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You will know me by Abbott, Megan

You will know me

Aug 25, 2016
White trash by Isenberg, Nancy

White trash

Aug 25, 2016
Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd by Bradley, Alan

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd

Aug 25, 2016
The house of secrets by Meltzer, Brad, author.

The house of secrets

When Hazel Nash was six years old, her father taught her: mysteries need to be solved. He should know. Hazel's father is Jack Nash, the host of America's favorite conspiracy TV show, The House of Secrets. Now, years later, Hazel wakes up in the hospital and remembers nothing, not even her own name. She's told she's been in a car accident that killed her father and injured her brother. But she can't remember any of it, because of her own traumatic brain injury.

Aug 29, 2016
The fault in our stars by Green, John, 1977- author

The fault in our stars

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

Aug 29, 2016
Sting by Brown, Sandra


Aug 25, 2016
Someone always knows by Muller, Marcia, author.

Someone always knows

Missing bearer bonds, a family tragedy, arson, and murder--it's all in a day's work for Sharon McCone. Settled into their new home after they lost their house in a fire and fully established in their new shared offices, private investigator Sharon McCone and her business partner husband Hy are finally starting to feel comfortable. That calm is shattered when Hy's former colleague Gage Renshaw--a shady troublemaker who they presumed dead--reappears, and it's unclear what he wants from his prosper

Aug 29, 2016
Siracusa by Ephron, Delia, author.


"An electrifying novel about marriage and deceit from bestselling author Delia Ephron that follows two couples on vacation in Siracusa, a town on the coast of Sicily, where the secrets they have hidden from each other are exposed and relationships are unraveled. New Yorkers Michael, a famous writer, and Lizzie, a journalist, travel to Italy with their friends from Maine--Finn, his wife Taylor, and their daughter Snow."From the beginning," says Taylor, "it was a conspiracy for Lizzie and Finn to

Aug 29, 2016
Rushing waters by Steel, Danielle

Rushing waters

Aug 25, 2016
Razor girl by Hiaasen, Carl

Razor girl

Aug 25, 2016
Pirate by Cussler, Clive


Aug 25, 2016
Miller's Valley - a novel by Quindlen, Anna, author.

Miller's Valley - a novel

As a young girl in Miller's Valley, an ordinary farming town that may be facing its final days, Mimi is observing adults, selling corn, growing up and changing, and watching the world around her change, too. As the years go by, the unthinkable starts to seem inevitable. Anna Quindlen's novel takes us through the changing eras of Mimi and her family, as secrets are revealed, and the heartbreaks of growing up and falling in love with the wrong man are overcome. A deeply moving, inspiring story of

Aug 29, 2016
Kept woman by Slaughter, Karin

Kept woman

Aug 25, 2016
Insidious by Coulter, Catherine


Aug 25, 2016
Grit - the power of passion and perseverance by Duckworth, Angela, author, narrator.

Grit - the power of passion and perseverance

Why do some people succeed and others fail? Sharing new insights from her landmark research on grit, MacArthur genius Angela Duckworth explains why talent is hardly a guarantor of success. Rather, other factors can be even more crucial such as identifying passions and following through on commitments. Drawing on her own powerful story as the daughter of a scientist who frequently bemoaned her lack of smarts, Duckworth describes her winding path through teaching, business consulting, and neurosci

Aug 29, 2016
Great reckoning by Penny, Louise

Great reckoning

Aug 25, 2016
Girl with the lower back tattoo by Schumer, Amy

Girl with the lower back tattoo

Aug 25, 2016
Fast and loose by Michaels, Fern

Fast and loose

Aug 25, 2016
Family tree - a novel by Wiggs, Susan, author.

Family tree - a novel

Annie Harlow knows how lucky she is. The producer of a popular television cooking show, she loves her handsome husband and the beautiful Los Angeles home they share. And now, she's pregnant with their first child. But in an instant, her life is shattered. And when Annie awakes from a yearlong coma, she discovers that time isn't the only thing she's lost.

Aug 29, 2016
Die like an eagle by Andrews, Donna

Die like an eagle

Aug 25, 2016