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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - Wubbzy's Wubbtastic Adventures by

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - Wubbzy's Wubbtastic Adventures

Contains: Wubbzy Saves the Day; Escape from Dino Island; Wubbzy and the Fire Engine; and Pirate Treasure.

Apr 17, 2015
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - Wubbzy and His Besty Best Friends by

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - Wubbzy and His Besty Best Friends

Contains: A Tale of Tails; Wubb Idol; A Little Help from My Friends; and Fly Us to the Moon.

Apr 17, 2015
Woof by Quinn, Spencer.


There is trouble brewing in the Louisiana swamp - Bowser can smell it. Bowser is a very handsome and only slightly slobbery dog, and he can smell lots of things. Like bacon. And rawhide chews! And the sweat on humans when they're lying.

Apr 14, 2015
Wish You Well by

Wish You Well

A tragic accident forces twelve-year old Louisa Mae and her younger brother Oz to move from New York City to live with their great grandmother on a small farm in Virginia. Once Lou and Oz finally adjust to their new home, their family is threatened to be torn apart again when a coal company tries to steal their land. Now, Lou must team-up with lawyer Cotton Longfellow, to fight for their land, their home and their future.

Apr 16, 2015
Wild Kratts - Super Sprinters by

Wild Kratts - Super Sprinters

Chris and Martin think that cheetahs can travel faster than any other creature. Aviva and archenemy Zach Varmitech compete to build a ground racer that can run even faster than a cheetah. All that speed makes the Kratt brothers want to fly with the world's fastest animal, the Peregrine falcon, which can hit top speeds of 240 mph!

Apr 20, 2015
Wally! Come Down Right Now! by Lepp, Bil.

Wally! Come Down Right Now!

Parents' Choice Gold Award winner Bil Lepp creates a funny alum that is aimed at kids, but parent friendly as well. Listeners are sure to laugh at the exploits of Wally and his crew.

Apr 20, 2015
Turbo Fast Season 01 by

Turbo Fast Season 01

From DreamWorks, creators of the hit movie, comes the high-speed animated series that takes comedy, action and excitement to the extreme. Join the world's fastest snail and his Fast Action Stunt Team as they put their elite skills to the test against all-new opponents on and off the track. It's a Turbo-charged collection of heart-racing thrills.

Apr 20, 2015
Tron by


When a brilliant video game maker named Flynn hacks the mainframe of his ex-employer, he is beamed inside an astonishing digital world and becomes part of the very game he is designing. Bonus features include commentary, music, deleted scenes, and more.

Apr 17, 2015
Travel With Kids - Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora by

Travel With Kids - Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora

Tahiti French Polynesia: Travel to the South Pacific to explore French Polynesia and the island of Tahiti. Moorea Island French Polynesia: The island of Moorea is a slow paced island with just a few hundred people. Stay in a jungle lodge overlooking the waters of the South Pacific. Bora Bora: Stay in an over water bungalow with a glass floor on a motu while helping the local turtle population. Feed turtles, sting rays and sharks. Learn about the ancient Polynesian ways on board a sailing canoe.

Apr 17, 2015
Travel With Kids - South Africa by

Travel With Kids - South Africa

Experience the amazing thrill and wonder of an African Safari adventure with DSA Vacations. Travel to South Africa to learn about recent history in Soweto Township where the end of Apartheid began. Visit Nelson Mandela's home and a local school with friendly smiling faces. Head out for Safari at Madikwe Safari Lodge for an unforgettable experience in Africa up close with Elephants, Lions and Giraffes in the wild.

Apr 17, 2015
Travel With Kids - Belize by

Travel With Kids - Belize

Get into the caribbean vibe with a visit to Belize. This Central America country has it all; Caribbean coast, jungles, Mayan pyramids, underground rivers, snorkel and scuba. First the family takes in beach time in the island of Caye Caulker where dirt roads, pedal bikes and golf carts are the way to go. Dive with sting rays, learn about a local school, get fishing lessons and hang with locals.

Apr 17, 2015
The Worst Class Trip Ever by Barry, Dave.

