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The river of kings - a novel by Brown, Taylor, 1982- author. The river of kings - a novel

"The Altamaha River, Georgia's "Little Amazon," has been named one of the 75 "Last Great Places in the World." Crossed by roads only five times in its 137-mile length, the blackwater river is home to thousand-year-old virgin cypress, descendants of 18th-century Highland warriors, and a motley cast of rare and endangered species. The Altamaha has even been rumored to harbor its own river monster, as well as traces of the most ancient European fort in North America. Brothers Hunter and Lawton Logg

Jan 20, 2017
The rising by Graham, Heather, author. The rising

"Twenty-four hours. That's all it takes for the lives of two young people to be changed forever. Alex Chin has the world on a plate. A football hero and homecoming king with plenty of scholarship offers, his future looks bright. His tutor, Samantha Dixon, is preparing to graduate high school at the top of her class. She plans to turn her NASA internship into a career. When a football accident lands Alex in the hospital, his world is turned upside down. His doctor is murdered. Then, his parents.

Jan 16, 2017
The Prometheus man by Reardon, Scott, author. The Prometheus man

A young CIA agent's identity is stolen by a gifted college drop-out who would use agency resources to solve the cold case of his brother's murder, a situation that is complicated by a secret government program to engineer a perfect soldier.

Jan 20, 2017
The patriots - a novel by Krasikov, Sana, 1979- author. The patriots - a novel

"When the Great Depression hits, Florence Fein leaves Brooklyn College for what appears to be a plum job in Moscow|and the promise of love and independence. But once in Russia, she quickly becomes entangled in a country she can't escape. Many years later, Florence's son, Julian, will make the opposite journey, immigrating back to the United States. His work in the oil industry takes him on frequent visits to Moscow, and when he learns that Florence's KGB file has been opened, he arranges a busin

Jan 20, 2017
The outsider by Franze, Anthony J, author. The outsider

"Things aren't going well for Grayson Hernandez. Just graduated from a fourth-tier law school, he's drowning in student debt. The only job he can find is as a messenger at the Supreme Court, where he's forced to watch the best and the brightest from the outside--the elite group of lawyers who serve as the justices' law clerks. When Gray intervenes in a violent mugging, he finds himself in the good graces of the victim: the Chief Justice of the United States. Gray soon finds himself the newest--a

Jan 20, 2017
The newcomer by Fisher, Suzanne Woods, author. The newcomer

As Anna and her fellow church members seek out a new beginning in eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, she expresses an interest in ship carpenter Bairn, who has yet to commit to the strict expectations of the Amish community.

Jan 16, 2017
The little communist who never smiled - a novel by Lafon, Lola, 1974- author. The little communist who never smiled - a novel

"An award-winning novel powerfully re-imagines a childhood in the spotlight of history, politics, and destiny. Montreal 1976. A fourteen-year-old girl steps out onto the floor of the Montreal Forum and into history. Twenty seconds on uneven bars is all it takes for Nadia Comaneci, the slight, unsmiling child from Communist Romania, to etch herself into the collective memory. The electronic scoreboard, astonishing spectators with what has happened, shows 1.0. The judges have awarded an unpreceden

Jan 16, 2017
The life and times of Persimmon Wilson - a novel by Peacock, Nancy, author. The life and times of Persimmon Wilson - a novel

A slave-turned-Comanche warrior travels from the brutality of a New Orleans sugar cane plantation to the indomitable frontier of untamed Texas to search for the woman he loves and his own identity.

