to gather help before spotting a pair of turtles entering a mysterious underground cave.

  • Superman - Action Comics. Volume 9, Last rites

    "Vandal Savage has had millennia to plot a way to draw back to Earth the comet that granted him powers of immortality, and now he finally has his chance. And it just might spell the end for Superman. Savage's plan hinges on draining the Man of Steel of his abilities, leaving him literally powerless against Savage and the army of his descendants being driven into a frenzy as the comet approaches. When the Justice League and a depowered Superman all fail to halt the immortal's plot, the only way t

  • Superman - Action Comics. Volume 7, Under the skin

    When Smallville is poisoned by the appearance of dark magic and ancient horrors, Superman must figure out what is going on and save his hometown before this evil epidemic spreads across the entire world.

  • Superman - Action Comics. Volume 5, What lies beneath

    "This BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in features the reintroduction of a major character as a cocky young Superman battles the forces of nature to save Gotham City. Superman must also figure out who or what is the Ghost Soldier, and what mysterious ties does he have to The Man of Steel? Will he side with Superman as he is caught in the middle of the military's battle with subterranean monsters? Collects Action Comics #25-29 and Secret Origins #1"--

  • Superman action comics. Superdoom Volume 6, Superdoom

    When Superman's attempt to kill Doomsday fails he becomes Superdoom, a rampaging threat to friend and foe alike, just as an alien invasion reveals the mastermind behind his transformation.

  • Superman - Action Comics. At the End of Days Volume 3, At the End of Days

    "The New York Times best-selling creative team Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' landmark run on SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS ends here in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOLUME 3: AT THE END OF DAYS! Five years ago, Clark Kent moved to Metropolis. Alone but hopeful,he donned a simple t-shirt laden with a giant S, beginning the career of one of the greatest heroes this--or any other--world has seen. Superman has grown with the city around him, and though he is feared by the public, there's no doubt they need

  • Irmina

    In the mid-1930s, Irmina, an ambitious young German, moves to London. At a cocktail party, she meets Howard Green, one of the first black students at Oxford, who, like Irmina, is working towards an independent existence. However, their relationship comes to an abrupt end when Irmina, constrained by the political situation in Hitler's Germany, is forced to return home. As war approaches and her contact with Howard is broken, it becomes clear to Irmina that prosperity will only be possible through

  • Silver Surfer - citizen of Earth

    As the Silver Surfer and Dawn return to Earth, Shalla Bal, the Surfer's former betrothed, uses mind control to force the Thing and the Avengers to battle the Surfer in an all-out fight for the fate of the planet.

  • Deadpool

  • Batman. Vol. 1, I am Gotham

    "A part of DC Universe: Rebirth! "I AM GOTHAM" The Caped Crusader has never been stopped. Not by the Joker. Not by Two-Face. Not even by the entire Justice League. But now, in the wake of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, Batman must face his most challenging foe ever--a hero who wants to save Gotham...from the Batman! From one of the biggest breakout writers in years and former CIA analyst, Tom King (GRAYSON, THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON) and superstar artist David Finch present BATMAN VOL. 1!"--

  • Tinker Bell and the flying monster. Tinker Bell and the Flying Monster

    Collects the adventures of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, including "The Flying Monster," where Tinker Bell and Cheese the mouse discover a terrifying flying monster in the woods, but the monster is not what it appears to be at first.

  • Superman - Action Comics. Volume 3, At the end of days

    "The New York Times best-selling creative team Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' landmark run on SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS ends here in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOLUME 3: AT THE END OF DAYS! Five years ago, Clark Kent moved to Metropolis. Alone but hopeful, he donned a simple t-shirt laden with a giant S, beginning the career of one of the greatest heroes this--or any other--world has seen. Superman has grown with the city around him, and though he is feared by the public, there's no doubt they need

  • Silver Surfer - last days

    After time ran out, killing everyone in the Marvel universe, only Surfer, Dawn and Toomie have survived, having been tasked with restarting the universe, from the laws of physics to the creation of life.