The Worst Class Trip Ever

Wyatt, his best friend, Matt, and a few kids from Culver Middle School find themselves in a heap of trouble-not just with their teachers, who have long lost patience with them-but from several mysterious men they first meet on their flight to the nation's capital. In a fast-paced adventure with the monuments as a backdrop, the kids try to stay out of danger and out of the doghouse while trying to save the president from attack-or maybe not.

Apr 14, 2015
The Toy Story Collection by Disney Press.

The Toy Story Collection

All three Toy Story junior novelizations in one volume. Includes: Toy Story; Toy Story 2; and Toy Story 3.

Apr 14, 2015
The Only Game by Lupica, Mike.

The Only Game

Jack is the star of his baseball team and sixth grade is supposed to be his year. Undefeated. Records shattered. Little League World Series. That is, until he up and quits. Jack's best friend Gus can't understand how Jack could leave a game that means more to them than anything else. But Jack is done. It's a year of change. Jack's brother has passed away, and though his family and friends and the whole town of Walton thinks baseball is just the thing he needs to move on, Jack feels it's not.

Apr 14, 2015
The Monsters, Inc. Collection by Disney Press.

The Monsters, Inc. Collection

Includes two junior novelizations: Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University.

Apr 20, 2015
The Curse of the Buttons by Ylvisaker, Anne.

The Curse of the Buttons

When a steamboat arrives heralding the news that Iowa has been called up to represent the Union of the United States of America, Ike is beside himself with excitement. For months, the promise of war has enveloped small-town Keokuk like a grand game that everyone's in on - everyone but Ike, his swaybacked pony, and his best friend and checkers partner, Albirdie. Left behind with Mother and the aunts and girl cousins while the Button men march forth toward glory, Ike's fate is sealed.

Apr 20, 2015
The Beginners Bible by

The Beginners Bible

Based on the best-selling children's book and featuring full animation, original songs, and the theme song by Kathie Lee Gifford, the series is designed to give an overview of the Bible, based on the basic, simple stories found in all Bible versions. It is non-denominational and has been accepted by all major denominations and ministries because of its simplicity and warmth. Created to help share the most important lessons from the greatest stories ever told.

Apr 17, 2015
The Adventures of Pepper & Paula by

The Adventures of Pepper & Paula

Based on the true life adventures of Pistol Packin Paula and her dog, Pepper. Paula, a world champion gunslinger and the star of a live action wild west show, is on top of the world. When her world literally comes to a crash in the form of a horrible accident, it is up to her best friend, her dog Pepper, to save her.

Apr 16, 2015
The Adventures of Huck Finn by

The Adventures of Huck Finn

Based on the classic book by Mark Twain, comes the story of the renowned young rascal: Huckleberry Finn. When Huck sets out on an adventure down the Mississippi River, he comes across a runaway slave named Jim. Inviting him along on his journey, Huck and his new friend encounter an array of trouble when they are detoured by the King and Duke.

Apr 16, 2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Search for Splinter by

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Search for Splinter

A Mousers attack has separated the Turtles from their master! But they get more than they bargained for when their search for Splinter leads them to a building connected with their mutation.

Apr 20, 2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Pulverizer Power by

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Pulverizer Power

The Turtles encounter their very first fanboy, a teenager who dresses up in a costume to fight crime as: The Pulverizer! Then, The Pulverizer is back, and this time the Turtles actually want his help to battle Shredder and stop him before he creates a mutant army. Finally, Donnie's attempts to invent a cure for the mutated Pulverizer are interrupted when the lovesick teenager escapes and terrorizes April as Mutagen Man!

Apr 20, 2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Nyc Showdown by

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Nyc Showdown

Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey return to New York with one goal in mind: to destroy the Shredder once and for all. And this battle promises to be a fight to the finish!

Apr 20, 2015
Team Umizoomi - Umi Space Heroes! by

Team Umizoomi - Umi Space Heroes!

The team takes off on an outer space mission in this mini-movie! When The Trouble Makers break the moon into four pieces, Milli, Geo and Bot blast off in Umi Space Ship on an intergalactic adventure. Nothing can stop our Umi Space Heroes from saving the moon!

