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Hawkite arrow of the air by Blade, Adam.

Hawkite arrow of the air

Fearsome Hawkite has destroyed the crops of Gwildor and the people are starving. Tom must stop their suffering and free the Mistress of the beasts, but can he convince the hostile villagers the is here to help?

Jul 3, 2015
Grashkor the beast guard by Blade, Adam.

Grashkor the beast guard

Tom's best friend, Elenna, has been kidnapped by evil Malvel! Grashkor the Beast Guard is holding her prisoner in his dark prison - the Chamber of Pain! Can Tom rescue her from Grashkor's deadly clutches?

Jul 3, 2015
Transformers, robots in disguise. Bumblebee versus Scuzzard by Sazaklis, John. author.

Transformers, robots in disguise. Bumblebee versus Scuzzard

Bumblebee and his team of Autobots are ready to do battle with the Decepticons and send them back to lockup.

Jul 3, 2015
Sepron vs Narga by Blade, Adam, author.

Sepron vs Narga

Fight the Beasts, Fear the Magic! The time has come for another Battle of the Beasts! Maximus's evil plans to destroy the Good Beasts continues...The seas will boil when Sepron and Narga clash in combat. Meet a new hero of Avantia. Will has been chosen by Tom to join his Knight Academy. Does he have the courage and skill to survive the Battle of the Beasts? A brand new Beast Quest is about to begin!

Jul 3, 2015
Vermok the spiteful scavenger by Blade, Adam, author.

Vermok the spiteful scavenger

Deep in the tunnels under the Warrior's Road lurks a hideous Beast...Tom must brave the darkness to rescue his best friend Elenna. Is he brave enough to win, or will he be trapped in the shadows forever?--Page 4 of cover.

Jul 3, 2015
Discord and the Ponyville Players dramarama by Berrow, G. M.

Discord and the Ponyville Players dramarama

"Discord is a relatively new student of the Magic of Friendship. So when he receives a secret invitation from Princess Celestia to join the ponies of Ponyville in their Spring Musical, he jumps at the opportunity to practice what he's learned so far. Things go as smoothly as they can at first, but it's not long before the former king of Chaos seems to leave a trail of disaster in his wake and everypony second-guesses including him in their community production. What's a draconequus to do?"--

Jul 3, 2015
Original recipe by Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.

Original recipe

To win the school's cook-off and get a year of free pizza, Finley Flowers and her best friend Henry have to come up with a totally original recipe--the only problem is that neither of them has any idea how to cook.

Jul 3, 2015
Kajin the beast catcher by Blade, Adam, author.

Kajin the beast catcher

The Evil Witch Kensa and Sanpao the Pirate King are loose in Avantia, and six new Beasts threaten the land. Will Tom defeat the awesome wolf-Beast Kajin, or will he fall to his doom?

Jul 3, 2015
Petlandia by Hannan, Peter, author.


Feline Madame Wigglesworth is outraged when her privileged position in the house is usurped by a mere dog, Grub, so she comes up with a plan to expel the humans and put the pets, namely herself, in charge--but their human-free realm soon dissolves into complete chaos as she and Grub and his lovestruck sidekick Honeybaked Hamster struggle for the presidency.

Jul 3, 2015
Hidden in the overworld - an unofficial league of griefers adventure . book two by Morgan, Winter, author.

Hidden in the overworld - an unofficial league of griefers adventure . book two

"In this second installment of the League of Griefers Adventure series, Noah and Violet are busy rebuilding their town when the Ender Dragon flies above the village streets. The following day the Wither attacks them. As the town battles these harsh hostile mobs, Noah and Violet, with their good friends Hannah and Ben, set out to search for Daniel, whom they suspect is behind these vicious attacks. As they search for the griefers, they find clues leading them to believe the griefers haven't disap

Jul 4, 2015
The Kenyan expedition by Stevenson, Steve, author.

The Kenyan expedition

"A missing white giraffe brings Agatha Mistery and her cousin Dash to the heart of Africa. A rare species of white giraffe, venerated by the Masai tribe as a divinity, has disappeared from the savanna, and it's up to Agatha and Dash to find it! Together with a third cousin and safari expert, the pair must track down the poacher who has stolen the priceless animal."--Back cover.

Jul 4, 2015
Mirka the ice horse by Blade, Adam, author.

Mirka the ice horse

"Tom's bravery and fighting skills are tested to the limit in his next Beast Quest. Is he brave enough to continue with his most challenging Beast Quest yet? Or will Mirka the Ice Horse defeat him?"--

Jul 4, 2015
Linka the sky conqueror by Blade, Adam, author.

Linka the sky conqueror

The Warrior's Road is perilous, and Tom must face an enemy from the air. Linka the Sky Conqueror is here to battle the heroes! Does Tom have the strength to survive another Beast attack?

Jul 4, 2015
Ferrok the Iron Soldier by Blade, Adam.

Ferrok the Iron Soldier

Jul 4, 2015
Koba, ghoul of the shadows by Blade, Adam, author.

Koba, ghoul of the shadows

"The end of the Warrior's Road is in sight! But will Tom be able to reach it? Standing in his way is Koba, Ghoul of the Shadows, a twisted Beast of pure evil"--Page 4 of cover.

Jul 4, 2015
Crown of three by Rinehart, J. D., author.

Crown of three

"Toronia, a kingdom composed of three realms, is wracked with civil war. King Brutan rules with an iron fist. The kingdom's only hope comes in the form of Brutan's illegitimate triplets, prophesied to kill the king and rule together in peace. Separated at birth and scattered throughout the realms, the triplets face a desperate fight to secure their destiny"--

Jul 4, 2015
Nooks & crannies by Lawson, Jessica, 1980- author.

Nooks & crannies

Eleven-year-old Tabitha Crum, whose parents were just about to abandon her, is invited to the country estate of a wealthy countess along with five other children and told that one of them will become her heir.

Jul 4, 2015
Battle in the air by Matthews, Rupert, author.

Battle in the air

Zak and zoe are fascinated to discover that their grandfather flew a Spitfire fighter plane during the Battle of Britain in World War II. Through the vivid memories of the twins' grandparents and their WWII friends, find out about the experiences of fighter pilots, women's anti-aircraft gun crews, and schoolchildren of the time.

Jul 4, 2015
Gabby Duran and the Unsittables by Allen, Elise, author.

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables

Twelve-year-old Gabby is recruited by a secret agency to take care of extraterrestrial children.

Jul 4, 2015
Where triplets go, Trouble follows by Poploff, Michelle, author.

Where triplets go, Trouble follows

Lily, Daisy, and Violet Divine, triplets, have different interests and like to do things on their own, but they pull together when they need to, whether to find out their grandparents' secret, create a good science fair project, or teach their new dog to stop chewing.

Jul 4, 2015