  • Superman action comics. Last Rites Volume 9, Last rites

    To draw the comet that granted his powers back to Earth, Vandal Savage concocts a plan that requires the draining of Superman's power, and the only way to stop him is with the one element that can kill the Last Son of Krypton.

  • Star Wars - Darth Vader - end of games

    Just as Darth Vader's plans appears to have passed his master's tests, his own secret agenda threatens to be his own undoing.

  • Walt Disney's Uncle $crooge - "Seven cities of gold"

    Collects the classic comic adventures of Uncle Scrooge and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, including a tale in which Scrooge sets out on a perilous trek to find the fabled lost gold of the seven cities of Cibola.

  • Superman - Action Comics. Volume 8, Truth

    "Spinning out of the epic events of National Book Award nominee Gene Luen Yang's SUPERMAN VOL. 1: BEFORE TRUTH graphic novel, the secret is out! The world knows that Clark Kent is the Man of Steel! The reprecussions of this massive event have affected Superman on every front, including his relationship with the once-trusted Metropolis Police Department. However, as Clark deals with a society that no longer trusts him, he must fight off a monstrous army called the Shadow Warriors as they try to d

  • Arnold's extraordinary art museum

    Arnold leads his friends on a tour of his museum, showing off exhibits that feature real, and imagined, works of art.

  • Abe Sapien. The Desolate Shore [8], The desolate shore

    "On the run at the end of the world, Abe Sapien's Dark and Terrible story reaches its finale, and the answers he uncovers about his own existence reveal some of the biggest secrets of the Hellboy saga"--Provided by publisher.

  • Batman '66 meets John Steed & Emma Peel

    "Batman and Robin are quite capable of taking on the felonious feline Catwoman, but when catsuit-clad lovely Mrs. Peel and her comrade John Steed arrive in Gotham, the Dynamic Duo are happy for an assist! And when the situation turns into a transatlanticadventure, they return the favor in swinging London--taking on Lord Ffogg and the Cybernauts in return"--

  • All for Stilton, Stilton for all! / All for Stilton and Stilton for All

    Traveling to France during the reign of Louis XIII, Geronimo and his friends enlist in the "mouseketeers" only to discover that the mouse on the throne is an impostor and together they must find the real Louis.

  • Deadpool. [Collected edition] Vol. 4

    Deadpool faces the now uncannily evil X-Men, led by an apocalyptic version of Wade Wilson's young friend, Evan.

  • Trayaurus and the enchanted crystal

    To stop their archenemy Denton's plan for world domination, Dan and Trayaurus enter a race against time to gather five enchanted crystals that have been spread across the land.

  • Sheriff of Babylon. Volume 2, Pow, pow, pow

    "The War on Terror still rages in Baghdad as cop-turned-military consultant Chris Henry must solve a deadly murder. He is forced to align himself with Nassir, the last policeman in Baghdad to try to unravel the bloody mystery. While Henry and Nassir search for answers there are forces in the shadows pulling strings that these men don't even know they're tied to. This mini-series continues with the wonderfully brutal script by Tom King (GRAYSON, THE OMEGA MEN) and devastatingly beautiful art by M

  • I hate Fairyland. Fluff My Life Volume two, Fluff my life

    Gert's quest to return home is stalled when she is crowned queen of Fairyland, but ruling leads her to a new friend and a way to possibly end Fairyland forever.

  • Monster Musume. I [heart] monster girls. 3

  • First to the last place on Earth!

    Geronimo and his friends go back in time and race the Pirate Cats to be the first to the South Pole.

  • The son of Neptune - the graphic novel

    Demigod Percy Jackson, still with no memory, and his new friends from Camp Jupiter, Hazel and Frank, go on a quest to free Death, but their bigger task is to unite the Greek and Roman camps so that the Prophecy of Seven can be fulfilled.