Apr 16, 2015
Tales From a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen by Russell, Rachel Renee.

Tales From a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen

Nikki's diary is up to the month of April, and springtime is sure to bring more wacky adventures with Nikki and her friends Chloe, Zoey, and Brandon.

Apr 14, 2015
Strange Magic Soundtrack by

Strange Magic Soundtrack

Popular songs from the past six decades help tell the tale of a colorful cast of goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their hilarious misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion.

Apr 20, 2015
Spongebob Movie, The - Sponge Out of Water by

Spongebob Movie, The - Sponge Out of Water

When pirate Burger Beard steals the secret recipe for the beloved Krabby Patties, SpongeBob and friends come ashore to bring back the missing formula. To succeed, they must team up with former rival, Plankton, but soon realize that to defeat a super-villain, they must unleash their inner superheroes.

Apr 20, 2015
Shine- Lullabies for Everyone by Selmo, Suzanne Jamieson.

Shine- Lullabies for Everyone

Suzanne Jamieson Selmo brings together fourteen classic lullabies pulled from the pop music spectrum, the Great American Songbook, and longstanding tradition. The whole family will find this music ideal for times of quietude.

Apr 20, 2015
Shaggy Dog Motion Picture Soundtrack by

Shaggy Dog Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Shaggy Dog returns to the big screen with a score from Alan Menkin and performances from the Baha Men, Akon, George Clinton, and more.

Apr 20, 2015
Science I Need to Know - Vertebrate, Invertebrate, Mammal, Insect by

Science I Need to Know - Vertebrate, Invertebrate, Mammal, Insect

This live-action program incorporates many research-based learning strategies proven to help young viewers learn and retain science vocabulary. The use of video footage, photographs, diagrams and colorful, animated graphics reinforce comprehension and retention. Kids will fully comprehend the terms 'vertebrate,' 'invertebrate,' 'mammal,' and 'insect.'

Apr 20, 2015
Run Wild, Run Free by

Run Wild, Run Free

A young autistic boy meets several new people and begins to open up.

Apr 20, 2015
Robin Hood - Mischief in Sherwood by

Robin Hood - Mischief in Sherwood

Join the legendary Robin Hood and his band of merry friends in the most imaginative retelling of a classic fairytale! In this extraordinary adventure filled with off-beat antics and non-stop fun, Robin Hood must use his charm and wit to hit his target and win the ongoing battle against Prince John. But when the infamous outlaw stirs up some trouble in Sherwood Forest, Maid Marion must teach the reckless Robin Hood what being a hero is all about!

Apr 16, 2015
Power Rangers super megaforce. The perfect storm by

Power Rangers super megaforce. The perfect storm

As the Power Rangers officially welcome Orion, the silver Ranger to the Super Megaforce team, Prince Vekar unleashes a new gang of attacking aliens. And when Orion discovers how to combine the power of every legendary sixth Ranger throughout history, he will unlock the awesome Super Mega Gold Mode.

Apr 17, 2015
Power Rangers Super Megaforce- Sky Strike by

Power Rangers Super Megaforce- Sky Strike

Power Rangers Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia, Jake, and Orion are in for the fight of their lives as they battle their greatest enemies yet - dimension-hopping Professor Cog, Prince Vekar's mighty Armada Megazord, Emperor Mavro and his Royal Guard, and Damaras, the most lethal warrior in the universe. And when Vrak returns, transformed and more powerful than ever, he will turn one of the Power Rangers' most trusted allies against them.

Apr 20, 2015
Pond, The- There's Something Funny in the Water by

Pond, The- There's Something Funny in the Water

Includes two episodes: Fear of Flying; and Garden Variety Problem. From the nationally syndicated radio show, brought to life through CGI animation.

Apr 16, 2015
Pond, The- Big Mouth Bass by

Pond, The- Big Mouth Bass

All the watery creatures feel that their neighbor, Big Mouth Bass, causes too much trouble. But when he disappears one day, Tony the Frog learns a valuable lesson about loving your neighbor as yourself.

Apr 16, 2015
Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures by Stiefvater, Maggie.

Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures

Pip is spending the summer with her aunt. At first it's all fun, games, and chatting until Fuzzles appear and start bursting into flames.

Apr 14, 2015
Pennies for Hitler by French, Jackie.

Pennies for Hitler

It's 1939, and for Georg, son of an English academic living in Germany, life is full of cream cakes and loving parents. It is also a time when his teacher measures the pupils' heads to see which of them have the most 'Aryan-shaped' heads. But when a university graduation ceremony turns into a pro-Nazi demonstration, Georg is smuggled out of Germany to war-torn London and then across enemy seas to Australia where he must forget his past and who he is in order to survive.

Apr 20, 2015
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Jurassic Pac by

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Jurassic Pac

The diabolical Dr. Buttocks clones an army of radio controlled 'rehistoric Pacasaursto to attack Pacworld. Only the primitive throwback 'PacCong' can stop the savage saurians, but who's gonna stop Pac Cong.

Apr 20, 2015
Nightmare Before Christmas by

Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas two-disc special edition is released in part with the new 3-D version of the film. Features unreleased demos by composer Danny Elfman and includes guest artists Fiona Apple, Fall Out Boy, and more.

Apr 20, 2015
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic- Cutie Mark Quests by

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic- Cutie Mark Quests

Each cutie mark is a unique symbol of what makes each pony special. Join Twilight Sparkle and her best friends as they use their special talents and the magic of friendship to keep Ponyland safe and fun!

Apr 20, 2015
Middle School Just My Rotten Luck by Patterson, James.

Middle School Just My Rotten Luck

Rafe heads back to the dreaded Hills Village Middle School, where he's now being forced to take 'special' classes. He also finds himself joining the school's football team, alongside his main tormenter, Miller the Killer! But Rafe has grand plans for a better year. First, he decides to start a super-secret art project that's sure to rock the school. Then, if Rafe manages to make a play to save his team, he might have to deal with something completely new: popularity.

Apr 14, 2015
Mean Margaret by Seidler, Tor.

Mean Margaret

Margaret is a mean, cranky human toddler from a family of nine. She is such a pain that her parents chuck her out, and she's on her own, grousing and grumping until two caring woodchucks, Phoebe and Fred, take Margaret in as their own. But despite their love, Margaret continues to wreak havoc. Soon the woodchucks are as beleaguered as Margaret's human parents were, but because love is more powerful than temper tantrums, they are determined to make it work.

Apr 14, 2015
Math word problems- test-taking strategies by

Math word problems- test-taking strategies

Apr 20, 2015
Marvel's the Avengers - Age of Ultron by Marvel Press.

Marvel's the Avengers - Age of Ultron

Things go very wrong when Tony Stark and Dr. Bruce Banner begin work on a global peacekeeping system, putting Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye - to the ultimate test. The evil Ultron threatens the fate of humankind, and it is up to the Avengers to stop his terrible plans. Uneasy friendships and unexpected action make for one exciting, epic adventure.

Apr 14, 2015
Lots & lots of trains songs for kids - sing-a-long train fun! by

Lots & lots of trains songs for kids - sing-a-long train fun!

"A fantastic musical DVD adventure featuring 22 sing-a-long songs from the world famous "Lots & Lots of Trains" DVD series for kids. Your children will be dancing and singing along to all the wonderful train songs performed by award-winning children's musician, James Coffey in this amazing hour-long video."--from container.

Apr 15, 2015
Looney Tunes Musical Masterpieces by

Looney Tunes Musical Masterpieces

Join the likes of Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Porky Pig in classics including Corny Concerto; What's Opera, Doc?; Rabbit Of Seville; and many more.

Apr 17, 2015
Littlest Pet Shop- Paws for Applause by

Littlest Pet Shop- Paws for Applause

Blythe Baxter and all her furry friends at the Littlest Pet Shop are back for more fashion and fun! Join the excitement as the pets plan to visit Blythe at fashion camp, go on a photo shoot for a magazine and more!

Apr 16, 2015
Little Women by Alcott, Louisa May.

