A Geography of Mysteries

A Geography of Mysteries

There are many people who enjoy a good mystery. There are also many people who love to travel around the United States. These stories have the best of both. Travel the world around with a good mystery.

Keith C.
Air Dance Iguana     Air Dance Iguana    
Tom Corcoran
    MYS Corcora

FLORIDA - Travel to the southern tip of the continent to the exotic Florida Keys in this mystery which solves two murders and a 30-year-old scam. On the journey learn about forensic photography when narrator Alex Rutledge shares some secrets of that trade.

As the World Churns     As the World Churns    
Tamar Myers
    MYS Myers

PENNSYLVANIA - The first Hernia Holstein Competition is interrupted by an attack on the vet in the barn, so innkeeper Magdalena Yoder has to put her honeymoon on pause and help the cows and competitors come home safe.

Dark Aura     Dark Aura    
Diana O'Hehir
    MYS Ohehir

CALIFORNIA - Nursing Home Administrator Carla Day goes to the hippie town of Stanton's Mill, California to investigate the death of an indigo child, who has a purple aura and magic powers. Carla's sidekick is her Egyptologist father who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. A delightful romp that offers lots of interesting new age, old age, and archaeology tidbits on the side.

Deadman's Poker     Deadman's Poker    
James Swain

NEW JERSEY/NEVADA - In this latest cards and con mystery, gambling expert Tony Valentine travels from Atlantic City to Vegas to investigate the death of his son's friend who earlier bragged about knowing how to beat any poker player in the world. Set during the world's largest poker tournament and involving dangerous mobsters, this mystery will teach you a card trick or two.

Death Climbs a Tree     Death Climbs a Tree    
Sara Hoskinson Frommer
    MYS Frommer

INDIANA - A local Bloomington author presents an intriguing cozy in her sixth outing with orchestra manager, Joan Spencer. This one tackles ecology when a first violinist tree-sits to protest the destruction of an ancient grove. Music lore and mystery with a morel hunt added as a bonus.

Monkey Man     Monkey Man    
Steve Brewer
    MYS Brewer

NEW MEXICO - Albuquerque Private Eye, Bubba Mabry, is a bit of a klutz. In this, his seventh outing, he gets involved with a snoopy reporter (his wife) and with a lot of mayhem at the local zoo. A who-dun-it on the lighter side packed with solid entertainment and a whirl around New Mexico's largest city.

Sorrow's Anthem     Sorrow's Anthem    
Michael Koryta
    MYS Koryta

OHIO - Gym owner and former cop, Lincoln Perry, returns to the old Cleveland neighborhood just in time to see his old school buddy shot. Cleveland and its past are fleshed out in this case.

The Bookwoman's Last Fling     The Bookwoman's Last Fling    
John Dunning
    MYS Dunning

IDAHO - Join ex-cop and current antiquarian book dealer, Cliff Janeway, as she enters the world of horse training. A fun mix of horse and book lore makes this mystery stand out.

The Girl with Braided Hair     The Girl with Braided Hair    
Margaret Coel
    MYS Coel

WYOMING - For people who love Tony Hillerman books, this author makes a great choice. She covers Native American themes with authority and really captures the feel of the Equality State. In this mystery an animal unearths a young woman's remains from the 1970s when Native Americans came to the reservation. A crime story that will drag you in and make you feel as though you've taken a real journey.

The Night Gardener     The Night Gardener    
George Pelecanos
    MYS Pelecan

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Three cops--two current and one forced out on a morals charge--work inner city Washington in this gritty mystery. Fifteen years before, the triad failed to solve a string of murders of teenagers, all possessing palindromic names such as Eve or Ava. Now another teen has been killed and the team uses their combined smarts to solve this case.

Whisper to the Blood     Whisper to the Blood    
Dana Stabenow
    MYS Stabeno

ALASKA - The latest by Edgar Award-winning Dana Stabenow features gutsy, independent sleuth, Kate Shugak, who is half Aleut and lives on a homestead near Denali National Park. In this outing, Kate investigates the murder of a championship skier who has been fighting a land grab by a gold mine owner. Environmental activism combined with ski lore and some good old-fashioned Far Northern sleuthing makes this a good bet.