  • Avengers - Ultron revolution

    Before Ultron's plan to replace all humans with robots takes shape, the Avengers will have to remember how to be a team.

  • Batman. Epilogue Volume 10, Epilogue

    "The conclusion to Snyder and Greg Capullo's monumental #1 NEW YORK TIMES best-selling run is here in BATMAN VOL. 10: EPILOGUE! The dust has settled. After a bloody and brutal battle with Mr. Bloom, Bruce Wayne has reclaimed his mantle as the Dark Knight. But with the city broken and his mind slowly mending together, Batman will have to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and reclaim Gotham City as his own. But what will he do when echoes from his past ripple out into his beloved city's fut

  • Black science. True Atonement Volume 5, true atonement

    When Grant McKay's attempt to rescue his team from the Withering Woods threatens a peace treaty, he sets out to bring his family home.

  • Superman action comics. Under the Skin Volume 7, Under the skin

    When Smallville is poisoned by the appearance of dark magic and ancient horrors, Superman must figure out what is going on and save his hometown before this evil epidemic spreads across the entire world.

  • Harrow County. Family Tree Volume 4, Family tree

    "Emmy believes she is one of a kind, that there is no one else in the world quite like her. As strangers arrive in Harrow County, though, she discovers just how wrong she is. Are these beings--each possessing strange and ghastly supernatural abilities--her family? Collects the Dark Horse comic series Harrow County #13-#16"--

  • The mystery of the pirate ship / The Mystery of the Pirate Ship

    Geronimo and his friends journey to the eighteenth century to stop the Pirate Cats from pillaging the East India Company's merchant ships.

  • Hilo - the great big boom

    Hilo and DJ, with the help of Polly, the magical warrior cat, travel through a mysterious portal and battle bad guys, face disgusting food, an angry mom, and powerful magic to save their friend Gina.

  • Deadpool. [Collected edition] Vol. 3

  • Our lady of birth control - a cartoonist's encounter with Margaret Sanger

    The life of the social reformer, rendered in the form of a graphic novel, is framed by the author's own experiences of coming of age at the height of the sexual revolution.

  • Superman - Action Comics. Volume 4, Hybrid

    "Determained to turn the people of Metropolis against the Man of Steel and finally vanquish him from the Earth, Lex Luthor unleashes a virus on Metropolis capable of rewriting the DNA of those infected, including Superman. While Superman's immune system eventually fights off the infection, but not before a hybrid Superman is created through the virus' ability to rewrite DNA. This new hybrid Superman is the only being capable of defeating the true Superman and Lex will stop at nothing to see it a

  • Uncle $crooge and Donald Duck - the richest duck in the world

    Collects the adventures of Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck, from Donald's winter Olympics adventures and Scrooge's exploration of the Klondike.

  • Ancestor

    "In rare lucid moments you see that you are enslaved. You tell yourself that The Service is a helpful interface providing your mind with continual aid and stimulation, but you know it's a lie. Patrick Whiteside can help you. He doesn't require much: An open mind. Determination. The ability to make sacrifices. Let Whiteside help you."

  • Big Nate - what's a little noogie between friends?

    Nate counts on his friends Teddy, Francis, and Chad to cheer him up when things don't go his way, including when his soccer team loses to a team with a sixty-game winless streak and his crush suddenly moves across the country.

