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The promise of home - a Mill River novel by Chan, Darcie.

The promise of home - a Mill River novel

"Mill River cop Kyle Hansen and teacher Claudia Simon are excitedly planning their wedding. When they learn that a new bed and breakfast is set to open in the old McAllister mansion, they hope the gifted Emily DiSanti will quickly restore it to its grand beauty. While refinishing the hardwood floors, Emily discovers a secret compartment and a mysterious briefcase. Inside, she finds years of correspondence between the reclusive Mary McAllister and her close friend--the town priest Father O'Brien'

Aug 2, 2015
The Pope's daughter by Fo, Dario, author.

The Pope's daughter

"Lucrezia Borgia is one of the most vilified figures in modern history. The daughter of a notorious pope, she was twice betrothed before the age of eleven and thrice married--one husband was forced to declare himself impotent and thereby unfit and another was murdered by Lucrezia's own brother, Cesar Borgia. She is cast in the role of murderess, temptress, incestuous lover, loose woman, femme fatale par excellence. But there is always more than one version of a story. Lucrezia Borgia is the only

Aug 2, 2015
Sophie and the Sibyl - a Victorian romance by Duncker, Patricia, 1951-

Sophie and the Sibyl - a Victorian romance

Berlin, September 1872. The Duncker brothers, Max and Wolfgang, own a thriving publishing business in the city. Clever, irresponsible Max is as fond of gambling and brothels as the older, wiser, Wolfgang is of making a profit. When Max's bad habits get out of hand, Wolfgang sends him to Homburg, to attend to a celebrity author--the enigmatic Sibyl, also known as George Eliot. Enthralling and intelligent, she soon has Max bewitched. Yet Wolfgang has an ulterior motive: he wants his brother to con

Aug 2, 2015
Strong enough by Leighton, M.

Strong enough

Aug 2, 2015
The sound of our steps - a novel by Matalon, Ronit.

The sound of our steps - a novel

"In the beginning there was Lucette, who is the mother to three children--Sammy, a gentle giant, almost blind, but a genius with locks; Corinne, a flighty beauty who cannot keep a job; and "the child," an afterthought, who strives to make sense of her fractured Egyptian-Jewish immigrant family. Lucette's children would like a kinder, warmer home, but what they have is a government-issued concrete box, out in the thorns and sand on the outskirts of Tel Aviv; and their mother, hard-worn and hardsc

Aug 2, 2015
Villa America - a novel by Klaussmann, Liza, author.

Villa America - a novel

A tale based on the real-life inspirations for Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night finds expats Sara and Gerald Murphy sharing freewheeling days, hosting parties and hiding heartbreaking secrets in the 1920s French Riviera.

Aug 2, 2015
Two across - a novel by Bartsch, Jeffrey, author.

Two across - a novel

"TWO ACROSS is a funny and poignant debut novel about trust, forgiveness, and the wisdom of listening to your heart. Stanley and Vera, academically precocious but awkward teenagers, form a bond when they tie for first place in the National Spelling Bee. Though their mothers have big plans for them-Stanley will become a senator, Vera a mathematics professor-neither wants to follow these pre-determined paths. So Stanley hatches a plan to marry Vera in a sham wedding for the financial freedom to pu

Aug 2, 2015
Trust no one - a thriller by Cleave, Paul, 1974-

Trust no one - a thriller

"In the exciting new psychological thriller by the Edgar-nominated author of Joe Victim, a famous crime writer struggles to differentiate between his own reality and the frightening plot lines he's created for the page. Jerry Grey is known to most of the world by his crime writing pseudonym, Henry Cutter--a name that has been keeping readers at the edge of their seats for more than a decade. Recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at the age of forty-nine, Jerry's crime writing days are

Aug 2, 2015
Through waters deep - a novel by Sundin, Sarah, author.

Through waters deep - a novel

It is 1941 and America teeters on the brink of war. Handsome and outgoing naval officer Ensign Jim Avery escorts British convoys across the North Atlantic in a brand-new destroyer, the USS Atwood. On shore, Jim encounters Mary Stirling, a childhood friend who is now an astute and beautiful Boston Navy Yard secretary.

Aug 2, 2015
Three moments of an explosion - stories by Miéville, China.

Three moments of an explosion - stories

Aug 2, 2015
Slaughter by Lutz, John


Aug 2, 2015
Shadow Fall by Griffin, Laura

Shadow Fall

Aug 2, 2015
The Scandalous Mackenzies - The Untamed Mackenzie / Scandal and the Duchess by Ashley, Jennifer

The Scandalous Mackenzies - The Untamed Mackenzie / Scandal and the Duchess

Aug 2, 2015
Rough Edges by Butcher, Shannon K.

Rough Edges

Aug 2, 2015
Rolling like thunder by Thompson, Vicki Lewis, author.

Rolling like thunder

Aug 2, 2015
The Rebel Daughter by Robinson, Lauri

The Rebel Daughter

Aug 2, 2015
Promiseland - the journal of Callie McGregor by Miller, Dawn.

Promiseland - the journal of Callie McGregor

This is the story of several women, the men they love, the children their hearts ache for and the friendships that keep them going. It's the unforgettable tale of a ragtag collection of drifters joining hands to carve out a home in the land God had brought them to--the "Promiseland."

Aug 2, 2015
The Prince and I by Hawkins, Karen

The Prince and I

Aug 2, 2015
Second Chance With the Billionaire by Maynard, Janice

Second Chance With the Billionaire

Aug 2, 2015
Silent melody by Balogh, Mary, author.

Silent melody

Lady Emily Marlowe is beautiful, independent, and unspoiled. Deaf since childhood, she appreciates her family's efforts to nurture her spirit, but the man they've chosen for her betrothal can never fulfill her. The only one Emily has ever desired is bold and reckless Lord Ashley Kendrick. Her childhood amour inspired her fantasies and vowed never to forget her -- even as he left her for a new life in India and a new love. Seven years and countless dreams later, Ashley has returned a desolate wid

Aug 2, 2015