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Ruby Fuzzybrush's star dance by Meadows, Daisy, author.

Ruby Fuzzybrush's star dance

When Grizelda's black dragon finds a way to keep Friendship Forest dark by preventing the Fuzzybrush fox family from performing their dance that wakes the stars, Lily and Jess help Ruby Fuzzybrush try to reverse the spell and save the forest.

Feb 11, 2016
The sabotage by Probst, Jeff, 1962- author.

The sabotage

While stranded on Shadow Island, Jane, Buzz, Carter, and Vanessa face another crisis when one of their group goes missing.

Feb 11, 2016
Rumble of the coaster ghost by Cummings, Troy, author.

Rumble of the coaster ghost

Alexander's class is going on a field trip to an amusement park called Safety Land with really slow, boring rides--but this is Stermont, and when a weird magician tells Alexander and his friends that the roller coaster is haunted things start to get a lot more interesting.

Feb 11, 2016
Very far away by Sendak, Maurice.

Very far away

Martin goes off to find someplace "very far away" and runs into a horse, a bird, and a cat who are all looking for their "ideal spot."

Feb 11, 2016
You Can't Drink a Meatball Through a Straw by Winkler, Henry/ Oliver, Lin/ Garrett, Scott (ILT)

You Can't Drink a Meatball Through a Straw

Feb 11, 2016
A woodland wedding by Elliott, Rebecca, author.

A woodland wedding

Eva's teacher, Miss Featherbottom, is getting married, but when her special necklace disappears, Eva and her friends set out to track down the thief and return the necklace before the wedding.

Feb 11, 2016
Hour of the Bees by Eagar, Lindsay

Hour of the Bees

Feb 11, 2016
Sadness saves the day by West, Tracey, 1965- author.

Sadness saves the day

After accidentally leaving headquarters, Sadness travels through Riley's mind, in a book where readers choose what happens next, with twenty possible outcomes.

Feb 11, 2016
Seven wonders journals - The select + The orphan by Lerangis, Peter, author.

Seven wonders journals - The select + The orphan

Two novellas that supplement the "Seven Wonders" series tell the stories of Bert Wenders, the first carrier of the G7W gene, and Daria, an orphan who battles to rescue her friend from certain death.

Feb 11, 2016
The Secrets of Solace by Johnson, Jaleigh

The Secrets of Solace

Feb 11, 2016
Sara lost and found by Castleman, Virginia.

Sara lost and found

When their mother abandons them and their father ends up in jail again, ten-year-old Sara and her mentally troubled sister are thrust back into the foster care system.

Feb 11, 2016
Goldie by Miles, Ellen.


When Charles and Lizzie Peterson get a foster puppy named Goldie, they have to teach her how to be a good puppy if they are going to convince their mother to let them keep her.

Feb 11, 2016
The case of the battling bots / The Case of the Battling Bots by O'Donnell, Liam, 1970- author.

The case of the battling bots / The Case of the Battling Bots

Feb 11, 2016
Witch Wars by Pounder, Sibea̕l, author.

Witch Wars

"When Fran the Fabulous Fairy turns up in Tiga Whicabim's shed to tell her she's a witch, Tiga doesn't believe her. Or at least not until Fran points out that TIGA WHICABIM is actually an anagram of I AM A BIG WITCH and magics her away down the drainpipes to compete in Witch Wars - the competition to crown the next Top Witch of Ritzy City"--

Feb 11, 2016
Taking off - a Maryellen classic by Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

Taking off - a Maryellen classic

"In the 1950s, if fourth-grader Maryellen is going to invent a flying machine, become famous, and get her big sister Joan's wedding off the ground, she will need all the help and all the friends she can get!"--

Feb 11, 2016
Friday Barnes, girl detective by Spratt, R. A., author.

Friday Barnes, girl detective

"A genius girl detective discovers her ultra exclusive boarding school is a hotbed of crime, from missing homework and stolen lemon tarts to a mysterious yeti haunting the school swamp"--

Feb 11, 2016
How to rock best friends and frenemies - a novel by Haston, Meg.

How to rock best friends and frenemies - a novel

Twelve-year-old Kacey Simon's jealousy threatens her popularity when her new crush Zander's ex-girlfriend and former lead singer, Stevie, arrives in town.

Feb 11, 2016
The little mermaid - based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen by Francia, Giada, adaptor.

The little mermaid - based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

A little sea princess, longing to be human, trades her mermaid's tail for legs to win the love of a prince.

Feb 11, 2016
Manatee rescue by Davies, Nicola, 1958- author.

Manatee rescue

When her father successfully harpoons a manatee, leaving its baby orphaned, Manuela vows to rescue the calf and return it to the river, helping change the attitudes of the people in her village in the process.

Feb 11, 2016
The land of forgotten girls by Kelly, Erin Entrada.

The land of forgotten girls

Abandoned by their father and living in poverty with their heartless stepmother in Louisiana, two sisters from the Philippines, twelve-year-old Sol and six-year-old Ming, learn the true meaning of family.

Feb 11, 2016