  • Unfollow. Volume 2, God is watching

    "Larry Ferrell died as he lived--changing the world. The legendary founder of the social network Headspace, which connects nearly everyone on the planet, Ferrell gave away his entire fortune on his deathbed--18 billion dollars, evenly divided between 140 randomly selected strangers. With the money came one simple condition: if any of the recipients dies, their shares are automatically redistributed to those still alive. The result? Kidnappings. "Accidents." Murder. Slowly but surely, the 140 are

  • Batman. Volume 10, Epilogue

    "The dust has settled. After a bloody and brutal battle with Mr. Bloom, Bruce Wayne has reclaimed his mantle as the Dark Knight. But with the city broken and his mind slowly mending together, Batman will have to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and reclaim Gotham City as his own. But what will he do when echoes from his past ripple out into his beloved city's future? And how will this set the stage for the next great era of the Dark Knight?"--

  • Nancy Drew diaries. Doggone Town and Sleight of Dan #7, "Doggone town" and "Sleight of Dan"

    In "Doggone Town," Nancy and Ned stumble upon a mystery when trying to return a lost dog to its owner; and in "Sleight of Dan," Nancy investigates when a magician makes his assistant disappear, and she never reappears.

New Large Print Books & Foreign Language Materials

New Large Print Books

  • I See You

  • I loved her in the movies - memories of Hollywood's legendary actresses

    The iconic television actor shares intimate stories of his personal and professional relationships with a wide range of leading ladies in film and television, from Joan Crawford and Bette Davis to Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch.

  • Furious george - my forty years surviving NBA divas, clueless GMs, and poor shot selection

    The most outspoken and combative coach in NBA history, and one of the most successful, amassing more than 1,175 victories, the sixth best winning record ever, reflects on his life, his career, and his battles on and off the basketball court in this no-holds-barred memoir.

  • Desert Vengeance - A Lena Jones Mystery

  • The mistletoe secret

    "Two people brave loneliness and loss to find love when Alex travels from Daytona Beach, Florida, to the small town of Midway, Utah, to find a blogger who calls herself LBH whose feelings mirror his own"--

  • Man on the run

    It was the night before his wedding, fifteen years ago, that the nightmare began for Jay Crawford--locked up for a crime he never committed. Now, he's escaped prison and wants nothing more than to clear his name and protect his family. To get justice, he'll need the help of the three best friends who have always had his back--Wil, Kyle and Allan. But a man on the run requires absolute trust...and Jay may just be setting himself up for the ultimate betrayal.

  • Her Every Fear

  • Summer rain

    "Danielle Monroe is determined to use her new job in DC as a stepping-stone to a high-powered political career. But the secrets surrounding her father's death continue to overshadow her goals--until an attractive and possibly dangerous stranger shows up in her life"--

  • Treasured

    Artist Ben Carlton, who lives an isolated life in rural Vermont after a trauma, finds his wounded heart opening to the possibilities of new love when his matchmaking aunt Destiny introduces him to gallery owner Kathleen Dugan.

  • Tom Clancy - true faith and allegiance

    Investigating a massive data breach that threatens the security of every U.S. intelligence operative in the world, President Jack Ryan confronts an impossible choice when the data is obtained and exploited by the Chinese government.

  • Twelve steps and twelve traditions/B-14

  • Murder most howl

    "Wagtail, Virginia, the top pet-friendly destination in the country, is throwing a fun murder mystery weekend, but no one expected the real thing. The Sugar Maple Inn has a full house when a blizzard causes the lights to go out. The next morning a dead body is discovered and there is a real murder to solve"--

  • Little girl gone

    In the first Afton Tangler thriller, the unforgiving cold of a Minnesota winter hides the truth behind an even more chilling crime... On a frozen night in an affluent neighborhood of Minneapolis, a baby is abducted from her home after her teenage babysitter is violently assaulted. The parents are frantic, the police are baffled, and, with the perpetrator already in the wind, the trail is getting colder by the second. As family liaison officer with the Minneapolis P.D., it's Afton Tangler's job t

  • An Amish family Christmas - a charmed Amish life Christmas novel

    "Levi Kinsinger returns to Charm, Ohio, and finds a sense of purpose in life for the first time since his father's death when he agrees to help a young widowed neighbor. Friendship builds to attraction, but Julia is keeping something from Levi. She is really an unwed mother pretending to be a widow"--

