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Goldilocks breaks in by Holub, Joan, author.

Goldilocks breaks in

Goldilocks is so eager to make friends at Grimm Academy, she's even tempted to accept an invitation to join E.V.I.L. -- it's just nice to be included! But she doesn't want to be a villain. Can Goldie get inside the secret society and do some good?

Jun 2, 2015
Maggie Malone makes a splash by McCarthy, Jenna.

Maggie Malone makes a splash

When Maggie learns that everyone at her new middle school belongs to a club, she decides to try the swim team then, using her magic boots, spends a day in the life of Marina Tide, a famous oceanographer's daughter who travels the world doing good, just as someone is setting up Marina and her father.

Jun 2, 2015
Escape from the overworld - an unofficial Minecraft gamer's quest by Davidson, Danica, author.

Escape from the overworld - an unofficial Minecraft gamer's quest

"Eleven-year-old Stevie, who comes from a long line of Steves, doesn't feel as if he fits in the Minecraft world. Even though his dad is great at building and fighting off zombies, Stevie struggles in these areas. But the Stevie discovers a portal into a new world--our world. He steps out of a computer screen and into the room of Maison, a bullied girl who loves to build and create. Stevie wants to know all about this new world, but when Maison takes him to school with her, they discover zo

Jun 2, 2015
Thor's serpents by Armstrong, Kelley, author.

Thor's serpents

"As Ragnarok--the apocalypse--approaches, the thirteen-year-old descendants of the gods realize they can't take every step of their journey together, as Matt must fight the Midgard Serpent alone, and Fen and Laurie are pulled in different directions"--

Jun 2, 2015
Six by Vaughan, M. M.


When twelve-year-old Parker's father, on the cusp of a technological breakthrough, is kidnapped, Parker is determined to find him, but his search soon uncovers a sinister project that threatens far more than Parker's family.

Jun 2, 2015
The orphan army by Maberry, Jonathan, author.

The orphan army

In the future, bug-like aliens are taking over Earth and young Milo Silk learns through dreams and strange encounters that there are other, ancient monsters on the planet that are also threatened by the aliens, and that he may be the hero destined to lead his friends in saving the universe.

Jun 2, 2015
Minions - the junior novel by Chesterfield, Sadie, author.

Minions - the junior novel

"Since they first appeared, Minions have searched the planet for the right villain to be their master. In their hunt for the perfect leader, they have serve dinosaurs, kings, and even monsters. But it's time for a new master...if only they can find one! Join Kevin, Stuart, and Bob as they travel the world and attend Villain-Con, looking for the most despicable bad guy (or gal!) out there to lead them."--Page [4] cover.

Jun 2, 2015
Striker by Skuy, David, 1963- author.


"It's been almost a year since thirteen-year-old Cody was diagnosed with cancer for a tumour in his leg. Now he's ready to start playing soccer again, if he can convince his mom to let him try out. Though it's a struggle, Cody makes the team as a sub. But things aren't right on the Lions, and after a team shake-up, he finds himself with more playing time than he thinks he can handle. Cody doesn't want to let his teammates down, and telling his mom will mean he'll be taken off the team. Can Cody

Jun 2, 2015
Empty world by Christopher, John, 1922-2012, author.

Empty world

When a deadly virus kills off most of the world's population, a teenaged boy tries to survive in a seemingly empty England.

Jun 2, 2015
From the notebooks of a middle school princess by Cabot, Meg, author, illustrator.

From the notebooks of a middle school princess

"A middle-grade spinoff of The Princess Diaries, about the long-lost sister of Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia"--

Jun 2, 2015
The murk by Lettrick, Robert, author.

The murk

Seeking a rare flower that might cure her baby sister's illness, fourteen-year-old Piper Canfield, her brother Creeper, friend Tad, and two guides go to the heart of the Okefenokee Swamp, where great danger awaits.

Jun 2, 2015
Into the dorkness by Kloepfer, John, author.

Into the dorkness

Kevin and his science camp buddies, The Extraordinary Terrestrials, defeated the alien Mim and sent him back to prison--but now a group of his friends have shown up in spaceships, bent on revenge, and it is up the Extraordinary Terrestrials to find a way to defeat the invaders.

Jun 2, 2015
Fart Squad by Pilger, Seamus, author.

Fart Squad

After their lunches are stolen, Harry Buttz Elementary School students Darren, Tina, Juan-Carlos, and Walter eat radioactive burritos that give each a strange ability--along with serious gas--which, with training by Janitor Stan, may help them foil Number Two and the BO twins' evil plan.

Jun 2, 2015
Last panda standing by Krosoczka, Jarrett, author.

Last panda standing

Last Panda Standing, the third installment in the hilarious, high-action illustrated middle grade series featuring two platypus detectives, perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and Jarrett's own Lunch Lady series.The Kalamazoo City mayoral race is heating up, and Frank Pandini Jr. has been threatened by a mysterious assailant. He requests a special Platypus Police Squad protection detail: Detective Rick Zengo. This leaves O'Malley to be partnered up with Jo Cooper, the newest dete

Jun 2, 2015
Nick and Tesla's special effects spectacular - a mystery with animatronics, alien makeup, camera gear, and other movie magic you can make yourself by Pflugfelder, Bob, 1967- author.

Nick and Tesla's special effects spectacular - a mystery with animatronics, alien makeup, camera gear, and other movie magic you can make yourself

Jun 2, 2015
Theodore Boone - the fugitive by Grisham, John, author.

Theodore Boone - the fugitive

Theo thought the danger had passed, but he's about to face off against an old adversary: accused murderer and fugitive Pete Duffy. On a field trip to Washington, DC, Theo spots a familiar face on the Metro: Duffy, who jumped bail and was never seen again. Theo's quick thinking helps bring Duffy back to Strattenburg to stand trial. But now that Duffy knows who he is, Theo is in greater danger than he's ever been in before. Even when everything is on the line, Theodore Boone will stop at nothing

Jun 2, 2015
Grace makes it great by Casanova, Mary, author.

Grace makes it great

Ten-year-old Grace is crushed to learn that her grandparents' bakery might close after thirty years and wonders how her own business, which they inspired, can survive if theirs cannot, but she and her friends use their talents and newly-acquired business skills to try to save the day.

Jun 2, 2015
Nooks & crannies by Lawson, Jessica, 1980-

Nooks & crannies

Eleven-year-old Tabitha Crum, whose parents were just about to abandon her, is invited to the country estate of a wealthy countess along with five other children and told that one of them will become her heir.

Jun 2, 2015
Ratscalibur by Lieb, Josh.


"When Joey is bitten by a rat, he goes from aspiring seventh-grader to three-inch tall rodent, and unwittingly unlocks the sword Ratscalibur"--

Jun 2, 2015
A plague of unicorns by Yolen, Jane, author.

A plague of unicorns

James, an earl's son and bothersome child, may hold the key to saving Cranford Abbey, a dilapidated school where he is sent to be educated, that newly-appointed Abbot Aelian thinks can be saved if he can make cider from the golden apples now being eaten by ravenous unicorns.

Jun 2, 2015