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The Dragon Lantern - a League of Seven novel by Gratz, Alan, 1972-, author The Dragon Lantern - a League of Seven novel

Archie Dent and his friends Hachi and Fergus, the first three members of a new League of Seven, a group of heroes who come together to fight the Mangleborn whenever the monsters arise to destroy humanity, undertake separate missions and in the course of their adventures meet potential candidates to join their League, while learning deep-rooted secrets that could destroy the League forever.

Oct 17, 2016
The doorway and the deep by Ormsbee, Katie, author. The doorway and the deep

Even after escaping from the Southerly Kingdom, Lottie Fiske has returned to the magical Albion Isle, despite the fact that she is a wanted criminal there, because she is seeking answers about her abilities, and her parents--but war is threatening Limn, and the answers she needs seem to lie in the Northerly Kingdom, along a road full of dangers.

Oct 17, 2016
Diary of an 8-bit warrior by Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction), author. Diary of an 8-bit warrior

"In the first in this series of three unofficial Minecraft adventure books, it&#x;s time for our 12-year-old hero to choose his future vocation to study at the Minecraftia school. His options are less than tantalizing: farmer, butcher, crafter, miner. What this noob really wants is to be a warrior like his hero, Steve. So when he learns that the five best students in school that year will get the chance to start warrior training, it&#x;s on"

Oct 17, 2016
Diary of an 8-bit super warrior. From seeds to swords by Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction), author. Diary of an 8-bit super warrior. From seeds to swords

Pet slimes. A potion brew-off. A creepy forest that no one will explain. What's a twelve-year-old warrior-in-training to do? As former villager Runt and his friends continue their battle preparation, they face their biggest challenges yet--and it's not just those zombies decked out in body armor (which is really weird, by the way). Runt's got a brand new nemesis who will stop at nothing to claim the top spot in the warrior competition at school. And, to make matters worse, there's a strange girl

Oct 17, 2016
Curse of the Boggin by MacHale, D. J., author. Curse of the Boggin

"When supernatural phenomenon start following Marcus O'Mara around, he discovers a key that leads to The Library, a place where all the stories of the living and dead are kept that will help him and his friends solve a terrifying mystery"--

Oct 17, 2016
The courage test by Preller, James, author. The courage test

Will has no choice. His father drags him along on a wilderness adventure in the footsteps of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark--whether he likes it or not. All the while, Will senses that something about this trip isn't quite right. Along the journey, Will meets fascinating strangers and experiences new thrills, including mountain cliffs, whitewater rapids, and a heart-hammering bear encounter. It is a journey into the soul of America's past, and the meaning of family in the future. In the end

Oct 17, 2016
Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to not growing up by Greenwald, Tom, 1962- author. Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to not growing up

"As graduation day approaches, Charlie Joe is starting to realize being a kid isn't so bad after all"--

Oct 17, 2016
The book you're not supposed to have by Pastis, Stephan, author. The book you're not supposed to have

This book was never meant to exist. No one needs to know the details. Just know this: there's a Merry, a Larry, a missing tooth, and a teachers' strike that is crippling Timmy Failure s academic future. Worst of all, Timmy is banned from detective work. It's a conspiracy of buffoons. He recorded everything in his private notebook, but then the manuscript was stolen. If this book gets out, he will be grounded for life. Or maybe longer. And will Timmy's mom really marry Doorman Dave?

Oct 17, 2016
Between worlds by Brittenham, Skip, author. Between worlds

"Two friends discover a magical wishing tree that transports them to another world--then have to find their way back home"--

Oct 17, 2016
The best man by Peck, Richard, 1934- author. The best man

"Archer has four important role models in his life--his dad, his grandfather, his uncle Paul, and his favorite teacher, Mr. McLeod. When Uncle Paul and Mr. McLeod get married, Archer's sixth-grade year becomes one he'll never forget."--

Oct 17, 2016
Basil in Mexico by Titus, Eve, author. Basil in Mexico

Basil, mouse and master detective seeking the truth behind the theft of the Mousa Lisa, must also solve the mystery of his companion's disappearance.

Oct 17, 2016
Ashes by Anderson, Laurie Halse, author. Ashes

"As the Revolutionary War rages on, Isabel and Curzon are reported as runaways, and the awful Bellingham is determined to track them down. With purpose and faith, Isabel and Curzon march on, fiercely determined to find Isabel's little sister Ruth, who is enslaved in a Southern state"--

Oct 17, 2016
All paws on deck by Maple, Daphne, author. All paws on deck

"For Kim, understanding dogs is easy, but keeping up in class can be hard. If she doesn't improve her grades, her parents are planning to send her to a different school--which would mean leaving the Dog Club! With school worries piling up, Kim isn't thrilled to find out that the Dog Club's next client is her superstrict English teacher, Mrs. Benson. But she's sure the Dog Club is the right place for Missy, the nervous puppy mill rescue Mrs. Benson recently adopted. Between Missy, her parents, an

Oct 17, 2016
Ratpunzel by Vernon, Ursula, author. Ratpunzel

"It is Princess Harriet Hamsterbone to the rescue when Heady the hydra's egg is stolen, but her search leads her to a castle accessible only by a rat with a very long tail"--

Oct 18, 2016
Night of the living shadows - a Speed Bump & Slingshot misadventure by Coverly, Dave, author. Night of the living shadows - a Speed Bump & Slingshot misadventure

On a quest to earn their Scavenger Hunt badge and graduate from Bird Scouts to Eagle Scouts, Speed Bump and his slacker friend Slingshot become trapped inside a shopping mall.

Oct 18, 2016
Mr. Nick is a lunatic! by Gutman, Dan, author. Mr. Nick is a lunatic!

When the teachers of Ella Mentry School go on strike, A. J. and the gang meet a new principal who does not believe in rules and says that the students do not have to learn anything if they do not want to.

Oct 18, 2016
Liz's night at the museum by Barkley, Callie, author. Liz's night at the museum

Liz is excited for her sleepover at the museum until she hears some spooky noises that may turn this sleepover into a nightmare.

Oct 18, 2016
A legend of starfire by Burt, Marissa, author. A legend of starfire

"The Land of Nod used to be just a name in a nursery rhyme to Wren. But when she discovered the secret magic of stardust, she learned that some of those rhymes had secrets of their own—and the Land of Nod is real. A few months ago, the evil Magician Boggen attempted to escape his exile on Nod and return to Earth. Wren stopped him, but Boggen is still out there. To save her world, Wren will travel farther than even she could have dreamed: to the heart of Nod itself, where she must defeat Boggen o

Oct 18, 2016
Finding perfect by Swartz, Elly D., author. Finding perfect

"With some help from her siblings and friends, Molly is able to face her OCD and be strong enough to get help for it"--

Oct 18, 2016
The emerald tablet by Jolley, Dan, author. The emerald tablet

Finding an old map, Gabe and his friends follow clues to a secret chamber beneath San Francisco, where they perform what they think is a friendship ritual before strange events reveal a sinister cult from a parallel realm.

Oct 18, 2016