  • A deadly thaw

  • Disappearance at Devil's Rock

    "A family is shaken to its core after the mysterious disappearance of a teenage boy in this eerie tale, a blend of literary fiction, psychological suspense, and supernatural horror"--

  • Crash and burn

    The women of the Sisterhood are united by their mission to help those unable to help themselves. But now they've encountered opponents who share a unique bond of their own. The law firm of Queen, King, Bishop & Rook - the Chessmen - has been a formidable force in Washington, D.C., for decades. And Sisterhood member Nikki Quinn's new case has made her their prime target. Nikki has agreed to represent Livinia Lambert as she files for divorce from her domineering, greedy husband, Wilson "Buzz" Lamb

  • Vanilla beaned

    Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are taking a gamble by opening their first franchise of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes Bakery, so where better to hit the jackpot than in Vegas? Business manager Tate Harper has lined up a meeting with Holly Hartzmark, a former showgirl who's looking to bring Mel and Angie's sweet treats to Sin City, but Mel isn't so sure she's ready to hand her recipes over to a complete stranger, especially one as brash as Holly. But after the potential bakery location gets blown up,

  • No cats allowed - a cat in the stacks mystery

    It's spring in Mississippi and Oscar Reilly, the new library director, is determined to cut costs. This raises everyone's hackles--including those of Charlie Harris's friend Melba, whom Reilly wants to replace with someone younger--so when Reilly is discovered dead, the suspect list is long. Charlie and his Maine Coon cat, Diesel, have their work cut out for them trying to make sure Melba isn't shelved under "G" for guilty.

  • What You Break

  • If I forget you

    "Twenty-one years after they were driven apart by circumstances beyond their control, two former lovers have a chance encounter on a Manhattan street. What follows is a tense, suspenseful exploration of the many facets of enduring love"--

  • The Girl Before

  • Until I love again

  • Napoleon's last island

    From the bestselling author of Schindler's List and The Daughters of Mars, a new historical novel set on the remote island of Saint Helena about the remarkable friendship between a young woman and one of history's most intriguing figures, Napoleon Bonaparte, during the final years of his life in exile. In October 1815, after losing the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte was banished to the island of Saint Helena. There, in one of the most remote places on earth, he lived out the final six y

  • Three amazing things about you

    Hallie doesn't have long to live. And to make things even more complicated, she's in love with a guy who's seriously out of bounds. She's never going to let him know, of course; she's just going to enjoy every remaining moment of her crush. She's also determined to spend her last months helping those who write into her Dear Rose column with problems of their own. Her doctors can't fix her, but maybe she can fix a few other people's dilemmas before it's too late.

  • Racing the Devil

  • The woman in the photo

    The day after Memorial Day 1889, 20 million tons of water careened downhill to Johnstown, PA, washing away the city, along with 2,000 of its residents. The tragedy occurred when a dam built for the recreation of members of the exclusive South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club broke. This tragedy links Elizabeth Haberlin and Lee Parker. Elizabeth was a member of society's elite in late 19th-century Pennsylvania. Lee and her mother have been abandoned by her father in present-day Los Angeles. Hogan (T

  • A deadly affection

  • Books for living

    Presents a highly personal celebration of reading, sharing impassioned recommendations for specific books that can offer guidance through daily life.

  • Furious George - My Forty Years Surviving NBA Divas, Clueless GMs, and Poor Shot Selection

  • A terrible beauty - a Lady Emily mystery

  • The Terranauts

    1994. In the desert near Tillman, Arizona, forty miles from Tucson, a grand experiment involving the future of humanity is underway. As climate change threatens the earth, eight scientists, four men and four women dubbed the "Terranauts," have been selected to live under glass in E2, a prototype of a possible off-earth colony. Closely monitored by an all-seeing Mission Control, this New Eden is both an adventure in scientific discovery and a momentous publicity stunt. The Terranauts face increas