Jan 16, 2017
The Last Chance Matinee - Library Edition by Stewart, Mariah The Last Chance Matinee - Library Edition

Jan 20, 2017
The Kaiser's last kiss by Judd, Alan, 1946- author. The Kaiser's last kiss

"Soon to be a movie starring Christopher Plummer, Lily James, and Jai Courtney, this "wonderfully satisfying, sophisticated novel" (Daily Telegraph) follows the exiled Kaiser Wilhelm, the young Nazi officer assigned to guard him, and the Jewish maid who unwittingly comes between them. It is 1940 and the exiled monarch Kaiser Wilhelm is living in his Dutch chateau, Huis Doorn. The old German king spends his days chopping logs and musing on what might have been. When the Nazis invade Holland, th

Jan 20, 2017
The hope chest - a novel by Shipman, Viola, author. The hope chest - a novel

"The Hope Chest is a deeply emotional novel about three people who have seemingly lost all hope until one woman's heirloom hope chest is rediscovered in the attic, along with its contents and secrets. Mattie is a fiercely independent woman battling ALS; Don, her deeply devoted husband is facing a future without his one true love; and Rose, their struggling caregiver, is a young, single mother who feels trapped in her life. With each item that is discovered--including a beloved doll, family dishe

Jan 20, 2017
The honor of spies by Griffin, W. E. B. The honor of spies

Assigned to help a German lieutenant colonel to escape from a prisoner-of-war detention center, World War II OSS officer Cletus Frade learns of the colonel's role in a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler and must outmaneuver a plot to kill the man's Nazi-connected parents.

Jan 20, 2017
The gringo champion by Xilonen, Aura, 1995- author. The gringo champion

Liborio calls upon his highly-honed survival skills to escape Mexico, sharing his journey and speaking of migrants' social problems via love letters to his girl.

Jan 19, 2017
The gargoyle hunters by Gill, John Freeman, author. The gargoyle hunters

"Griffin Watts is 13 years old in 1974 New York, a city which, at the brink of financial collapse, seems to crumble around him at roughly the same rate as his family. Desperate to forge a connection to his father, Griffin gets co-opted into his illicit and dangerous architectural salvage business, which allows him to discover the centuries old sculptures (gargoyles) carved into buildings all over the city by immigrant artisans. As his father's obsession with preserving the landmark buildings aro

Jan 20, 2017
The future of silence - fiction by Korean women by The future of silence - fiction by Korean women

Jan 16, 2017
The fortunate ones - a novel by Umansky, Ellen M, author. The fortunate ones - a novel

One very special work of art--a Chaim Soutine painting--connects the lives and fates of two different women, generations apart, in a novel that moves from World War II Vienna to contemporary Los Angeles.

Jan 20, 2017
The fire by night by Messineo, Teresa, author. The fire by night

In war-torn France, Jo McMahon, an Italian-Irish girl from the tenements of Brooklyn, tends to six seriously wounded soldiers in a makeshift medical unit. Enemy bombs have destroyed her hospital convoy, and now Jo singlehandedly struggles to keep her patients and herself alive in a cramped and freezing tent close to German troops. There is a growing tenderness between her and one of her patients, a Scottish officer, but Jo's heart is seared by the pain of all she has lost and seen. Nearing her b

Jan 16, 2017
The fifth petal - a novel by Barry, Brunonia, author. The fifth petal - a novel

When a teenage boy dies suspiciously on Halloween, chief of police John Rafferty suspects it may be linked to the triple homicide twenty-five years earlier involving three descendants of Salem Witch Trial victims.

Jan 20, 2017
The fifth letter by Moriarty, Nicola, author. The fifth letter

Joni, Deb, Eden, Trina have been best friends since high school, sharing a bond that has seen them through their teenage years and into adulthood. But now time and circumstance are starting to pull them apart as careers, husbands, and babies get in the way. As their yearly vacation becomes less of a priority, at least for three of the women, how can Joni find a way to draw the four of them back together? During a laughter- and wine-filled night, the women dare one another to write anonymous lett

Jan 20, 2017
The familiar. Honeysuckle & Pain 3, Honeysuckle & pain by Danielewski, Mark Z, author. The familiar. Honeysuckle & Pain 3, Honeysuckle & pain

As her family grows more unsettled, Xanther settles into a comfortable routine at home, while Cas and Bobby look to the person they fear most for survival, and Jingjing and Tian Li set out to find their lost cat.

Jan 20, 2017