American Civil War: The Indiana Home Front

American Civil War: The Indiana Home Front

Indiana played an important role in the War Between the States. Discover how the Civil War changed and affected the lives of the people of our state through their personal letters, a history of Indiana camps, and travelogues.

Keith C.
Affectionately Yours     Affectionately Yours    
Indiana Historical Society Press
    IND 973.7 Af

A unique collection of Civil War era letters  sent from a committed Indiana Union family to their son, a soldier on the  battlefield. The letters tell of what was happening at home in the villages and  towns unscarred by the war.

Camp Morton     Camp Morton    
Hattie Winslow
    973.7 Wi

Camp Morton, named for  Governor Oliver P. Morton was first used as a training camp, but after 1862 was  pressed into service as a prisoner of war camp. The area now bounded by 19th  and 22nd street, Central Ave. and Talbott St had been the site of  the Indiana State Fair, whose board sued the federal government for damages  after the war in the amount of $9815.56 and won.  Please use this link to search for this title in the Library Catalog. Camp Morton

Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide     Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide    
Michael Weeks
    973.73 Wee

Covers outlines of ten itineraries for short  road trips that cover every major battle of the war.

Indiana Legion     Indiana Legion    
John Etter
    IND 973.7472 Ett

50,000 men served in the Home  Guard in Indiana, serving as a first line of defense against invasion, prison guards  and intelligence officers.

Smoke, Sound and Fury     Smoke, Sound and Fury    
Lew Wallace
    IND 973.7472 Wa

Drawn from Wallace's  autobiography, the book chronicles the successes and failures of his time of  service during the Civil War