  • Bitter poison - a village mystery

    The British town of Frog End is preparing for its annual Christmas pantomime. Local busybody Marjorie Cuthbertson is on the hunt for her leading lady - and who better that beautiful new resident,ex-model Joan Dryden. Mystery is about to engulf the village, however, when a cast member collapses and dies at the Christmas party at the Manor, having consumed a rogue mince pie. Was the death and accident - or a malicious murder masked asn an allergic reaction? The Colonel is about to be dragged into

  • An Amish Man of Ice Mountain

  • The sleepwalker - a novel

    A spine-tingling novel of lies, loss, and buried desire--the mesmerizing story of a wife and mother who vanishes from her bed late one night.

  • Carlisle - journey to the white clouds

  • High Jinx

  • Sewn with joy

  • Rise the dark

    When the electricity fails one snowy night, Jay Baldwin, a power-company foreman, leaves his Red Lodge, Mont., home to investigate. He later phones his wife, Sabrina, to report that someone has cut trees so that they have fallen onto power lines. Back at the house, Sabrina is confronted by an armed intruder, Garland Webb, who takes her hostage for an unknown reason. Webb, who was just released from prison for sexual assault, is the quarry of PI Markus Novak, who suspects Webb of murdering the de

  • Mind over Meds - Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better--and When to Let Your Body Heal on Its Own

  • The Idiot

  • The old man

  • A Portrait of Emily Price

  • Tea with jam and dread

  • Another Brooklyn

    Torn between the fantasies of her youth and the realities of a life marked by violence and abandonment, August reunites with a beloved old friend who challenges her to reconcile her past and come to terms with the difficulties that forced her to grow up too quickly.

  • Nothing short of dying - a Clyde Barr novel

    Sixteen years. That's how long Clyde Barr has been away from Colorado's thick forests, alpine deserts, and craggy peaks, running from a past filled with haunting memories. But now he's back, having roamed across three continents as a hunter, adventurer, soldier of fortune, and most recently, unjustly imprisoned convict. And once again, his past is reaching out to claim him. By the light of a flickering campfire, Clyde receives a frantic phone call from his sister Jen. No sooner has she pleaded w

  • The midnight bell

    "In Washington, D.C., on a night full of rain, a woman is struck down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. But she is not just any woman--she is the assistant to the head of the secret White House department known only as the Basement. And she had secrets of her own. In the Virgin Islands, former president Jake Cazalet receives a warning. He is recuperating on a diving trip after successfully helping Sean Dillon and the rest of the "Prime Minister's private army" defeat an Al Qaeda operation in L

  • The secrets of wishtide - a Laetitia Rodd mystery

    Mrs. Laetitia Rodd, aged fifty-two, is the widow of an archdeacon. Living in Hampstead with her confidante and landlady, Mrs. Bentley, who once let rooms to John Keats, Laetitia makes her living as a highly discreet private investigator. Her brother, Frederick Tyson, is a criminal barrister living in the neighboring village of Highgate with his wife and ten children. Frederick finds the cases, and Laetitia solves them using her arch intelligence, her iron discretion, and her immaculate cover as

  • Buffalo jump blues - a Sean Stranahan mystery

  • Most Dangerous Place

New Children's Materials

New Children's Picture Books

  • Moana

    Moana Waialiki is a sea voyaging enthusiast, and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators in the ancient South Pacific world of Oceania. When her family needs her help she sets off on a voyage to return the powerful heart of Te Fiti to the mother island. Will the legendary demigod Maui help her complete her quest? Along the way they encounter enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds, and ancient folklore.

  • Hug it out!

    Tired of hearing her son and daughter fight, Mom devises an unusual punishment.

  • Noisy night

    "A clever picture book about a multi-level apartment building's occupants and their many nighttime noises"--

  • No more bows

    When Milly puts a bow on her dog Hugo he feels embarrased walking by the other neighborhood dogs until he finds out how much fun it can be.

