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By love unveiled by Martin, Deborah, 1958-

By love unveiled

Lady Marianne Winchilsea, who is fleeing from those who believe she was involved in a plot to kill the king, is unwilling to trust anyone, especially Garret Lockwood, the Earl of Falkham, the man who usurped her family home.

Dec 16, 2014
By arrangement by Hunter, Madeline.

By arrangement

When she is punished for a romantic indiscretion by a betrothal to a wealthy merchant, Lady Christiana Fitzwaryn finds herself reluctantly drawn to her fiancT, David de Abyndon, a lordly man whose secret deal with the king for Christiana's hand in marriage could destroy their budding relationship.

Dec 16, 2014
Gabriel's bride by Lillard, Amy, author.

Gabriel's bride

Rachel Yoder hopes that she will one day know real love in her marriage of convenience to widower Gabriel Fisher, but she finds her efforts impeded by Gabriel's six children who have rebelled against her.

Dec 16, 2014
Gabriel's Atonement by McDonough, Vickie

Gabriel's Atonement

Dec 16, 2014
Girlfriend in a Coma by Coupland, Douglas

Girlfriend in a Coma

Dec 16, 2014
Girl Before a Mirror by Palmer, Liza

Girl Before a Mirror

Dec 16, 2014
The gentleman jewel thief by Peterson, Jessica, author.

The gentleman jewel thief

Notorious rake Lord William Townshend, Earl of Harclay, meets his match in Lady Violet Rutledge when he attempts to steal the Hope diamond, which she has borrowed from its owner, from around her neck.

Dec 16, 2014
Garden spells by Allen, Sarah Addison.

Garden spells

A successful caterer in Bascomb, North Carolina, Claire has always remained tied to the legacy of the Waverly family, until her peaceful life is transformed by Tyler Hughes, an art teacher and new next-door neighbor, and by the return of her prodigal sister, Sydney.

Dec 16, 2014
Glow - a novel by Beauman, Ned.

Glow - a novel

"From one of England's most accomplished young writers: a taut, riveting, compulsively readable novel in which a young man (with a bizarre sleep disorder) uncovers the connections between foxes behaving oddly in London, Burmese people going missing, and glow, the newest recreational drug. South London, May 2010: twenty-two-year-old Raf spends his days looking after Rose, a bull terrier who guards the transmitters for a pirate radio station, and his nights at raves in dingy warehouses and launde

Dec 16, 2014
Full Tilt by Mofina, Rick

Full Tilt

Dec 16, 2014
An heiress for all seasons - a debutante files Christmas novella by Jordan, Sophie, author.

An heiress for all seasons - a debutante files Christmas novella

Dec 16, 2014
The Grown Ups by Antalek, Robin

The Grown Ups

Dec 16, 2014
Black River by Hulse, S. M.

Black River

A former prison guard and talented fiddler returns to his Montana hometown to bury his wife and confront an inmate who, twenty years earlier, held him hostage during a prison riot.

Dec 16, 2014
Black Diamond by Mda, Zakes

Black Diamond

Dec 16, 2014
The big finish by Hall, James W. (James Wilson), 1947-

The big finish

"A year ago Thorn's son, Flynn Moss, disappeared into the eco-underground, his only contact with Thorn a series of postcards chronicling his exploits. But a postcard arrives unlike the others, a call for help, Thorn jumps into action, setting off for North Carolina. But before Thorn arrives, he's intercepted by a federal agent who informs him he's too late--Flynn had been acting as an informant for the FBI, and when his traitorous acts were discovered, he was summarily executed. The agent propo

Dec 16, 2014
Beyond all dreams by Camden, Elizabeth, 1948-

Beyond all dreams

"In 1897 Washington, D.C., Anna O'Brien, a librarian at the Library of Congress, assists charismatic young congressman Luke Callahan, but the more political secrets they uncover the more their growing trust is strained"--

Dec 16, 2014
The beekeeper's son by Irvin, Kelly.

The beekeeper's son

"A strange, mystical place allows Deborah and Phineas to see themselves and others with new eyes. When Deborah Lantz arrives in Bee County, Texas, she expects to find a great oasis of citrus groves and olive trees. Instead, she finds a tiny Amish district struggling to make ends meet on a barren, drought-stricken land. Deborah longs to go home to the lush, green countryside of Tennessee, but she wants her mother, a widow with six children, to be happy again. Even if that means accepting Stephe

Dec 16, 2014
A bad character - a novel by Kapoor, Deepti.

A bad character - a novel

"The story of a twenty-year-old girl in New Delhi caught up in a dangerous love affair"--

Dec 16, 2014
Back to Before by Solheim, Tracy

Back to Before

Dec 16, 2014
Assassin's creed. Unity by Bowden, Oliver.

Assassin's creed. Unity

Arno and E´lise are drawn into the centuries-old battle between the Assassins and the Templars amid the chaotic events of the 1789 French Revolution.

Dec 16, 2014