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Return to Planet Tad by Carvell, Tim.

Return to Planet Tad

Tad offers commentary on his eighth-grade year via illustrated blog entries.

Oct 23, 2014
The red pencil by Pinkney, Andrea Davis, author.

The red pencil

"After her tribal village is attacked by militants, Amira, a young Sudanese girl, must flee to safety at a refugee camp, where she finds hope and the chance to pursue an education in the form of a single red pencil and the friendship and encouragement of a wise elder"--

Oct 23, 2014
Snap decision by Whitaker, Nathan.

Snap decision

Eighth-grader Chase Clark gets the chance to play on the varsity team with his best friend, Tripp, at their small-town Florida school, but when a hard hit takes Tripp down, Chase is the only one who knows what really happened, and telling could have serious consequences.

Oct 23, 2014
The scavengers by Perry, Michael, 1964-

The scavengers

With a neighbors help, twelve-year-old Ford Falcon learns to survive in the harsh world outside the Bubble Cities by scavenging for items to use or trade--skills she needs when her parents unexpectedly go missing.

Oct 23, 2014
Sailing home - a story of a childhood at sea by Rand, Gloria.

Sailing home - a story of a childhood at sea

Captain Madsen's four children fondly recall their exciting experiences sailing with their father and mother on the bark John Ena at the turn of the twentieth century.

Oct 23, 2014
Rory's promise by MacColl, Michaela, author.

Rory's promise

Twelve-year-old Rory Fitzpatrick loves her younger sister, Violet, more than anyone in the world. She has been Violet's only family ever since their parents died and they went to live at the Sisters of Charity Foundling Hospital in New York. Rory promised she would always protect her sister, would never leave her. So when Rory learns that the nuns are sending Violet to an adoptive family out West, Rory is determined to follow and keep her family together at all costs. What happens on the journey

Oct 23, 2014
Mikis and the donkey by Dumon Tak, Bibi.

Mikis and the donkey

"Mikis is thrilled when his grandfather buys a new donkey, but soon begins to worry that he is overworking the animal"--

Oct 23, 2014
Farm fresh fun by Hiranandani, Veera.

Farm fresh fun

At Goat Hill Farm, third-grade best friends Phoebe, Sage, and Camille collect eggs from chickens, watch goats get milked, pick apples, and help make a farm fresh lunch, but when Phoebe and Sage decide to help the goats by opening their gate, a peaceful field trip turns into a wild, noisy adventure.

Oct 23, 2014
Edge of the galaxy / Edge of the Galaxy by Fry, Jason, 1969- author.

Edge of the galaxy / Edge of the Galaxy

Zare Leonis thinks he will become a model soldier for the Empire until he uncovers the Empire's destructive plans for his home planet of Lothal and his sister goes missing.

Oct 23, 2014
Dirk Daring, secret agent by Becker, Helaine, 1961- author.

Dirk Daring, secret agent

Oct 23, 2014
Desmond Pucket and the mountain full of monsters by Tatulli, Mark, author.

Desmond Pucket and the mountain full of monsters

Hoping to get his crush, Tina, to share an awesome ride with him during a sixth-grade field trip to the Crab Shell Pier amusement park, Desmond finds his efforts thwarted by the tyrannical Mr. Needles and the nefarious Scott Selzer.

Oct 23, 2014
The (totally not) guaranteed guide to friends, foes & faux friends by McCafferty, Megan, author.

The (totally not) guaranteed guide to friends, foes & faux friends

"Twelve-year-old Jessica Darling receives another cryptic list from her older sister, Bethany. While hosting a slumber party and planning a Halloween costume, Jessica tries to navigate the seventh grade social scene, with mixed results"--

Oct 23, 2014
Hide and go fetch by Earhart, Kristin, author.

Hide and go fetch

Fighting over everything except their shared wish for a puppy, Henry and his sister are delighted to adopt an adorable Dalmatian who reveals an astonishing ability to make people invisible.

Oct 23, 2014
Gabriel Finley & the raven's riddle by Hagen, George, 1958- author.

Gabriel Finley & the raven's riddle

Eleven-year-old Gabriel, with the help of the young raven Paladin, which whom he has a magical bond, travels to the foreboding land of Aviopolis, where he must face challenges and unanswerable riddles to rescue his long-missing father.

Oct 23, 2014
Andi unexpected - an Andi Boggs novel by Flower, Amanda.

Andi unexpected - an Andi Boggs novel

Twelve-year-old Andi Boggs discovers evidence of her forgotten namesake, a missing relative, which leads her into a family mystery rooted in the Great Depression.

Oct 23, 2014
Andi under pressure - an Andi Boggs novel by Flower, Amanda.

Andi under pressure - an Andi Boggs novel

While attending a prestigious Science Camp, twelve-year-old Andi and her new best friend, Colin Carter, investigate a series of practical jokes being blamed on the mysterious janitor, Polk, which result in a lab explosion that injures a professor.

Oct 23, 2014
Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898, author.

Alice's adventures in Wonderland

Alice falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters.

Oct 23, 2014
This journal belongs to Ratchet by Cavanaugh, Nancy J., author.

This journal belongs to Ratchet

Homeschooled by her mechanic-environmentalist father, eleven-year-old Rachel "Ratchet" Vance records her efforts to make friends, save a park, remember her mother, and find her own definition of "normal."

Oct 23, 2014
The forbidden flats by Eddleman, Peggy, author.

The forbidden flats

When an earthquake causes the deadly band of air that covers the post World War III Earth to begin to sink over the town of White Rock, twelve-year-old Hope must lead a team through the Bomb's Breath and across the Forbidden Flats to obtain the mineral which will save the town.

Oct 23, 2014
Stealth the ghost panther by Blade, Adam.

Stealth the ghost panther

The evil Wizard Malvel's final Beast has reached the doors of King Hugo's palace! Stealth the Ghost Panther lassoes victims with his three tails, scratching the good citizens of Avantia and turning them into evildoers. To rescue his father, Tom must capture the final piece of Amulet from Stealth's collar--before all Avantia turns to evil!

Oct 23, 2014