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Bursting at the seams by Taylor, Chloe, author.

Bursting at the seams

When Zoey's aunt reveals that she is planning a secret wedding, Zoey wants nothing more than to make the dress, but she must keep the secret as well.

Dec 24, 2014
Call me Amy by Strykowski, Marcia, author.

Call me Amy

For Amy Henderson, 1973 has been a lonely year of too many awkward moments to count--that is, until she helps rescue an injured seal pup. To help save Pup, she forms an unlikely alliance with a questionable boy in a worn-out army jacket, and a peculiar older woman the kids in town call "Old Coot." Amy finds that people aren't always what they seem, as she nurtures Pup back to health with the help of Craig and Miss Cogshell, while trying to hide Pup from the harbormaster and a group of nosy popul

Dec 24, 2014
Cars storybook collection. by Not Available (NA)

Cars storybook collection.

Collection of stories features retellings of both movies, plus brand-new stories about Lighning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Guido and Luigi, and the rest of the gang.

Dec 24, 2014
Cartboy goes to camp by Campbell, L. A., 1962- author.

Cartboy goes to camp

"Hopelessly hapless Hal Rifkind, a.k.a. Cartboy, is off to summer camp. And not just any old camp, but history camp. Campers have to learn how to churn butter, plant maize, and carry water from the stream--or they get punished for not doing their chores. What else could possibly go wrong for Cartboy?"--

Dec 24, 2014
Chitty chitty bang bang - the magical car by Fleming, Ian, 1908-1964.

Chitty chitty bang bang - the magical car

Two children persuade their inventor father to purchase and restore an old car which turns out to have magical powers.

Dec 24, 2014
Cronus and the threads of dread by Holub, Joan, author.

Cronus and the threads of dread

With a giant spiderweb in the sky with the words "Surrender Olympians" written in it, Zeus and his friends know they are in for a fight, but the webs actually contain a hidden gem, Athena's magical item.

Dec 23, 2014
Curse of the Iris by Fry, Jason, 1969- author.

Curse of the Iris

"As Tycho and his siblings continue to compete for the captain's chair of the Shadow Comet, they must work together to hunt for an old pirate treasure--a treasure that is tied to some long-buried family secrets"--

Dec 24, 2014
Danger in the darkest hour by Osborne, Mary Pope.

Danger in the darkest hour

"The magic tree house has taken Jack and Annie back in time to England in 1944. England is fighting for its life in World War II. Before long, Jack and Annie find themselves parachuting into Normandy, France, behind enemy lines. The date is June 5. Will the brave brother and sister team be able to make a difference during one of the darkest times in history?"--

Dec 24, 2014
Dead man's hand by Burchett, Jan, author.

Dead man's hand

Dec 24, 2014
Deadlock by Walden, Mark


Dec 24, 2014
Design destiny by Gurevich, Margaret, author.

Design destiny

As the design competition progresses, contestants are eliminated until only three are left for the final challenge: Chloe, Nina, and Derek--but only one can win the grand prize of an internship in New York.

Dec 24, 2014
Design diva by Gurevich, Margaret, author.

Design diva

Sixteen-year-old Chloe Montgomery is a fashion addict from Santa Cruz, California, who loves to design her own clothes, so when her favorite show, Design Diva, announces a new show, Teen Design Diva, she decides to audition--though with some trepidation.

Dec 24, 2014
Dinosaur Hunters by Chambers, Catherine

Dinosaur Hunters

Dec 24, 2014
Disney bedtime favorites. by Disney Enterprises, Inc. (COR)

Disney bedtime favorites.

A collection of stories featuring characters from Disney and Disney-Pixar movies, including "Monsters, Inc.," "Pinocchio," "Cars," and "Sleeping Beauty."

Dec 24, 2014
Disney fairies storybook collection. by Disney Press (COR)

Disney fairies storybook collection.

Offers a collection of stories featuring the Disney fairies, including Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Fawn.

Dec 24, 2014
Disney-Pixar storybook collection. by Disney Press (COR)

Disney-Pixar storybook collection.

A collection of twenty stories based on such Disney-Pixar movies as "Toy Story 3," "Finding Nemo," "Cars," "The Incredibles," "A Bug's Life," "Wall-E," and "Monsters, Inc."

Dec 24, 2014
Don't mess with the ninja puppy! by Krulik, Nancy E., author.

Don't mess with the ninja puppy!

When Sparky's magic bone blasts him to Tokyo, Japan, he discovers a whole new world--one with karaoke, 'squishy fishy' and sumo wrestlers! His new friend, an Akita named Nanami, guides him around the city, until Sparky loses her in a crowd. But it turns out Nanami isn't just any Akita. She's the queen of the Ninja Dogs--a fierce group who are convinced that Sparky has kidnapped her.

Dec 24, 2014
Doomskull the king of fear by Blade, Adam, author.

Doomskull the king of fear

To save the kingdom of Avantia, Tom must rescue King Hugo from the clutches of Doomskull, Malvel's most terrifying beast.

Dec 24, 2014
Dreamtreaders by Batson, Wayne Thomas, 1968-


After discovering that he is a Dreamtreader, one who can enter and explore his own dreams, fourteen-year-old Archer must protect the waking world from the Nightmare Lord, who wreaks chaos in the Dream World.

Dec 24, 2014
Einstein the class hamster and the very real game show by Tashjian, Janet, author.

Einstein the class hamster and the very real game show

When Ms. Moreno's class appears on the hit game show Kids Know Stuff, the show's host walks off the set but with the assistance of a sound engineer, Ned and Marlon help Einstein get ready to host the show and save the day--if only he did not have stage fright.

Dec 24, 2014