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Forged in Desire by Jackson, Brenda Forged in Desire

Dec 9, 2016
Four weddings and a sixpence - an anthology by Quinn, Julia/ Boyle, Elizabeth/ Sloane, Stefanie/ Guhrke, Laura Lee Four weddings and a sixpence - an anthology

Four friends from Mrs. Rochambeauxs Gentle School for Girls find an old sixpence in their bedchamber and decide that it will be the lucky coin for each of their weddings.

Dec 3, 2016
Freebird by Raymond, Jon Freebird

Dec 3, 2016
French Rhapsody by Laurain, Antoine/ Boyce, Emily (TRN)/ Aitken, Jane (TRN) French Rhapsody

Dec 9, 2016
French Twist - A Detective Luc Moncrief Mystery by Patterson, James/ Dilallo, Richard (CON) French Twist - A Detective Luc Moncrief Mystery

Dec 9, 2016
Go tell it on the mountain by Baldwin, James, 1924-1987. Go tell it on the mountain

Follows the difficult passage of the son of an angry storefront preacher and a stoically courageous mother to manhood amid the family's past from Deep South to Depression-era Harlem. Partially autobiographical.

Dec 6, 2016
Good for nothing by Graham, Brandon (Brandon S.), author. Good for nothing

"In Flip Mellis's recent past he had, by his own assessment, his feet planted squarely on terra firma. As a husband and father he was a consistent breadwinner. As a business professional, he was a go-getter. For twenty years he did all that was expected of him, if not much more. But a job loss in his middle years, in the midst of a national economic crisis, knocked Flip squarely on his big, soft ass where he has been wallowing for nearly a year. Over the course of one hectic week, replete with a

Dec 3, 2016
Her every fear - a novel by Swanson, Peter, 1968- author. Her every fear - a novel

A woman prone to panic attacks in the aftermath of a violent kidnapping relocates to a cousin's home in Boston, where a neighbor's murder embroils her in speculation about her cousin's nature and the intentions of an appealing stranger.

Dec 3, 2016
Hey Harry, hey Matilda - a novel by Hulin, Rachel, author. Hey Harry, hey Matilda - a novel

"A brilliant, hilarious, endlessly inventive debut, Hey Harry, Hey Matilda is the story--told entirely in emails--of fraternal twins Harry and Matilda Goodman as they fumble into adulthood, telling lies and keeping secrets, and finally confronting their complicated twin-ship"--

Dec 3, 2016
History of a pleasure seeker - a novel by Mason, Richard, 1978- History of a pleasure seeker - a novel

This opulent, romantic coming-of-age drama set at the height of Europe's belle e´poque, is about a young man - Piet Barol - with an instinctive appreciation for pleasure and a gift for finding it. Piet applies for a job as tutor to the troubled son of Europe's leading hotelier: a child who refuses to leave his family's mansion on Amsterdam's grandest canal. As the young man enters this glittering world, he learns its secrets - and soon finds his life transformed.

Dec 3, 2016
History of wolves - a novel by Fridlund, Emily, author. History of wolves - a novel

""So delicately calibrated and precisely beautiful that one might not immediately sense the sledgehammer of pain building inside this book. And I mean that in the best way. What powerful tension and depth this provides!"-Aimee Bender. Fourteen-year-old Linda lives with her parents in the beautiful, austere woods of northern Minnesota, where their nearly abandoned commune stands as a last vestige of a lost counter-culture world. Isolated at home and an outlander at school, Linda is drawn to the

Dec 3, 2016
Homesick for another world - stories by Moshfegh, Ottessa, author. Homesick for another world - stories

"An electrifying first collection from one of the most exciting short story writers of our time Ottessa Moshfegh's debut novel Eileen was one of the literary events of 2015. Garlanded with critical acclaim, it was named a book of the year byThe Washington Postand theSan Francisco Chronicle, nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award, short-listed for the Man Booker Prize, and won the PEN/Hemingway Award for debut fiction. But as many critics noted, Moshfegh is particularly held in awe

Dec 3, 2016
How to train your Highlander by English, Christy, author. How to train your Highlander

Wild Highlander Mary Elizabeth Waters is living on borrowed time. She's managed to dodge the marriage banns up to now, but even Englishmen can only be put off for so long...and there's one in particular who has her in his sights. Harold Percy, Duke of Northumberland, is enchanted by the beautiful hellion who outrides every man on his estate and dances Scottish reels while the ton looks on in horror. The more he sees Mary, the more he knows he has to have her, tradition and good sense be damned.

Dec 9, 2016
How will I know you? - a novel by Treadway, Jessica, 1961- author. How will I know you? - a novel

"A page-turner about the murder of a teenage girl, from the author of Lacy Eye ... On a cold December day in northern upstate New York, the body of high school senior Joy Enright is discovered in the woods at the edge of a pond. She had been presumed drowned, but an autopsy shows that she was, in fact, strangled. As the investigation unfolds, four characters tell the story from widely divergent perspectives: Susanne, Joy's mother and a professor at the local art college; Martin, a black graduate

Dec 3, 2016
Huck out west by Coover, Robert, author. Huck out west

In a sequel to "Huckleberry Finn," Huck joins the Pony Express, scouts for both sides in the Civil War, joins a bandit gang, finds an ill-fated pal in a Lakota tribe and finds himself in the Black Hills just ahead of the 1876 Gold Rush.

Dec 3, 2016
Human acts - a novel by Han, Kang, 1970- author. Human acts - a novel

Follows the aftermath of a young boy's shocking death during a violent student uprising as told from the perspectives of the event's victims and their loved ones.

Dec 3, 2016
I liked my life by Fabiaschi, Abby, author. I liked my life

A husband and teen daughter are challenged to redefine their understandings of family when a devoted wife and mother commits suicide and begins meddling from beyond the grave.

Dec 9, 2016
I'll sell you a dog by Villalobos, Juan Pablo, 1973- author. I'll sell you a dog

Long before he was the taco seller whose 'Gringo Dog' recipe made him famous throughout Mexico City, our hero was an aspiring artist: an artist, that is, till his would-be girlfriend was stolen by Diego Rivera, and his dreams snuffed out by his hypochondriac mother. Now our hero is resident in a retirement home, where fending off boredom is far more grueling than making tacos. Plagued by the literary salon that bumps about his building's lobby and haunted by the self-pitying ghost of a neglected

Dec 5, 2016
I'm not Sam by Ketchum, Jack I'm not Sam

Dec 9, 2016
Idaho - a novel by Ruskovich, Emily, author. Idaho - a novel

A tale told from multiple perspectives traces the complicated relationship between Ann and Wade on a rugged landscape and how they came together in the aftermath of his first wife's imprisonment for a violent murder.

Dec 3, 2016