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A Dark Inheritance by D'Lacey, Chris, author.

A Dark Inheritance

When Michael Malone discovers his supernatural ability to alter reality, he is recruited by an organization dedicated to investigating strange and paranormal phenomena. He joins in hopes of finding his father, who mysteriously vanished three years earlier. Stakes are high as Michael learns to harness his newfound ability and uncover the deadly truth about his father's disappearance.

Jul 6, 2014
Absolutely almost by Graff, Lisa

Absolutely almost

Jul 11, 2014
Angus and Sadie by Voight, Cynthia

Angus and Sadie

Jul 11, 2014
Back to school, weird kids rule! by Gutman, Dan, author.

Back to school, weird kids rule!

Summer is almost over, and you know what that means--time to head back to school! But when a tropical storm ends A.J.'s vacation earlier than expected, he and his family have to stay at Andrea's house. Ugh, disgusting! When everyone in the house starts getting cabin fever, and even back-to-school shopping won't calm the kids down, Andrea and A.J. are sent to Camp Ockatollyquay. The catch? It's a camp to get kids ready for school! But not to worry--Andrea and A.J. rally the Ella Mentry School gan

Jul 11, 2014
Blood of Olympus by Riordan, Rick

Blood of Olympus

Jul 11, 2014
Chicken squad - the first misadventure by Cronin, Doreen

Chicken squad - the first misadventure

Jul 11, 2014
Countdown by Standiford, Natalie, author.


The clock has run out for thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill. As head of the most powerful family the world has ever known, he and his older sister, Amy, have been in the crosshairs for too long. Dan and Amy have always managed to stay a step ahead of their enemies, but it was only a matter of time until luck failed them. Now Dan is hopelessly trapped and nothing can save him except unleashing an evil into the world even worse than the enemies closing in.

Jul 11, 2014
Dork Diaries. 7, Tales From A Not-So-Glam TV Star by Russell, Rachel Renée, author.

Dork Diaries. 7, Tales From A Not-So-Glam TV Star

Nikki Maxwell and her friends star in their own reality TV show. Nikki is in the spotlight! A reality TV crew will follow her and her friends for the whole month of March as they record their hit song together. But will the excitement also cause unexpected problems, now that cameras are everywhere Nikki and her friends go?

Jul 11, 2014
Extra yarn by Barnett, Mac

Extra yarn

Jul 11, 2014
Fire and ice by Hale, Shannon.

Fire and ice

Strange things are happening at the frozen edge of the world. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have crisscrossed Erdas in their quest to stop the ruthless Conquerors. Only the four of them, supported by the gifts of their legendary spirit animals, have the power to defeat an evil takeover. While chasing down a lead, the heroes arrive at a quiet village. Getting the truth out of this deceptively beautiful place won't be easy, and they are already out of time. The Conquerors are right behind them.

Jul 11, 2014
Fourteenth goldfish by Holm, Jennifer L.

Fourteenth goldfish

Jul 11, 2014
From colonies to country by Hakim, Joy.

From colonies to country

Presents a history of the United States, from the French and Indian War to the Constitutional Convention.

Jul 5, 2014
Frozen - the junior novelization by Nathan, Sarah, author.

Frozen - the junior novelization

When the kingdom is trapped in an eternal winter, Anna, a young dreamer, must team up with Kristoff, a daring mountain man, and his reindeer on the grandest of journeys to find Anna's sister, the Snow Queen Elsa, and put an end to her icy spell. Encountering mystical trolls, a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Everest-like extremes, and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.

Jul 11, 2014
Guinea dog collection- books 1-3 by Jennings, Patrick

Guinea dog collection- books 1-3

Jul 11, 2014
Hairy Maclary and friends by Dodd, Lynley, author.

Hairy Maclary and friends

Since the book Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy was first published in 1983, Hairy Maclary and his friends have become firm favourites with children all over the world. Dame Lynley Dodd's charming stories, written in bouncy rhyming verse, tell of the exuberant adventures of Hairy Maclary and his gang of canine friends, as well as the 'blacker than black' Slinky Malinki and 'mighty, magnificent' Scarface Claw.

Jul 6, 2014
Horrible Harry and the scarlet scissors by Kline, Suzy

Horrible Harry and the scarlet scissors

Jul 11, 2014
How to seize a dragon's jewel - the heroic misadventures of Hiccup the Viking by Cowell, Cressida.

How to seize a dragon's jewel - the heroic misadventures of Hiccup the Viking

The Dragon Rebellion has begun, bringing the Vikings' darkest hour upon them. Hiccup has become an outcast, but that won't stop him from going on the most harrowing and important quest of his life. He must find the Dragon's Jewel in order to save his people, but where should he begin?

Jul 6, 2014
Misadventures of the family Fletcher by Levy, Dana Alison

Misadventures of the family Fletcher

Jul 11, 2014
Miss Klute is a hoot! by Gutman, Dan, author.

Miss Klute is a hoot!

The reading scores at Ella Mentry School are way down, so Mr. Macky has decided to hire a special new helper to whip the kids into shape--Miss Klute, a Labradoodle! A.J. and his friends don't understand why they have to read to a therapy dog every day at story time--until the first time they do it. Suddenly everyone wants a turn reading to Miss Klute! But when the kids decide Miss Klute is spending too much time inside listening to stories--that their therapy dog herself needs therapy--they let

Jul 11, 2014
Mouseheart by Fiedler, Lisa, author.


Hopper is just an ordinary pet shop mouse before he escapes. Soon he finds himself below the bustling streets of Brooklyn, deep within the transit tunnels, and in Atlantia, a glorious utopian rat civilization. Soon, Hopper is caught in the crosshairs of a colossal battle, one that crosses generations and species. As the clashes rage, Hopper learns terrible, extraordinary secrets. Deadly secrets about Atlantia. Painful secrets about his friends. And one powerful secret about his destiny.

Jul 9, 2014