Hard Hitting Military Science Fiction

Hard Hitting Military Science Fiction

How are battles fought in the future?  Explore worlds where genetically enhanced soldiers fight in hi-tech battle armor while massive fleets of spaceships battle for supremacy above them.  Action packed and often thought provoking, these novels will definitely keep you reading late into the night.

Travis C.
Cobra Alliance     Cobra Alliance    
Timothy Zahn
    SF Zahn

The Cobras, super soldiers with implanted weapons and augmentations, have defeated Earth's enemies in the past.  Thought to be too dangerous, the Cobras have been exiled from earth to settle three colony worlds.  A new threat to earth emerges and the second generation of Cobras must face an enemy that may be more than they can handle on their own.  Fans of stories with realistic military tactics should enjoy this first book in the Cobra War series

Gust Front     Gust Front    
John Ringo
    SF Ringo

Earth finds itself in the middle of an intergalactic war between an alliance of alien pacifists and the predatory Posleen.  The alien alliance supplies humanity with the technology to take the battle to the enemy as well as defend earth from a Posleen invasion force.  This book features long drawn out action scenes featuring battle armor equipped elite army forces. 

Halo: The Fall of the Reach     Halo: The Fall of the Reach    
Eric Nylund
    SF Nylund

Fans of the Xbox game will enjoy this prequel to the events of the first game.  The planet-colony of Reach is under attack by Covenant forces.  It's up to Earth's bioengineered and specially augmented super soldiers, codenamed SPARTANs, to defend the planet.

Lost Fleet: Dauntless     Lost Fleet: Dauntless    
Jack Campbell
    SF Campbel

Captain John "Black Jack" Geary wakes up from survival hibernation one hundred years into the future and takes command of the battered remains of the Alliance Fleet.  Outnumbered, and deep in enemy territory, Geary must outsmart and outmaneuver the ruthless Syndic forces in order to get the fleet back to friendly territory.  Meticulous battle scenes will keep most readers glued to the pages.  This is the first book in the Lost Fleet series.

On Basilisk Station     On Basilisk Station    
David Weber
    SF Weber

The first installment in the famous Honor Harrington novels (modeled after Horatio Hornblower).  After Honor is given command of her first serious starship, the HMS Fearless, she is exiled to a backwater planet my scheming politicians.  However, this backwater soon becomes a focal point for an invasion by the diabolical Republic of Haven.  It's now up to Honor and her under-armed vessel to protect the planet.  This should appeal to fans of detailed military science fiction and naval high adventure.

The Clone Republic     The Clone Republic    
Steve L Kent
    SF Kent

In the far future The Unified Authority controls Earth's colonies with powerful military made up almost entirely of clones.  Private first-class Wayson Harris is one of these clone soldiers, except he has a mind of his own.  This difference makes him a better soldier, but being different in an army of clones creates plenty of enemies.

The Complete Hammer's Slammers, Volume 1     The Complete Hammer's Slammers, Volume 1    
David Drake
    SF Drake

These twenty-one stories are the first volume of a three part collection about a mercenary tank regiment in the future.  The solders of Hammer's Regiment are competent professionals similar to modern era soldiers.  Drake, a Vietnam veteran, models his characters after his own experiences serving in the 11th Armored Cavalry.

The Forever War     The Forever War    
Joe Haldeman
    SF Haldema

William Mandella is one of the first recruits in a war that has been fought for over 1,000 years.  While he spends months aboard faster-than-light ships hundreds of years go by on earth.  Each time Mandella returns home, Earth resembles the home he once knew even less.  Only to then return to a war that has become even more meaningless as time passes.  The Forever War was inspired by Haldeman's experiences during the Vietnam War.  This is science fiction that makes you think.

The Myriad: Tour of the Merrimack, vol. 1     The Myriad: Tour of the Merrimack, vol. 1    
R.M. Meluch
    SF Meluch

The U.S. space warship Merrimack wanders the stars engaging in battle with the all-devouring, semi-sentient Swarm.  After discovering a trio of planets that has been mysteriously bypassed by the Swarm the crew of the Merrimack must solve a number of mysteries.  Light-hearted and fast paced fun make this first book in the Tour of the Merrimack series a must read.