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On his own terms by Smith, Richard Nelson

On his own terms

Aug 26, 2015
Novel habits of happiness by Smith, Alexander McCall

Novel habits of happiness

Aug 30, 2015
No such person by Cooney, Caroline B.

No such person

Aug 30, 2015
N is for noose by Grafton, Sue

N is for noose

Aug 26, 2015
My struggle. Book two, A man in love by Knausgård, Karl Ove, 1968-

My struggle. Book two, A man in love

Having left his first wife, Karl Ove Knausgaard moves to Stockholm, Sweden, where he leads a solitary existence. He strikes up a deep friendship with another exiled Norwegian, a Nietzschean intellectual and boxing fanatic named Geir. He also tracks down Linda, whom he met at a writers' workshop a few years earlier and who fascinated him deeply.

Aug 30, 2015
Midwife of Hope River by Harman, Patricia

Midwife of Hope River

Aug 26, 2015
Lunch with Buddha by Merullo, Roland

Lunch with Buddha

Aug 25, 2015
Lunch with Buddha - a novel by Merullo, Roland author

Lunch with Buddha - a novel

A novel about family, open-minded spirituality, and the American road, Lunch with Buddha accompanies the characters from Breakfast with Buddha as they move further along the path toward lasting peace of mind. Facing one of life's greatest emotional challenges, Otto Ringling takes comfort in a loving family and offbeat lessons from the eccentric spiritual teacher Volya Rinpoche.

Aug 30, 2015
Longing by Balogh, Mary.


The illegitimate daughter of an English lord, Sian Jones abandoned her heritage to live in a stalwart coal mining community in South Wales. Empowered by their cause, she's engaged to be married to the leader of a revolutionary movement that is bracing itself against the tyranny of English mine owners. But Sian's principles are unexpectedly shaken when she accepts a job as governess under Alexander Hyatt, the mysterious Marquess of Craille, the oppressive symbol of everything she has come to resi

Aug 30, 2015
Late eclipses - an October Daye novel by McGuire, Seanan author

Late eclipses - an October Daye novel

Toby learns that an old friend is in dire trouble. Lily, Lady of the Tea Gardens, has been struck down by a mysterious, seemingly impossible illness, leaving her fiefdom undefended. Struggling to find a way to save Lily and her subjects, Toby must confront her own past as an enemy she thought was gone forever raises her head once more.

Aug 30, 2015
Last time I saw her by Robards, Karen

Last time I saw her

Aug 26, 2015
Lair of dreams by Bray, Libba

Lair of dreams

Aug 26, 2015
Junkyard dogs by Johnson, Craig

Junkyard dogs

Aug 26, 2015
In the dark places - an Inspector Banks novel by Robinson, Peter, 1950- author.

In the dark places - an Inspector Banks novel

It's a double mystery: Two young men have vanished, and the investigation leads to two troubling clues in two different locations, a scorched van and a peculiar bloodstain in an abandoned airport hangar. As Banks and his team scramble for answers, the inquiry takes an even darker turn when a truck careens off an icy road in a freak hailstorm. In the wreckage, rescuers find the driver, who was killed on impact, as well as another body, a body that was dead well before the crash. Snow falls. The b

Aug 27, 2015
In seconds by Novak, Brenda.

In seconds

Laurel Hodges has changed her identity twice. She's been on the run for the past four years, trying to out-distance the gang members who blame her for the death of one of their own. She's finally found peace and stability in the small town of Pineview, Montana. But just when Laurel thinks she and her children are safe, the nightmare starts all over again.

Aug 27, 2015
In close by Novak, Brenda.

In close

Claire O'Toole's mother, Alana, went missing fifteen years ago. That was the big news in Pineview, Montana, the kind of town where nothing much ever happens. Then, last year, Claire's husband, David, died in a freak accident after launching his own investigation into Alana's disappearance. Is Alana dead? Or did she simply abandon her husband and daughters?

Aug 27, 2015
Hope Harbor - a novel by Hannon, Irene.

Hope Harbor - a novel

When vacationing nonprofit CEO Michael Hunter accidentally knocks cranberry farmer Tracy Campbell off her bicycle, a friendship blossoms--and soon Tracy recruits him to save a town charity. They make a great team, but they agree romance is not on the agenda. But in Hope Harbor, Oregon, love and hope bloom--and hearts heal.

Aug 30, 2015
Heart goes last by Atwood, Margaret

Heart goes last

Aug 26, 2015
Golden age by Smiley, Jane

Golden age

Aug 30, 2015
Georges and the jewels by Smiley, Jane

Georges and the jewels

Aug 30, 2015