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Zone of interest by Amis, Martin

Zone of interest

Dec 17, 2014
Zero to one notes on startups, or how to build the future by Thiel, Peter A.

Zero to one notes on startups, or how to build the future

Silicon Valley legend Peter Thiel's vision for building the companies of the future.

Dec 18, 2014
Zero to one by Thiel, Peter

Zero to one

Dec 14, 2014
Working stiff by Melinek, Judy

Working stiff

Dec 18, 2014
Wizard of Earthsea by LeGuin, Ursula K.

Wizard of Earthsea

Dec 18, 2014
Winterkill by Box, C. J.


Dec 18, 2014
When lightning strikes [a Whiskey Creek novel] by Novak, Brenda.

When lightning strikes [a Whiskey Creek novel]

"Gail DeMarco left Whiskey Creek, California, to make a name for herself in Los Angeles. Her PR firm has accumulated a roster of A-list clients, including the biggest box office hit of all--sexy and unpredictable Simon O'Neal. But Simon, who's just been through a turbulent divorce, is so busy self-destructing he won't listen to anything she says. She drops him from her list--and he retaliates by taking the rest of her clients with him. Desperate to save her company, Gail has to humble herself b

Dec 18, 2014
Unruly places by Bonnett, Alastair

Unruly places

Dec 18, 2014
Undeniable evolution and the science of creation by Nye, Bill.

Undeniable evolution and the science of creation

Sparked by the a provocative comment to last fall, and fueled by a highly controversial debate with Creation Museum curator Ken Ham, Bill Nye's campaign to confront the scientific shortcoming of creationism has exploded in just a few months into a national crusade. In this book, he expands the points he has made, and claims that this debate is not so much about religion versus science, as about the nature of science itself.

Dec 18, 2014
True love by Lopez, Jennifer, 1970- author, narrator.

True love

One of the most influential Latina performers in history opens up about her life's most defining period, two years during which it took everything she had to rise above the greatest challenges she had ever faced.

Dec 18, 2014
Tombs of Atuan by LeGuin, Ursula K.

Tombs of Atuan

Dec 18, 2014
Tom Clancy full force and effect by Greaney, Mark.

Tom Clancy full force and effect

A North Korean ICBM crashes into the Sea of Japan. A veteran CIA officer is murdered in Ho Chi Minh City, and a package of forged documents goes missing. The pieces are there, but assembling the puzzle will cost Jack Ryan, Jr. and his fellow Campus agents precious time. Time they don't have.

Dec 18, 2014
Tom Clancy full force and effect by Clancy, Tom, 1947-2013. creator.

Tom Clancy full force and effect

Dec 14, 2014
To everything a season by Snelling, Lauraine.

To everything a season

Miriam Francini is determined not to let anything get in the way of her plans to leave Blessing, North Dakota, and become an accredited nurse--even love.

Dec 15, 2014
This shattered world by Kaufman, Amie

This shattered world

Dec 18, 2014
The two swords by Salvatore, R. A., 1959- author.

The two swords

The third and final book in the Hunter's Blade trilogy from R. A. Salvatore, which once again features the popular dark elf character Drizzt Do'Urden.

Dec 17, 2014
The peripheral by Gibson, William, 1948-

The peripheral

Provided by publisher.

Dec 18, 2014
The mistletoe promise by Evans, Richard Paul.

The mistletoe promise

Alone and distrustful after a bitter divorce, Elise surprises herself by accepting a proposition from a man who lives in her building that they pretend to be a couple for the weeks preceding the Christmas holiday.

Dec 17, 2014
The lone drow by Salvatore, R. A., 1959- author.

The lone drow

Alone on the battlefield. Surrounded by death. Cornered by enemies. And ready to die. Drizzt Do2Urden has become the Hunter, the bane of the orc hordes still ravaging the North. Cut off, alone, convinced that everything he ever valued has been destroyed, all that2s left is to kill, and kill, and kill, until there are no enemies left. But there are a lot of enemies, and even the Hunter is just one lone drow.

Dec 17, 2014
The Handsome Man's Deluxe Café by McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-

The Handsome Man's Deluxe Café

Mma Ramotswe has her hands full both at home and in the office. To add to her current challenges, her devoted partner, Grace Makutsi, has decided to branch out on her own and open The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe. But even "Miss 97 Per Cent" can't quite meet all the demands of running a business-not to mention those that a lightning strike makes on her building. Eventually, she'll have to accept all the help she can get-even if it comes from a completely unexpected source.

Dec 17, 2014