  • What I love about you

    Describes the many different reasons and situations in which parents love their children.

  • Hurry up, Henry

    Henry's mother and father and sister are always telling him to hurry up, and his best friend, Simon, never slows down. Henry doesn't like to be late. But he doesn't want to hurry, either. He likes to take his time and often sees things that his family miss in the rush. For Henry's birthday, Simon arranges for a special present that lets Henry take the time he needs -- with his whole family!

  • Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar

    "Horace and Hattie watch a caterpillar become a butterfly ... and are inspired to attempt a transformation of their own!"--

  • Hooray for fish!

    Little Fish has all sorts of fishy friends in his underwater home, but loves one of them most of all.

  • Why am I here?

    "A young girl wonders what life would be like if she lived somewhere else. What if she lived in a city with millions of people? What would it be like to be a refugee from a war-torn country? Is she meant to be in a different place? Or is she right where she's supposed to be? "--

  • Charlie the Choo-Choo

    Replaced by a diesel locomotive and relegated to the rail yard, Charlie the steam locomotive teams up with Engineer Bill to prove he still has "zip and zowie."

  • Anywhere Farm

  • That's me loving you

    Shares messages about how a parent's presence and devotion can be recognized in the natural world, from a soft breeze to a shimmering star.

  • Spring hare

    "An adorable baby hare springs into an adventure, following his human friend up, up, and away in this flight of fancy. He follows his friend ever higher, flying through fluffy white clouds, chasing a red airplane through a flock of geese, and soaring into space on a rocket ship, before catching a ride on a shooting star back down to earth and into his friend's waiting arms. With bright, kid-friendly collage, this is a beautiful and accessible celebration of Spring and the imagination!"--Provided

  • The big green pocketbook

    A little girl fills the pocketbook she carries with mementos of the places she and her mother visit when they go to town.

  • The elephant who liked to smash small cars

    An elephant who likes to smash small cars is taught a lesson by a car salesman.

  • Big cat, little cat

    "A moving tale about friendship, new beginnings, and cats"--

  • Good night! Good night!

    "Reading, singing, hugging, kissing, dancing, jumping, playing, bouncing ... Will these silly, silly bunnies ever go to sleep?"--

  • How do dinosaurs choose their pets?

    At first, the dinosaurs try to bring home all manner of wild beasts, but in the end, they learn to bring home an appropriate animal from a shelter or pet store and to love and care for it with attention.

  • Bedtime for Yeti

    "Yeti loves playing with his stuffed toy, but when it goes missing he has to find the courage to brave bedtime alone"--

  • XO, Ox - a love story

    "The hilarious tale of an ox who is in love with a gazelle, told in correspondence"--

  • Adrift - an odd couple of polar bears

    When Karl and Hazel find themselves alone together on a small ice floe, they learn to appreciate and like each other despite their differences.

  • Don't cross the line!

    The General has ordered that no one can cross the line. The right-hand page must be kept blank for the General! But as the crowd builds up on the border, what will happen to the story? Will the Guard let anyone cross?

  • Tidy

    "A badger realizes that being too tidy could be disastrous"--

  • Maisy's amazing big book of learning

    Readers may accompany Maisy the mouse as she counts chicks, makes noisy noises, jumps like a kangaroo, and identifies animals, colors, shapes, and sizes.

  • Take heart, my child - a mother's dream

    A celebration of the enduring power of love, told in lullaby form. The author shares her own hopes and dreams, and lets her child know that whatever challenges life brings, "Before you were born, Before you came to be, I dreamed a love song..." and "Take heart, my child, I will-- or, my love will-- always be there for you." It's a universal message, one that all readers will relate to. This book will inspire a new generation of children to follow their hearts, hopes, and their passions so that t

  • The fix-it man

    Meet Joshua James, the fix-it man. If he can't fix it, no one can! When a stinky problem arises, Joshua James takes matters into his own hands with a little help from his younger sister, Sophie. --

  • Pen pals

    "For an entire school year, Oscar the ant and Bill the octopus send letters to each other as part of a class project. Oscar loves table tennis and Bill loves modeling clay. Oscar does judo, while Bill has a garden. Despite their differeneces, the two new friends find shared interests...all leading up to one final surprise!"--Jacket flap.

