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The marriage contract by Robert, Katee, author. The marriage contract

Dec 3, 2016
The Marriage Lie by Belle, Kimberly The Marriage Lie

Dec 3, 2016
The midnight bell by Higgins, Jack, 1929- author. The midnight bell

"The new Sean Dillon novel, a knife-edge story of terrorism and revenge, by "the dean of intrigue novelists" (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). "The bell tolls at midnight as death requires it." In Washington, D.C., on a night full of rain, a woman is struck down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. But she is not just any woman--she is the assistant to the head of the secret White House department known only as the Basement. And she had secrets of her own. In the Virgin Islands, former president Jak

Dec 3, 2016
The midnight cool - a novel by Peelle, Lydia, author. The midnight cool - a novel

"From the author of the award-winning story collection REASONS FOR AND ADVANTAGES OF BREATHING, a debut novel set in 1916 Tennessee that follows two flawed but appealing grifters--one older man, and one younger--in their pursuit of women, wealth, and a surprisingly valuable commodity for the troops in Europe: mules"--

Dec 3, 2016
The Moravian night - a story by Handke, Peter. The Moravian night - a story

"An odyssey through the mind and memory of a washed-up writer from one of Europe's most provocative novelists"--

Dec 8, 2016
The most dangerous place on earth - a novel by Johnson, Lindsey Lee. The most dangerous place on earth - a novel

Arriving as a replacement teacher in a privileged Bay Area school, Molly becomes intrigued with the hidden lives and challenging ambitions of her students, who are struggling with a tragedy from their middle-school years.

Dec 3, 2016
The nowhere man by Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, author. The nowhere man

"Spoken about only in whispers, it is said that when the Nowhere Man is reached by the truly desperate, he can and will do anything to save them. Evan Smoak is the Nowhere Man. Taken from a group home at twelve, Evan was raised and trained as part of theOrphan program, an off-the-books operation designed to create deniable intelligence assets--i.e. assassins. Evan was Orphan X. He broke with the program, using everything he learned to disappear and reinvent himself as the Nowhere Man. But the ne

Dec 3, 2016
The pattern artist by Moser, Nancy, author. The pattern artist

"Born into a life of hard work, English housemaid Annie Wood arrives in New York City in 1911 with her wealthy mistress. Wide-eyed with the possibilities America has to offer, Annie wonders if there's more for her than a life of service. Annie chooses to risk everything, taps into courage she never knew she had, and goes off on her own, finding employment in the sewing department at Macy's department store. While at Macy's Annie catches the eye of a salesman at the Butterick Pattern Company. Thr

Dec 5, 2016
The Prometheus man - a novel by Reardon, Scott, author. The Prometheus man - a novel

A young CIA agent's identity is stolen by a gifted college drop-out who would use agency resources to solve the cold case of his brother's murder, a situation that is complicated by a secret government program to engineer a perfect soldier.

Dec 3, 2016
The Red Sphinx - A Sequel to the Three Musketeers by Dumas, Alexandre/ Ellsworth, Lawrence (TRN) The Red Sphinx - A Sequel to the Three Musketeers

Dec 3, 2016
The rising by Graham, Heather, author. The rising

When a college-bound football star is targeted by the same forces that kill his family and land him in the hospital, he flees at the side of the school valedictorian he loves to investigate the dangerous truth about his real identity.

Dec 3, 2016
The river at night by Ferencik, Erica, author. The river at night

"A high stakes drama set against the harsh beauty of the Maine wilderness, charting the journey of four friends as they fight to survive the aftermath of a white water rafting accident, The River at Night is a nonstop and unforgettable thriller by a stunning new voice in fiction. Winifred Allen needs a vacation. Stifled by a soul-crushing job, devastated by the death of her beloved brother, and lonely after the end of a fifteen-year marriage, Wini is feeling vulnerable. So when her three best

Dec 3, 2016
The road to enchantment by McLaren, Kaya, author. The road to enchantment

"As a young girl, Willow's mother left their home in Washington State in a literal blaze of glory: she set the mattress of her cheating husband on fire in her driveway, roasting marshmallow peeps and hot dogs before the fire department arrived. And with that, she and her daughter set off to New Mexico, to a new life, to a world of arroyos and canyons bordering an Apache reservation. Willow was devastated. Her eccentric mother believed in this new life and set about starting a winery and goat ran

Dec 3, 2016
The second Mrs. Hockaday - a novel by Rivers, Susan, 1954- author. The second Mrs. Hockaday - a novel

"The Civil War South comes to vivid life in this electrifying story of a woman's plight and a legacy of deceit that echoes for generations. When Major Gryffth Hockaday is called to the front lines of the Civil War, his new bride is left to care for her husband's three-hundred-acre farm and infant son. Placidia, a mere teenager herself living far from her family and completely unprepared to run a farm or raise a child, must endure the darkest days of the war on her own. By the time Major Hockaday

Dec 3, 2016
The Signal Flame - A Novel by Krivak, Andrew The Signal Flame - A Novel

Dec 3, 2016
The slow waltz of turtles by Pancol, Katherine, 1954- author. The slow waltz of turtles

"In this mega-bestseller from France and the follow-up to The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, a woman contends with divorce, family trouble, and even murder in her journey to discover who she really is. Fortysomething mother of two Josephine Cortes is at a crossroads. She has just moved to a posh new apartment in Paris after the success of the historical novel she ghostwrote for her sister, Iris. Still struggling with her divorce--the result of her husband running off to Kenya to start a crocodile fa

Dec 2, 2016
The soul of a SEAL by Elizabeth, Anne, author. The soul of a SEAL

Dec 2, 2016
The spartan dagger by Guild, Nicholas, author. The spartan dagger

"On a cold night, at the outskirts of a peasant village, two Spartan youths wait to perform an ancient rite of passage. A family--father, mother, and their son--approaches, unarmed and defenseless. The young men step into the moonlight and claim their manhood by killing the adults. The boy escapes. The Spartans have no idea how terrible an enemy they have called forth. Nothing could have prepared them for the boy, Protos, whose name means "destined," whose cunning and inborn skill with weapons r

Dec 3, 2016
The story people - a novel by Kaufman, Heather, author. The story people - a novel

"When Ben Palermo inherited his uncle's bookstore in small-town New Holden, Indiana, it was like stepping back in time. The nostalgia, however, is tainted by a painful past, one that Ben would rather leave behind. Can he stay in this town and run the business that holds so many conflicting memories for him? Or will he finally sell? When a group of well-meaning women make it their mission to keep him in town by finding him a wife, his life is about to get more interesting ... and complicated. Ros

Dec 2, 2016
The Strays by Bitto, Emily The Strays

Dec 3, 2016