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The unbelievable top secret diary of Pig by Stamp, Emer, author.

The unbelievable top secret diary of Pig

"Pig is troubled. Usually, life on the Farm is pretty good. He has yummy slops, a true friend in Duck, mud to roll in, and Farmer to scratch his back and call him Roast Pig (his special nickname). But the Evil Chickens are up to something evil, involving a tractor-rocket."--Publisher.

May 4, 2015
The Trouble With Half a Moon by Vigilante, Danette

The Trouble With Half a Moon

May 4, 2015
The trap by Arntson, Steven, 1973- author.

The trap

In 1963, when twins Henry and Helen and their best friends Alan and Nicki try to find Alan's missing brother Carl, they stumble into the knowledge of their "subtle forms" that can separate from their physical bodies, and into a criminal's plot to make himself immortal--at any expense.

May 4, 2015
The telling stone by McQuerry, Maureen, 1955-

The telling stone

Timothy James, his sister Sarah, and their friend Jessica race against time and an ancient Evil to save their mother and restore peace and harmony to the Travelers Market. Includes glossary and a map with a code for readers to decipher.

May 4, 2015
The Tapper twins go to war (with each other) by Rodkey, Geoff, 1970-

The Tapper twins go to war (with each other)

An oral history that reports, through transcribed recordings, text messages, photographs, illustrations, screenshots, and more, an epic prank war between twelve-year-old twins Reese and Claudia Tapper of New York City.

May 4, 2015
The sweetest heist in history by Spencer, Octavia, author.

The sweetest heist in history

On a trip to New York City to visit Randi's aunt, the ninja detective trio explores Randi's old neighborhood in Brooklyn, where they uncover an art heist involving Faberge´ eggs. Except no one will believe them. So they'll just have to catch the criminals in the act...

Apr 30, 2015
The Stars of Summer by Dairman, Tara

The Stars of Summer

May 4, 2015
The sound of life and everything by Van Dolzer, Krista.

The sound of life and everything

In 1950s California, grieving Mildred Clausen tries to have her son, who was killed in World War II, cloned but instead, a Japanese man emerges and her niece, Ella Mae, befriends him, in spite of the town's intense prejudice and her aunt's conviction that he is her son's killer.

May 4, 2015
The skeletons strike back by Morgan, Winter, author.

The skeletons strike back

When Georgia comes to Steve and his friends for help in defending her village from a skeleton attack, the group defeats the skeletons, only to find that the problem is worse, and more complicated, than they expected.

May 4, 2015
The shark rider by Prager, Ellen J.

The shark rider

"Tristan Hunt is having trouble keeping his newfound underwater talents a secret. And if undercover spies and a mysterious illness threatening to expose his special summer camp in the Florida Keys weren't enough, reports of dying fish and disappearing sponge in the Caribbean call Tristan and his friends back into action"--Provided by publisher.

May 4, 2015
The secrets of the storm vortex by Cameron, Anne.

The secrets of the storm vortex

"Now-twelve-year-old Angus McFangus and his friends encounter a storm vortex and a stranger from the crypts"--

May 4, 2015
The Secret World of Mermaids by Quinn, Jordan/ McPhillips, Robert (ILT)

The Secret World of Mermaids

May 4, 2015
The Secret Treasure - League of Griefers, Book One by Morgan, Winter

The Secret Treasure - League of Griefers, Book One

May 4, 2015
The runaway's gold by Burack, Emilie Christie.

The runaway's gold

"The protagonist of this historical novel, which is set in the Shetland Islands and also New York City around 1840, is Christian Robertson, a crofter and son of a crofter (small, struggling tenant farmer). When Christian's brother frames him for the theft of a bag of coins, Christian must leave home and embark on a journey to return the coins and clear his name"--

May 4, 2015
The real man of steel by Sutton, Laurie, author.

The real man of steel

Lex Luther steals a special chip called the Mega Module that will give his battle suit power levels similar to Superman's, and sets out to claim the title of the real Man of Steel.

May 4, 2015
The Rat with the Human Face by Angleberger, Tom, author, photographer.

The Rat with the Human Face

While searching for the Rat with the Human Face, friendships fray as club members Dave and Lyle compete for Marilla.

May 4, 2015
The privateer's apprentice by Verrico, Susan.

The privateer's apprentice

From Charles Towne, Carolina Territory, in 1712, thirteen-year-old Jameson Cooper, orphaned and indigent, is abducted by privateers working for Queen Anne but proves himself worthy to be called a royal sailor through his writing and drawing skills, as well as his hard work and courage.

May 4, 2015
The poisoned planet by Manning, Matthew K.

The poisoned planet

In an attempt to force the Daily Planet newspaper to stop wasting paper, Poison Ivy creates a vine of kryptonite that covers the whole building, and a seriously weakened Superman must find a way to stop her before she kills Lois and his other friends.

May 4, 2015
The pet and the pendulum by McAlpine, Gordon, author.

The pet and the pendulum

Back in Baltimore, twelve-year-old identical twins Edgar and Allan think they have encountered the ghost of their great-great-great-great granduncle, Edgar Allan Poe, asking them to solve his murder--but really it is their arch-nemesis, Professor Perry, looking for revenge.

May 4, 2015
The Penguin's crime wave by Sutton, Laurie.

The Penguin's crime wave

The Penguin hijacks a luxury yacht with his penguin-shaped submarine and it is up to Batman to stop him and rescue the passengers and crew.

May 4, 2015