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Cody and the Fountain of Happiness by Springstubb, Tricia/ Wheeler, Eliza (ILT)

Cody and the Fountain of Happiness

Mar 5, 2015
Catch you later, traitor - a novel by Avi, 1937-

Catch you later, traitor - a novel

"It's 1951, and twelve-year-old Pete Collison is a regular kid in Brooklyn, New York, who loves Sam Spade detective books and radio crime dramas. But when an FBI agent shows up at Pete's doorstep, accusing Pete's father of being a Communist, Pete is caught in a real-life mystery. Could there really be Commies in Pete's family?"--

Mar 5, 2015
Completely Clementine by Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.

Completely Clementine

Clementine faces changes at the end of her third grade year and anticipates the birth of her family's new baby.

Mar 5, 2015
Treading water by Anderson, Laurie Halse, author.

Treading water

When they find abandoned ducklings, the vet volunteers must educate the community about keeping baby animals as Easter pets while also teaching the ducklings how to swim.

Mar 5, 2015
Star Bright and the looking glass by Luna, Jonathan.

Star Bright and the looking glass

After the forest maiden Star Bright's beauty is stolen by an evil sorceress, she and her animal friends go on a dangerous trek to bring it back.

Mar 5, 2015
Ruby Redfort catch your death by Child, Lauren, author.

Ruby Redfort catch your death

Thirteen-year-old Ruby Redfort is an undercover agent and genius codebreaker.

Mar 5, 2015
Wish girl by Loftin, Nikki.

Wish girl

Twelve-year-old Peter has never felt at home with his noisy family, but begins to find the strength to live and to be himself when he discovers a special valley in the Texas Hill Country and meets Annie, a girl dying of cancer who knows and accepts him from the start.

Mar 5, 2015
Vacation dreams by Bentley, Sue, 1951-

Vacation dreams

"Becky's vacation isn't at all what she expected, and she is feeling lonely. But when she meets magical bunny Arrow, her summer starts looking up"--

Mar 5, 2015
Tiny Titans - Return to the Treehouse by Baltazar, Art/ Franco (ILT)

Tiny Titans - Return to the Treehouse

Mar 5, 2015
Teddy Mars - almost a world record breaker by Burnham, Molly B.

Teddy Mars - almost a world record breaker

Ten-year-old Teddy Mars seeks to stand apart from his six siblings, none of whom could be called "normal," by earning a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mar 5, 2015
The Sweetest Heist in History by Spencer, Octavia/ To, Vivienne (ILT)

The Sweetest Heist in History

Mar 5, 2015
Supercat vs. the Fry Thief by Willis, Jeanne

Supercat vs. the Fry Thief

Mar 5, 2015
Shivers!- The pirate who's afraid of everything by Bondor-Stone, Annabeth, author.

Shivers!- The pirate who's afraid of everything

"Shivers, the pirate who's afraid of everything, battles a giant squid, discovers hidden treasures, and gets pooped on by a pigeon to save his parents from the clutches of evil"--

Mar 5, 2015
The Schnoz of Doom by Beaty, Andrea.

The Schnoz of Doom

Film-loving twins Joules and Kevin face new evil bunnies from outer space when odorous extraterrestrials that use "smellepathy" to control their prey's brain arrive to conquer the world.

Mar 5, 2015
Saturday, the twelfth of October by Mazer, Norma Fox, 1931-2009, author.

Saturday, the twelfth of October

After spending almost a year with cave people from an earlier time, a young girl is transported back to the present greatly changed, both by her experience and by the fact that no one believes her.

Mar 5, 2015
Pieces and Players by Balliett, Blue

Pieces and Players

Mar 5, 2015
The Penderwicks in spring by Birdsall, Jeanne.

The Penderwicks in spring

As spring arrives on Gardam Street, there are surprises in store for each Penderwick, from neighbor Nick Geiger's expected return from the war to Batty's new dog-walking business, but her plans to use her profits to surprise her family on her eleventh birthday go astray.

Mar 5, 2015
Ms. Rapscott's girls by Primavera, Elise.

Ms. Rapscott's girls

"At Great Rapscott School for Girls of Busy Parents, Ms. Rapscott teaches her students How to Get Lost on Purpose, resulting in a series of fantastical adventures that makes each learn a little something about courage, strength, bravery, and teamwork"--

Mar 5, 2015
Moon Bear by Lewis, Gill/ Gottardo, Alessandro (ILT)

Moon Bear

Mar 5, 2015
Monstrous by Connolly, MarcyKate.


Kymera, who has a raven's wings, a snake's tail, and a cat's eyes and claws, loves the father who brought her back to life after a wizard killed her, but she begins to question his motives, especially after she connects with a boy in the town from which she is rescuing sick girls.

Mar 5, 2015