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Into the blue by Henson, Pene, author.

Into the blue

Tai Talagi and Ollie Birkstrom have been inseparable since they met as kids surfing the North Shore of Oahu. Now they live with their best friends and Ollie s kid brother in a pulled-together family, all of them piled into a run-down beach house. They share cooking, bills, and the saltwater running in their veins. Tai's spent years shutting down any feelings for Ollie. They are friends. Their family depends on them. But with Ollie off on his first world tour and his dreams of a pro surfing caree

Jul 19, 2016
The Hundred Names of Darkness by Roy, Nilanjana

The Hundred Names of Darkness

Jul 19, 2016
Sliver of truth - a novel by Unger, Lisa, 1970- author.

Sliver of truth - a novel

New York writer Ridley Jones finds herself at the center of a global crime network when she picks up a few prints at a local photo lab, prints that reveal the presence of a mysterious, familiar, and supposedly dead figure with ties to her own past.

Jul 19, 2016
The Tea Planter's Wife by Jefferies, Dinah

The Tea Planter's Wife

Jul 19, 2016
Darktown - a novel by Mullen, Thomas.

Darktown - a novel

Jul 19, 2016
The Glass Palace - a novel by Ghosh, Amitav.

The Glass Palace - a novel

Unable to forget the girl he befriended during the British invasion of 1885 when soldiers forced the royal family of Burma into exile, Rajkumar is lifted on the tides of political and social chaos to create an empire in the Burmese teak forests.

Jul 19, 2016
The girl who came back - a novel by Lewis, Susan, 1956- author.

The girl who came back - a novel

"For readers of Diane Chamberlain and Heather Gudenkauf comes a gripping novel of suspense about a mother determined to avenge her daughter's murder no matter the cost to her husband, to her family, and to herself. When Jules Bright hears a knock on the door, the last person she expects to find is a detective bringing her the news she's feared for the last three years. Amelia Quentin is being released from prison. Jules's life now is very different than the one she'd known before Amelia shattere

Jul 19, 2016
The Fly Strip by Banta, Gwen

The Fly Strip

Jul 19, 2016
Fates and traitors - a novel of John Wilkes Booth by Chiaverini, Jennifer, author.

Fates and traitors - a novel of John Wilkes Booth

"The New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker returns with a riveting work of historical fiction following the notorious John Wilkes Booth and the four women who kept his perilous confidence. The world would not look upon his like again. John Wilkes Booth--driven son of an acclaimed British stage actor and a Covent Garden flower girl, whose misguided quest to avenge the vanquished Confederacy led him to commit one of the most notorious acts in the annals of America--has be

Jul 19, 2016
An elegant facade by Hunter, Kristi Ann, author.

An elegant facade

As Lady Georgina Hawthorne works hard to make an impression for her debut season, her hopes of marrying well don't include the likes of Colin McCrae, but as their paths continue to cross, both begin to question their first impressions.

Jul 19, 2016
Honor redeemed - a novel by Johnson, Christine (Christine Elizabeth), author.

Honor redeemed - a novel

After the death of her parents, Prosperity Jones moves from Nantucket to Key West to be with her beloved David, only to find that he has married another, but she soon gains the attention of a kind local doctor.

Jul 19, 2016
Chasing destiny by Dickey, Eric Jerome.

Chasing destiny

Known on the streets for her beauty and impressive motorcycle, Billie discovers that she is pregnant just before her boyfriend decides to return to his wife, a situation that is complicated by an attempt on Billie's life.

Jul 19, 2016
Girl in the afternoon - a novel of Paris by Burdick, Serena, author.

Girl in the afternoon - a novel of Paris

"The Savarays are at the center of bourgeois Parisian society, as supporters of the Impressionist movement, friends of E´douard Manet, and citizens relatively unaffected by the Franco-Prussian war raging beyond their estate - until their beloved adopted son Henri, a burgeoning artist, disappears early one morning and 18-year-old Aimee Savaray sets out to find him. But Henri doesn't want to be found, and only one member of the family knows why. As Aimee seeks refuge in the art world, mentored by

Jul 20, 2016
The devil's necklace by Martin, Kat.

The devil's necklace

In order to get revenge against his enemy Harmon Jeffries, British privateer Ethan Sharpe sets out to seduce Grace Chastain, whom he believes is Jeffries's mistress, only to discover that his captive is not the woman he believed her to be.

Jul 20, 2016
Miss Quinn's quandary by Marks, Shirley

Miss Quinn's quandary

Jul 20, 2016
The life of the world to come by Cluchey, Dan, author.

The life of the world to come

After losing the woman of his dreams, lawyer Leo Brice becomes a junior death row advocate and gets obsessed with the question of the afterlife after immersing himself in the esoteric world of a born-again condemned man in Georgia.

Jul 20, 2016
Herb's pajamas by Thomas, Abigail

Herb's pajamas

Jul 20, 2016
Sun kissed by Ross, JoAnn

Sun kissed

Jul 20, 2016
Cajun waltz by Patton, Robert H. (Robert Holbrook), 1957- author.

Cajun waltz

"The lyrics of a Cajun waltz may be dark as midnight with heartache and trouble, but still the music swings. The same goes for what happens after a shifty musician and a lonely shopgirl let destiny sweep them into an ill-suited marriage in swampy southwest Louisiana on the eve of the Depression. Love doesn't much figure between Richie Bainard and Esther Block. They build a business together while dreaming opposite dreams of fulfillment. But like a gumbo simmering with peppers and spice, desires

Jul 20, 2016
Black bread by Teixidor, Emili.

Black bread

Jul 20, 2016