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El juego de Ripper - [una novela] by Allende, Isabel.

El juego de Ripper - [una novela]

Amanda, a teenage girl must unmask a serial killer in San Francisco through Ripper, the online mystery game she plays with her beloved grandfather and friends around the world.

Oct 23, 2014
Me llamaré tuyo reloaded by Manuelle, Victor.

Me llamaré tuyo reloaded

Oct 23, 2014
Thalia - viva kids vol. 1 by

Thalia - viva kids vol. 1

Thalia introduces another of her most cherished projects: her first children's record, created especially for energetic tots who are willing to jump, sing, smile, play and be happy traveling with whimsical characters to magical places full of color.

Oct 23, 2014
To kill a man by

To kill a man

The thugs that have taken over Jorge's middle-class neighborhood push the mild-mannered family man to the brink when they mug him and shoot his son. Infuriated by his own helplessness and the law's impotence, Jorge takes matters in his own hands.

Oct 23, 2014
Frozen - canciones de una aventura congelada. by

Frozen - canciones de una aventura congelada.

Oct 23, 2014
Ultimate party collection by

Ultimate party collection

Some of the songs that have made the biggest impact on social media and YouTube are brought together in an exciting collection. Elvis Crespo's Ole Brazil is here along with tracks from Ivy Queen, Chino y Nacho, and more. .

Oct 23, 2014
En tu mirada by Bebeto.

En tu mirada

Oct 23, 2014
El cartel de los sapos by

El cartel de los sapos

The real life story of Andres Lopez Lopez aka 'Florecita' who after the killing of Pablo Escobar finds himself in the impossible position of having to go undercover for the DEA or go to the very prison where him mortal enemies wait to kill him. Turning states evidence, Florecita, rising through the ranks of the Colombian Cartel finds himself working two sides of the most dangerous battle known to man.

Oct 23, 2014
Divergente by Roth, Veronica.


In a future Chicago, Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she does not fit into any one group.

Oct 23, 2014
Witching and bitching by

Witching and bitching

When a heist in the city doesn't all go according to plan, Jose and Tony find themselves in possession of some hostages and speeding through the mountains of Spain to slip over the border. Little do they know when they make a stop at a small tavern in the Basque countryside they find themselves the honored quests of a family of witches who are preparing for an ancient ritual.

Oct 23, 2014
Solo para mujeres by Manuelle, Victor.

Solo para mujeres

Oct 23, 2014
Yo sé que te acordarás-- norteño - 20 temas originales. by

Yo sé que te acordarás-- norteño - 20 temas originales.

Oct 23, 2014
Lo mejor de Celia Cruz & Oscar D'León en concierto. by Cruz, Celia, performer.

Lo mejor de Celia Cruz & Oscar D'León en concierto.

Oct 23, 2014
Solo Para mujeres by Sin Bandera (Musical group)

Solo Para mujeres

Oct 23, 2014
Verte nacer by Schajris, Noel.

Verte nacer

Oct 23, 2014
Solo para mujeres by Vita, Franco de.

Solo para mujeres

Oct 23, 2014
Heli by


Love story between a young girl and a seventeen-year old boy, both of whom had connections with drugs but in opposite ways. This creates a conflict for her family and death for some.

Oct 23, 2014
Ocean blues by

Ocean blues

Isabel is an actress. Xavier wants to be a director. Isabel is looking for love. Xavier is looking for the love of his Life. Isabel is stuck on a bad relationship. Xavier is looking for one. Isabel sings while Xavier watches. Will love rule the Ocean? Or will the waves strike hard on both of them?

Oct 23, 2014
Nosotros los nobles by

Nosotros los nobles

Three spoiled children who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable - get a job.

Oct 23, 2014
No se si cortarme las venas o dejarmelas largas by

No se si cortarme las venas o dejarmelas largas

This comedy drama features two couples living in the same building, Lucas & Julia the catholics, Aaron & Nora the jewish and Lola the world traveler spanish. The story takes place at the arrival of a new renter the ex soccer player Felix; as soon as he's installed the neighbors gather for a dinner just to find out the problems between them; After this Lola reveals her couple problems, Julia and Aaron find themselves in love and Lucas tries to get Felix's attention.

Oct 23, 2014