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Your first year in network marketing by Yarnell, Mark

Your first year in network marketing

Sep 30, 2014
Young elites by Lu, Marie

Young elites

Sep 30, 2014
Windigo Island by Krueger, William Kent

Windigo Island

Sep 25, 2014
Wheat belly total health - the ultimate grain-free health and weight loss life plan by Davis, William, 1957- author.

Wheat belly total health - the ultimate grain-free health and weight loss life plan

What's next in the battle against wheat? In his follow-up to the mega bestseller Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis helps his readers take command of their lives and health in the aftermath of wheat. There are many strategies that will help heal the damage caused by years of a wheat-filled diet, and many of these lessons have been learned in the years following Wheat Belly's original release--lessons played out on a broad public stage with over one million readers, all participating in this grand adventure.

Sep 24, 2014
Weapons of self destruction by Williams, Robin, 1951-2014.

Weapons of self destruction

Sep 30, 2014
Wait for signs by Johnson, Craig

Wait for signs

Sep 30, 2014
Under the knife by Gerritsen, Tess, author.

Under the knife

For David Ransom, it begins as an open-and-shut case. Malpractice. As attorney for a grieving family, he's determined to hang a negligent doctor. Then Dr. Kate Chesne storms into his office, daring him to seek out the truth--that she's being framed. First, it was Kate's career that was in jeopardy. Then, when another body is discovered, David begins to believe her. Suddenly, it's much more. Somewhere in the Honolulu hospital, a killer walks freely among patients and staff.

Sep 29, 2014
Trouble with honor by London, Julia

Trouble with honor

Sep 30, 2014
Too good to leave, too bad to stay a step-by-step guide to help you decide whether to stay in or get out of your relationship by Kirshenbaum, Mira.

Too good to leave, too bad to stay a step-by-step guide to help you decide whether to stay in or get out of your relationship

Drawing on years of research and work with real-life couples, psychotherapist Mira Kirshenbaum offers a thought-provoking method to gauge the potential success of relationships. Here, listeners will learn how to diagnose their individual circumstances and decide on whether to commit or break-up.

Sep 24, 2014
To rise again at a decent hour - a novel by Ferris, Joshua.

To rise again at a decent hour - a novel

Paul O'Rourke is a Manhattan dentist with a thriving practice leading a quiet, routine-driven life. Then one day someone begins to impersonate Paul online, and he watches in horror as a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account are created in his name. His biggest fear is that the online 'Paul' might be a better version of the real thing. As Paul's quest to learn why his identity has been stolen deepens, he is forced to confront his troubled past and his uncertain future.

Sep 30, 2014
Through the deep waters by Sawyer, Kim Vogel

Through the deep waters

Sep 30, 2014
The witch with no name by Harrison, Kim, 1966-

The witch with no name

Power demands responsibility, and world-changers must always pay a price. Rachel has known that this day would come?and now it is here. To save Ivy's soul and the rest of the living vampires, to keep the demonic ever after and the world from destruction, Rachel Morgan will risk everything.

Sep 24, 2014
The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender by Walton, Leslye J. (Leslye Jo Anne)

The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender

"Generations of the Roux family have learned this lesson the hard way. Foolish love appears to be the family birthright, in fact, which casts an ominous fate for its most recent progeny: twins Ava and Henry Lavender. Henry is mute for much of his young life, and Ava -- in all other ways a normal girl -- is born with the wings of a bird. In a quest to understand her peculiar disposition and a growing desire to fit in with her peers, sixteen-year-old Ava delves into her family's past and ventures

Sep 30, 2014
The plover by Doyle, Brian, 1956 November 6-

The plover

Declan has sailed out of Oregon and deep into the vast ocean, having finally had enough of other people and their problems. He will go it alone, and he will be beholden to and beloved of no one. But he soon acquires a string of odd, entertaining, and dangerous passengers, who become companions of every sort and stripe. Hounded by a mysterious enemy, reluctantly gaining one new guest after another, Declan's lonely boat is eventually crammed with humor, argument, tension, and a resident seagull.

Sep 30, 2014
The perfect witness by Johansen, Iris.

The perfect witness

She had the perfect life, the perfect cover. She was the perfect witness. Until they found her. She is a woman with a photographic memory who has lived her life in the Witness Protection Program. What she once saw put her entire family in jeopardy and now, years later, her cover is blown. She's on the run, and the lives of those she holds dear hang in the balance.

Sep 30, 2014
The Painter - A Novel by Heller, Peter, 1959- author.

The Painter - A Novel

Jim Stegner has seen his share of violence and loss. Years ago he shot a man in a bar. His marriage disintegrated. In the wake of tragedy, Jim abandoned the art scene of Santa Fe to start fresh in the valleys of rural Colorado. Now he spends his days painting and fly-fishing, trying to find a way to live with the dark impulses that sometimes overtake him. But one afternoon, on a dirt road, Jim comes across a man beating a small horse, and a brutal encounter rips his quiet life wide open.

Sep 25, 2014
The master of disguise my secret life in the CIA by Mendez, Antonio J.

The master of disguise my secret life in the CIA

From the author of Argo comes an unforgettable behind-the-scenes story of espionage in action. In the first ever memoir by a top-level operative to be authorized by the CIA, Antonio J. Mendez reveals the cunning tricks and insights that helped save hundreds from deadly situations.

Sep 30, 2014
The Marco Effect - A Department Q Novel by Adler-Olsen, Jussi, author.

The Marco Effect - A Department Q Novel

"The New York Times and internationally bestselling author returns with an astonishing and sinister case for Department Q All fifteen-year-old Marco Jameson wants is to become a Danish citizen and go to school like a normal teenager. But his uncle Zola rules his former gypsy clan with an iron fist. Revered as a god and feared as a devil, Zola forces the children of the clan to beg and steal for his personal gain. When Marco discovers a dead body-proving the true extent of Zola's criminal activit

Sep 25, 2014
The lost key by Coulter, Catherine.

The lost key

"Freshly minted FBI agent Nicholas Drummond is barely out of his Quantico training when he and his partner, Mike Caine, are called to investigate a stabbing on Wall Street. Their investigation, however, yields more questions than answers. It quickly becomes clear that the victim, John Pearce, was more than the naval historian and antiquities dealer he appeared to be. What Drummond doesn't know is that buying and selling rare books was Pearce's cover, and that he had devoted his life to discoveri

Sep 26, 2014
The leopard by Nesbø, Jo, 1960-

The leopard

In the depths of winter, a killer stalks the city streets. His victims are two young women, both found with inexplicable puncture wounds. The police are running out of options. Deeply traumatised by a previous investigation, Inspector Harry Hole has lost himself in the squalor of Hong Kong's opium dens. But with his father seriously ill, Harry reluctantly agrees to return to Oslo. He has no intention of working on the case, but his instinct takes over when an MP is found brutally murdered. The v

Sep 30, 2014