If You Liked Harry Potter

If You Liked Harry Potter

You may enjoy some of these other fantasy and magical tales for kids.

Children's Services Staff
100 Cupboards     100 Cupboards    
N. D. Wilson
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Wilson)
100 cupboards; bk. 1

After Henry and his cousin discover doors in their attic that lead to other worlds, they have to work together to save each other from the evil things on the other side of the doors.

Archer's Goon     Archer's Goon    
Diana Wynne Jones
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Jo)

After the Goon moves into the Sykes' house and refuses to budge, Howard learns startling information about his family.

Artemis Fowl     Artemis Fowl    
Eoin Colfer
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Colfer)
Artemis Fowl; 1

When a twelve-year-old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, the fairies fight back.

Beyond the Deepwoods     Beyond the Deepwoods    
Paul Stewart
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Stewart)
Edge chronicles; bk. 1

Thirteen-year-old Twig learns that he is adopted and travels out of his Deepwoods home to find the place where he belongs.

Ella Enchanted     Ella Enchanted    
Gail Carson Levine
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Le)

Poor Ella! She's been given a curse that forces her to obey every order given to her. How will she survive?

Fablehaven     Fablehaven    
Brandon Mull
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Mull)
Fablehaven; 1

Two children learn that their grandparents run a sanctuary for magical creatures, and they become involved in an approaching battle between good and evil.

Gregor the Overlander     Gregor the Overlander    
Suzanne Collins
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Co)
Underland chronicles; bk. 1

When eleven-year-old Gregor and his two-year-old sister are pulled into an underground world, they trigger an epic battle while on a quest foretold by ancient prophecy.

Half Magic     Half Magic    
Edward Eager
    (Juvenile Classics - J Eager)
Tales of magic; 1

Four children find a magical coin that grants exactly half of every wish.

Hatching Magic     Hatching Magic    
Ann Downer
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Downer)

When a thirteenth-century wizard confronts twenty-first century Boston while seeking his pet dragon, he is followed by a rival wizard and a very unhappy demon.

Inkheart     Inkheart    
Cornelia Funke
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Funke)
Inkheart trilogy; 1

Meggie's dad is kidnapped by a character in a book, and it's up to her to figure out how to save him from a fictional world.

Magyk     Magyk    
Angie Sage
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Sage)
Septimus Heap; bk. 1

After learning that she is the Princess, Jenna is whisked from her home and carried toward safety by the Extraordinary Wizard.

Midnight for Charlie Bone     Midnight for Charlie Bone    
Jimmy Nimmo
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Nimmo)
Children of the red king; bk. 1

After he starts hearing the thoughts of people in photographs, Charlie goes to a special school for children with magical gifts, where he becomes involved in solving the case of a missing classmate.

Over Sea, Under Stone     Over Sea, Under Stone    
Susan Cooper
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Cooper)
Dark is rising sequence; 1

Three children on vacation in Cornwall find an ancient manuscript which sends them on a dangerous quest that entraps them in the eternal battle between the forces of the Light and the Dark.

Peter and the Starcatchers     Peter and the Starcatchers    
David Barry and Ridley Pearson
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Ba)
Peter and the Starcatchers; 1

Soon after Peter, an orphan, sets sail from England on the ship Never Land, he befriends and assists Molly, a young Starcatcher, whose mission is to guard a trunk of magical stardust from a greedy pirate and the native inhabitants of a remote island.

So You Want to Be a Wizard     So You Want to Be a Wizard    
Diane Duane
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Du)
Young wizard series; 1

Nita, tormented by bullies, finds a library book on wizardry which guides her into another dimension.

The Akhenaten Adventure     The Akhenaten Adventure    
P. B. Kerr
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Ke)
Children of the lamp; bk. 1

When twelve-year-old twins Philippa and John discover that they are djinns, their mother sends them to their Uncle Nimrod, who can teach them about their extraordinary powers.

The Amulet of Samarkand     The Amulet of Samarkand    
Paul Stroud
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Stroud)
Bartimaeus trilogy; bk. 1

Nathaniel, a magician's apprentice, summons up the djinni Bartimaeus and instructs him to steal the Amulet of Samarkand from the powerful magician Simon Lovelace.

The Anybodies     The Anybodies    
N. E. Bode
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Bode)
Anybodies; bk. 1

After learning that she is not the biological daughter of boring Mr. and Mrs. Drudger, Fern embarks on magical adventures with her real father and finally finds "a place that feels like home."

The Book of Three     The Book of Three    
Alexander Lloyd
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Al)
Chronicles of Prydain

Taran, the assistant pig-keeper, journeys with a strange assortment of companions on a mission to save his beloved homeland, Prydain.

The Folk Keeper     The Folk Keeper    
Franny Billingsley
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Bi)

An orphan with a mysterious past, Corinna disguises herself as a boy to take on the dangerous job of Folk Keeper, one who keeps the Evil Folk at bay.

The Golden Compass     The Golden Compass    
Philip Pullman
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Pu)
His dark materials; bk. 1

Lyra must prevent her friend and others from becoming the subjects of experiments in the Far North.

The Lightning Thief     The Lightning Thief    
Rick Riordan
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Riordan)
Percy Jackson & the Olympians; bk. 1

Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson learns he is a demigod, the son of a mortal woman and Poseidon, god of the sea. His mother sends him to a summer camp for demigods where he and his new friends set out on a quest to prevent a war between the gods.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe     The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe    
C. S. Lewis
    (Juvenile Classics - J Lewis)
Chronicles of Narnia; 2

Four English schoolchildren find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia and assist Aslan, the golden lion, to triumph over the White Witch.

The Sea of Trolls     The Sea of Trolls    
Nancy Farmer
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Farmer)
Sea of trolls trilogy; 1

After a young apprentice and his sister are captured by Vikings, he goes on a quest to the land of the trolls.

The Secret of Platform 13     The Secret of Platform 13    
Eva Ibbotson
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Ibbotso)

Odge Gribble, a young hag, accompanies an old wizard, a gentle fey, and a giant ogre on a rescue mission through a magical tunnel from their Island to London.

The Witches     The Witches    
Roald Dahl
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Da)

A young boy and his grandmother, who is an expert on witches, attempt to foil a witches' plot to turn the world's children into mice.

The Wizard of Earthsea     The Wizard of Earthsea    
Ursula K. LeGuin
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Le)
Earthsea series; bk. 1

An apprentice wizard mistakenly unleashes an evil into the world, and a quest begins.

Wizard at Work     Wizard at Work    
Vivian Vande Velde
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Va)

A young wizard, who runs a school to teach wizards, looks forward to a quiet summer off but is drawn into adventures with princesses, unicorns, and ghosts instead.

Wizard's Hall     Wizard's Hall    
Jane Yolen
    (Juvenile Fiction - J Yo)

A young apprentice saves the wizards' training hall from an evil wizard.