  • Thomas & friends. Thomas scares the crows.

    Thomas becomes a substitute scarecrow when the local farmer needs some extra help.

  • Happy dreamer

    A "dreamer maximus" describes the many ways one can dream, and the importance of being a happy dreamer.

  • Maisy goes to bed - Lift the flaps! Pull the tabs!

    It's time for Maisy to go to bed. First she drinks her bedtime drink, then she has to brush her teeth, wash her hands, and put on her pajamas. There's lots to do. So pull the tabs, lift the flaps, and help Maisy get ready.

  • Bird, balloon, Bear

    A shy bird wants to become friends with a bear, but the bear already has a friend--a big, red balloon.

  • Blue Penguin

    Rejected by his fellow penguins because of his unusual color, minimal diving, and jumping skills, Blue Penguin begins to sing in his loneliness and wonders if he will be able to convince the others that he is one of them.

  • Du iz tak?

    Readers are invited to imagine the dramatic possibilities to be found in the natural world, even the humblest back garden! With exquisitely-detailed illustration that will appeal to children and art-lovers alike, and a wonderfully playful invented language, we soon find ourselves speaking "Bug" ... Du iz tak? What is that?

  • Maisy Goes to the Local Bookstore

  • We're All Wonders

  • Bunny Bus

    "All of the animals pile on board and then they tumble out to get the Bunny Bus gussied up for the big Easter Parade"--

  • Penguin's big adventure

    "Penguin embarks on his next journey--becoming the first penguin to explore the North Pole! Along the way, he says hello to all of his old friends. But when he finally reaches his destination, he realizes he's all alone in a strange, foreign place. How will Penguin overcome his fears of the unknown and enjoy this new adventure?"--

  • Hooray for Birds!

  • Zoo day

    A little boy visits the zoo with his family for the first time and marvels at all of the wonders it offers.

  • Together

    This little sea otter loves spending time with his mummy - learning new things, playing together, or even just holding each other. In fact, every day this little sea otter spends with his mummy is special, just because they are together.

  • Pig the pug

    Pig is a selfish pug who does not want to share his toys with his canine housemate, Trevor--until an accident teaches him the value of friendship.

  • Wolf in the snow

    When a wolf cub and little girl are lost in a snowstorm they must find their way home.

  • Hedgehugs

    "Horace and Hattie are hedgehogs, and the very best of friends. Together, they make daisy chains, splash in puddles, and have tea parties. But there is one thing they can't do--hug! They are just too spiky. Throughout the seasons, these two hedgehogs will try many different ways of hugging. But will Horace and Hattie find a hug that feels just right?"--

  • I love my grandma

    A celebration of the special bond between grandmother and grandchild.

  • Egg

    Three little birds crack their way out of eggs and fly away, leaving one egg sitting all alone until the three chicks come back and discover a friendly baby alligator has finally hatched.

  • Dad and the dinosaur

    "A boy keeps a toy dinosaur in his pocket to help him be brave like his dad--but when the dinosaur goes missing, Dad knows just what to do"--

  • Heart to heart

    Alphabet letters and bold, graphic images of fruits and vegetables come together in this book of pun-filled rebuses about love and friendship.

  • Before you

    "Celebrates how the love of another can change one's life for the better"--

  • Little Brother Pumpkin Head

    "A soon-to-be big brother has worries about his forthcoming sibling"--

  • Dinosaurs don't have bedtimes!

    A little boy tries to persuade his mother that dinosaurs don't have bedtimes.