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The Afterlife Academy by Cole, Frank, 1977-

The Afterlife Academy

A twelve-year-old boy and his Guardian Agent, sent from The Afterlife Academy on his first mission, must work together and save Earth from an eclectic horde of blundering enemies.

Oct 5, 2015
The accidental hero by Myklusch, Matt.

The accidental hero

Twelve-year-old Jack, freed from a dismal orphanage, makes his way to the elusive and impossible Imagine Nation, where a mentor saves him from dissection and trains him to use his superpower, despite the virus he carries that makes him a threat.

Oct 5, 2015
Tales from the not-so-perfect pet sitter / Tales from a Not-so-perfect Pet Sitter by Russell, Rachel Renée, author.

Tales from the not-so-perfect pet sitter / Tales from a Not-so-perfect Pet Sitter

Nikki tries to be a pet sitter, but realizes it's harder work than she thought.

Oct 1, 2015
Switch by Law, Ingrid, 1970-


"Gypsy Beaumont's magical savvy switches to its opposite when she learns that her mean and decidedly non-magical grandma has Alzheimer's and is going to move in with her family"--

Oct 3, 2015
Stuart Little [full color edition] by White, E. B. (Elwyn Brooks), 1899-1985.

Stuart Little [full color edition]

The adventures of the debonair mouse Stuart Little as he sets out in the world to seek out his dearest friend, a little bird that stayed for a few days in his family's garden.

Oct 5, 2015
Star Wars The weapon of a Jedi by Fry, Jason

Star Wars The weapon of a Jedi

Oct 5, 2015
Star Wars Smuggler's run by Rucka, Greg

Star Wars Smuggler's run

Oct 5, 2015
Star Wars Moving Target by Castellucci, Cecil

Star Wars Moving Target

Oct 5, 2015
Star Wars - the original trilogy stories by

Star Wars - the original trilogy stories

Join Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia for one action-packed story after the next! This collection features eighteen tales from the original Star Wars trilogy, beautifully illustrated by Brian Rood. Relive all the classic moments-- from Darth Vader's search for the Rebels' secret plans, to the Rebellion's triumph over the Empire, and every adventure in between.

Oct 5, 2015
Song for a Scarlet Runner by Hunt, Julie, 1958-

Song for a Scarlet Runner

Peat is on the run - forced to flee for her life when she's blamed for bringing bad luck to her village. She heads for the endless marshes, where she's caught by an old healer-woman who makes Peat her apprentice and teaches her the skill of storytelling. But a story can be a dangerous thing. It can take you out of one world and leave you stranded in another - and Peat finds herself trapped in an eerie place beyond the Silver River where time stands still. Her only friends are a 900-year-old boy

Oct 5, 2015
So you want to be a Jedi? - an original retelling of Star wars- the Empire strikes back by Gidwitz, Adam, author.

So you want to be a Jedi? - an original retelling of Star wars- the Empire strikes back

Reimagines the second Star Wars film in which Luke Skywalker trains with Yoda to become a Jedi after a rebel defeat on the ice planet Hoth and battles Darth Vader, who reveals a startling secret to Luke during their duel.

Oct 5, 2015
Shakespeare's spy by Blackwood, Gary L.

Shakespeare's spy

The winter of 1602 brings many changes for Widge, a young apprentice at London's Globe Theatre, as he becomes infatuated with Shakespeare's daughter Judith, attempts to write a play, learns more about his past, endangers himself to help a friend, acquires a new identity, and finds a new purpose in life.

Oct 3, 2015
Sewing in circles by Taylor, Chloe, author.

Sewing in circles

Selling hand-sewn crafts at an indoor market, Zoey confronts a difficult choice when a new crush with a style very unlike her own asks if he can display his paintings in her market booth.

Oct 5, 2015
Seven dead pirates - a ghost story by Bailey, Linda, 1948- author.

Seven dead pirates - a ghost story

"Lewis Dearborn is a lonely, anxious, "terminally shy" boy of eleven when his great-grandfather passes away and leaves Lewis's family with his decaying seaside mansion. Lewis is initially delighted with his new bedroom, a secluded tower in a remote part of the house. Then he discovers that it's already occupied -- by the ghosts of seven dead pirates. Worse, the ghosts expect him to help them re-take their ship, now restored and on display in a local museum, so they can make their way to Libertal

Oct 5, 2015
Semi-charming kind of life - a school story by Selfors, Suzanne, author.

Semi-charming kind of life - a school story

"At Ever After High, a boarding school for the sons and daughters of fairytale characters, Darling Charming is expected to excel in Damsel-In-Distressing class, but she yearns for adventure and envies her brothers, Daring and Dexter, who are learning to joust in Hero Training class"--

Oct 5, 2015
Secret of the Forbidden City by Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Secret of the Forbidden City

"The Kidd children--including twelve-year-old twins Rebecca and Bickford--follow mysterious clues that take them from China to Germany, in the hopes of finding their missing father and the treasure that will finally free their kidnapped mother"--

Oct 5, 2015
Sanitized for your protection by Pastis, Stephan.

Sanitized for your protection

"In this fourth volume of Timmy Failure’s memoirs, Timmy is forced to hit the road in a cross-country trip that includes Timmy’s mom, Total the polar bear, Doorman Dave, and smells-like-a-tangerine criminal mastermind Molly Moskins. It’s a world gone mad, where good becomes bad, and Timmy Failure is a condemned man."--

Oct 5, 2015
SandRider by Sage, Angie.


"Alice TodHunter Moon, now apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap, must locate the Egg of the Orm--a source of great Magyk--before the baby Orm hatches and imprints on the evil sorcerer Oraton-Marr"--

Oct 1, 2015
Robots go wild by Patterson, James, 1947-

Robots go wild

"Fifth grader Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez has to find a solution when his robot 'brother' has repeated malfunctions at school and a newer model robot steps in as competition--and his mother's job is in jeopardy as a result"--

Oct 1, 2015
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. the Naughty Nightcrawlers from Neptune by Pilkey, Dav/ Santat, Dan (ILT)

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. the Naughty Nightcrawlers from Neptune

Oct 1, 2015