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Howard Wallace, P.i. by Lyall, Casey

Howard Wallace, P.i.

Aug 25, 2016
Hailey the Hedgehog by Small, Lily, author.

Hailey the Hedgehog

"A special story for Christmas introducing Hailey the Hedgerow Hedgehog, the newest addition to the Fairy Animals of Misty Wood"--

Aug 25, 2016
The Great Shelby Holmes / Girl Detective by Eulberg, Elizabeth, author.

The Great Shelby Holmes / Girl Detective

Nine-year-old Shelby Holmes, the best detective in her Harlem neighborhood, and her new easy-going friend from downstairs, eleven-year-old John Watson, become partners in a dog-napping case.

Aug 25, 2016
George and the unbreakable code by Hawking, Lucy, author.

George and the unbreakable code

George and Annie must travel further into space than ever before in order to prevent all computers from being hacked.

Aug 25, 2016
The forgetting machine by Hautman, Pete, 1952- author.

The forgetting machine

"Ginger Crump solves the mystery of why people in her town are forgetting things they should definitely know"--

Aug 25, 2016
Finding wonders - a verse history of girls and science by Atkins, Jeannine, 1953- author.

Finding wonders - a verse history of girls and science

"A biographical novel in verse of three different girls in three different time periods who grew up to become groundbreaking scientists"--

Aug 25, 2016
Dory Dory Black Sheep by Hanlon, Abigail

Dory Dory Black Sheep

Aug 25, 2016
The Dh by Feinstein, John

The Dh

Aug 25, 2016
The creeping shadow by Stroud, Jonathan.

The creeping shadow

"A terrible crime forces Lockwood to turn to Lucy for help, setting them on the trail of dark secrets at the heart of London society. Both professionally and personally, their investigation stirs up forces they may not be able to control. . . "--

Aug 25, 2016
Class election by Swaab, Neil, author, illustrator.

Class election

Self-proclaimed middle school expert and campaign manager Max Corrigan offers advice and practical tips on how to run for class president and win votes, including the essential skills needed to make a viral video, trade your lunch in the school cafeteria, and put a positive spin on any situation.

Aug 25, 2016
Children of exile by Haddix, Margaret Peterson, author.

Children of exile

A twelve-year-old girl raised in a foster village is returned to her biological parents, and discovers home is not what she expected it to be.

Aug 25, 2016
Books Vs. Looks by Dadey, Debbie/ Avakyan, Tatevik (ILT)

Books Vs. Looks

Aug 25, 2016
Book Uncle and me by Krishnaswami, Uma, 1956- author.

Book Uncle and me

Aug 25, 2016
Beautiful blue world by LaFleur, Suzanne M, author.

Beautiful blue world

Sofarende is at war and the army is paying families well to recruit children, so if twelve-year-old Mathilde or her best friend Megs is chosen, they hope to help their families but fear they will be separated forever.

Aug 25, 2016
The bad kid by Lariviere, Sarah, author.

The bad kid

In the Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park, eleven-year-old Claudeline Feng LeBernardin hopes to take over the "family business" previously run by her mobster grandfather, but first she must try to uncover a local scam artist and salvage her friendship with her best friend and partner in crime, Fingerless Brett.

Aug 25, 2016
The adventurer's guide to successful escapes by White, Wade Albert, author.

The adventurer's guide to successful escapes

"In a magickal world of floating tiers, mischievous dragons, and endless bureaucracy, Anne and her friends embark on a Rightful Heir Quest to claim her place in the Hierarchy and escape horrible consequences"--

Aug 25, 2016
Cinders by Klimo, Kate, author.


"Cinders is a dappled gray Percheron horse during the 1871 Great Chicago Fire"--

Aug 25, 2016
Be light like a bird by Schröder, Monika, 1965-

Be light like a bird

After the death of her father, twelve-year-old Wren finds her life thrown into upheaval. And when her mother decides to pack up the car and forces Wren to leave the only home she's ever known, the family grows even more fractured. As she and her mother struggle to build a new life, Wren must confront issues with the environment, peer pressure, bullying, and most of all, the difficulty of forgiving those who don't deserve it. A quirky, emotional middle grade novel set in Michigans Upper Peninsula

Aug 25, 2016
Class pet squad - journey to the center of town by Yaccarino, Dan, author, illustrator.

Class pet squad - journey to the center of town

Who do you think makes sure everyone gets back on the bus after a class trip? Who doesn't let the scenery in the school play accidentally fall over? Who fights off a gang of rampaging squirrels trying to steal chocolate pudding cups from the cafeteria? The class pet squad, that's who! And when a student leaves his beloved action figure behind in class, the Squad--a hamster, a turtle, a rabbit, and a chameleon--has to find a way to get it back to him, even if it means crossing paths with a dog or

Aug 25, 2016
The magnificent Lizzie Brown and the ghost ship by Lockwood, Vicki, author.

The magnificent Lizzie Brown and the ghost ship

Fitzy's Circus is invited to perform at Whitby by the Maharaja Duleep Singh, but they find the locals nervous and unfriendly, worried by the ghost ship that is apparently haunting the harbor of the small seaside town--and when a valuable necklace goes missing, the circus performers are immediately suspected, so it is up to Lizzie to use her psychic abilities to discover the true criminals.

Aug 25, 2016