Little Women

Follow the lives of four sisters as they pass from childhood to womanhood in this American classic. -- Based loosely on Louisa May Alcott's own upbringing, Little Women follows the lives of four sisters - Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March. Each girl has a vision of what their ideal future will bring, as most young do. Originally written as two volumes, the book was a great commercial success and is considered one of the most widely read American novels.

Apr 14, 2015
Little people. Easter sing-along by

Little people. Easter sing-along

Apr 14, 2015
Life at the Pond- The Rise & Fall of Tony the Frog by

Life at the Pond- The Rise & Fall of Tony the Frog

Tony the frog's paper route goes from a frog throwing papers from his bike, to a frog delivering from an F-18 fighter jet, to a frog in a giant building with his name on the outside. Tony's friends also learn the power of prayer and patience as they find they can't pull Tony out of this on wits alone.

Apr 16, 2015
Life at the Pond- The Little Things - Trust Starts Small by

Life at the Pond- The Little Things - Trust Starts Small

Floyd the turtle breaks toy after toy, not at all worried about the consequences. But when the creatures at The Pond get great jobs at the carnival, Floyd gets the job of sweeping up.

Apr 16, 2015
Life at the Pond- Alligator Hunter by

Life at the Pond- Alligator Hunter

When Methuselah the Alligator is trapped by an Australian hunter, his friends at The Pond scheme to steal him back. But when Methuselah prays for his captors, everybody discovers the power of love.

Apr 16, 2015
Kids & The Sacraments by

Kids & The Sacraments

Each segment includes explanations from Father Ken, interviews with kid's, on-screen storyboard Bible teaching, images from around the world, and field trips to explore where certain things like Baptism's water and the altar bread of Communion come from.

Apr 17, 2015
Honey by Weeks, Sarah.


Melody has lived in Royal, Indiana, for as long as she can remember. It's been just her and her father, and she's been okay with that. But then she overhears him calling someone Honey, and suddenly it feels like everyone in Royal has a secret. It's up to Melody and her best friend, Nick, to piece together the clues and discover why Honey is being hidden.

Apr 20, 2015
History I Need to Know - The Road to Revolution - Historic Boston by

History I Need to Know - The Road to Revolution - Historic Boston

In this program, young viewers will discover how certain events in historic Boston set the colonies on the road to revolution and independence. Paul Revere never really did proclaim 'The British are coming, the British are coming!' Kids will find out what he actually said, and so much more, in this engaging, information-packed program.

Apr 20, 2015
Happy wags by Wagner, Jesse.

Happy wags

Apr 15, 2015
Happily ever after. Robinita Hood - fairy tales for every child by

Happily ever after. Robinita Hood - fairy tales for every child

With the help of her faithful band of Merry Chicas, Robinita Hood saves her village from the evil Sheriff de Jamon in this salsa-filled classic.

Apr 15, 2015
Graceful by Mass, Wendy.


Angelina D'Angelo has left town to see the world. It's now Grace's turn to use her magic to protect the people of Willow Falls, and she is up to the challenge. This is her destiny, after all. But destiny is a funny thing - it doesn't always behave the way you'd expect it to.

Apr 14, 2015
Good egg by Leeds, Joanie, 1978- composer, performer.

Good egg

Apr 15, 2015
Geography I Need to Know - Locating Places on Maps and Globes by

Geography I Need to Know - Locating Places on Maps and Globes

Join geography enthusiast Seymour Terrain on an adventure to learn all about using maps and globes to locate even the most remote places on earth. Using colorful graphics and animation, viewers will come to understand the uses of map grids and the compass rose. They will further grasp how to locate any place on earth using longitude, latitude, coordinates, degrees, minutes, seconds, and time zones. The concise information is delivered in a step-by-step process sure to hone their map skills.

Apr 20, 2015
Franklin and Friends - Super Hero Pack by

Franklin and Friends - Super Hero Pack

Join these super friends as they investigate the mysterious Berry Bogie with the Super Cluepers, go on a adventurous treasure hunt, and navigate their way through the arctic with a husky Polar Bear Ranger. With teamwork and dedication, nothing can stop these super friends!

Apr 17, 2015
Frankenweenie Score by Elfman, Danny.

Frankenweenie Score

From creative genius Tim Burton comes Frankenweenie, a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. Music for the movie is scored by Grammy winning Danny Elfman.

Apr 20, 2015
Finding Nemo by Disney Press.

Finding Nemo

Join Marlin, a brave clownfish, who must embark on an amazing journey across the ocean to find his son, Nemo. Along the way he meets a friendly but forgetful regal blue tang fish named Dory, vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish, hungry seagulls, and many others.

Apr 20, 2015
Dora the Explorer Dora Saves Fairytale Land by

Dora the Explorer Dora Saves Fairytale Land

Fairytale Land is in trouble, and only magic water from Sparkling Lake can save it! Help Dora and Boots journey deep into the Never-to-be-Seen-Again Forest to bring magic back to Fairytale Land!

Apr 20, 2015
Disney's Karaoke - Little Mermaid by

Disney's Karaoke - Little Mermaid

Features 16 tracks total, eight with vocals and eight without. This karaoke album includes a lyric book and contains tracks from Ariel's friends Pocahontas, Esmeralda, and Belle.

Apr 20, 2015
Disney Channel Hits- Take 1 by

Disney Channel Hits- Take 1

Apr 20, 2015
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood by

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Daniel and his family love spending time outside in their neighborhood. Daniel learns about swimming safely at the beach and visits the Enchanted Garden to pick strawberries. When a windstorm makes a mess of the neighborhood playground, Daniel and his friends work together to clean up. So, let's make the most of a beautiful day in Daniel's neighborhood!

Apr 14, 2015
Count on Elmo by

Count on Elmo

Elmo, Grover, Abby, and Cookie secretly nominate Count von Count as the World's Greatest Counter. When the Nobel Counting Prize committee arrives to give him the prestigious award, the Count is nowhere to be found. His friends step in and do their best Count impression, but can they save the day?

Apr 20, 2015
Common Core Kindergarten Mathematics - Counting to 100 by

Common Core Kindergarten Mathematics - Counting to 100

Common Core Mathematics is a set of high-quality, nationally-accepted, academic standards in math. These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. This program covers several key mathematical concepts that a kindergarten student should grasp before entering first grade.

Apr 16, 2015
Cinderella Soundtrack by

Cinderella Soundtrack

Rediscover the memorable music of this timeless Disney classic. This beautiful collector's edition features the original soundtrack plus tracks not included in previous releases. Enjoy 24 tracks of one of Disney's most revered Princesses.

Apr 20, 2015
Cinderella by Doyle, Patrick, 1953-


Apr 15, 2015
Cinderella by Disney Press.


In 1950, Walt Disney Studios released the classic film about a kind and wishful servant girl who is swept away from the harsh lifestyle of a bleak home to a life of royalty and true love. This junior novelization of the live-action re-imagining of this timeless tale is sure to delight fans both old and new.

Apr 14, 2015
Cheetah Girls- One World Soundtrack by Cheetah Girls.

Cheetah Girls- One World Soundtrack

America's favorite three girls are back with a follow-up to their victorious The Cheetah Girls 2 Disney original movie.

Apr 20, 2015
Cars by


Hotshot rookie race car Lightning McQueen is living life in the fast lane until he is stranded in Radiator Springs, a town on old Route 66. He meets a variety of quirky characters who help him discover that there's more to life than trophies and fame.

Apr 17, 2015
Calling all the elephants by Randy & Dave (Musical group)

Calling all the elephants

Randy and Dave deliver a stampede of clever and cheeky songs that are laugh-out-loud funny. Their arrangements are rhythmic with rock and country influences. The songs are about real situations that kids encounter every day.

Apr 17, 2015
Caillou Caillou's Can Do Collection! by

Caillou Caillou's Can Do Collection!

Join Caillou as he takes on life's small challenges! Caillou and his friends help clean up the schoolyard after a big storm creates a huge mess, then Caillou discovers he's gotten much stronger by eating right and exercising after he's able to lift up a bike in Caillou the Sports Star. And only Caillou can help a cranky baby Rosie fall asleep when he tells her a very imaginative bedtime story.

Apr 17, 2015
Caillou Caillou Helps Out by

Caillou Caillou Helps Out

Caillou loves to help out! From helping his dad make pizza to learning the importance of tidying up the classroom, Caillou realizes that lending a hand and working together makes everything easier and more fun! DVD features seven inspiring stories including 'Emma's Extra Snack' where Caillou learns that while his friend Emma has diabetes, it doesn't stop her from participating in all her favorite activities!

Apr 20, 2015
Build It Back Again by Jonas, Billy.

Build It Back Again

Billy Jonas and his band create thirteen funky family folk songs that aim to honor and empower creativity, intelligence, and desire to learn in young listeners. The songs embrace such themes as challenge, failure, and success.

Apr 20, 2015
Bubble Guppies - The Puppy and the Ring! by

Bubble Guppies - The Puppy and the Ring!

In this mythical land of secrets and sorcery, the magical Ring of the Sun has always kept night and day in perfect balance. But when the evil Night Wizard takes the Ring from the benevolent Sun King, Bubbledom could be thrown into darkness; forever! Join two hapless villagers, Molly and Gil, as they accompany their puppy on an epic quest. Will our heroes return the Ring of the Sun to its rightful owner by sundown, or will it be 'night-night' for everyone until the end of time?

Apr 16, 2015
Boom Snot Twitty This Way That Way by

Boom Snot Twitty This Way That Way

The perfect spot is this way! says Boom. The perfect spot is that way! tweets Twitty. Snot is smartly silent. How will these three friends decide which way to go to find the perfect spot?

Apr 20, 2015
Billy and Goat at the State Fair by

Billy and Goat at the State Fair

Billy and Goat are best friends, but they have different styles. Billy likes to smellthe roses; Goat likes to eat them! So it's no surprise that they have different ideasof how to enjoy the state fair. For Billy, the crowds and the noise are prettyintimidating. He's happy to wait in the livestock pens until the best-goat contestbegins. But Goat's not one to sit when he could run.

Apr 20, 2015
Big Hero 6 by Jackman, Henry (Henry Pryce), composer.

Big Hero 6

Apr 15, 2015
Benno and the night of broken glass. by

Benno and the night of broken glass.

A neighborhood cat observes the changes in German and Jewish families in Berlin during the period leading up to Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. This cat's-eye view introduces the Holocaust to children in a gentle way that can open discussion of this period.

Apr 17, 2015
Beauty & The Beast Broadway Musical Soundtrack by

Beauty & The Beast Broadway Musical Soundtrack

Walt Disney Studios' smash animated hit comes to the Broadway stage with many of the film's classic songs, including Be Our Guest.

Apr 20, 2015
Bark ranger by

Bark ranger

Two kids and their trusty dog, Barkley, stumble across a treasure map while playing in an abandoned ranger station. They set out on the adventure of a lifetime in search of a forgotten gold mine. But things take a turn for the worst when they come across a pair of bumbling crooks hiding out from the police.

Apr 17, 2015
Back to the Jurassic by

Back to the Jurassic

Three kids journey back in time to 65 million years ago, where they are taken in by a dinosaur.

Apr 16, 2015
Animal Tales by Wilde & Mr. Clarke.

Animal Tales

The Parents Choice Gold Award winning duo of Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke bring their imaginative songwriting and distinctive harmonic sound to a new collection of zoological story songs.

Apr 20, 2015
A Princess Collection by Disney Press.

A Princess Collection

Includes tales of four Disney Princesses all in one volume!

Apr 20, 2015
5 Ways to Respectfully Disagree by

5 Ways to Respectfully Disagree

Whether with friends, siblings, classmates, or adults, sometimes when people disagree they can feel angry or frustrated, and the disagreement can turn ugly and hurtful very quickly. The program demonstrates true-to-life, age appropriate scenarios and five proven ways to disagree and be respectful: Stay calm, don't make it personal, be considerate of others' feelings and ideas, and communicate by using I-statements and good listening skills.

Apr 20, 2015