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Neil Flambe and the Bard's Banquet by Sylvester, Kevin/ Sylvester, Kevin (ILT)

Neil Flambe and the Bard's Banquet

Dec 26, 2014
Lustor the acid dart by Blade, Adam.

Lustor the acid dart

Great for boys, with a huge collectability factor bolstered by the collectors' cards in the back of the books, and links to an excellent interactive website.Something horrible lurks in the Yellow Marshes! Malvel has created Lustor the Acid Dart to fight Tom.

Dec 26, 2014
The Flock Factor by Howard, Martin/ Janes, Andy (ILT)

The Flock Factor

Dec 26, 2014
Flaymar, the scorched blaze by Blade, Adam, author.

Flaymar, the scorched blaze

Tom comes face to face with Flaymar, a fiery beast that Kensa the Sorceress has unleashed to terrorize Avantia.

Dec 26, 2014
Dead man's hand by Burchett, Jan, author.

Dead man's hand

Dec 26, 2014
Northwood by Falkner, Brian, author.


Cecilia Undergarment is a remarkable girl who can understand what animals are saying--but her plan to rescue a sad and neglected dog lands her in the dark, enchanted forest of Northwood, where the ferocious black lions roam and the mystery of Castle Storm awaits.

Dec 26, 2014
Noctila the Death Owl by Blade, Adam.

Noctila the Death Owl

Dec 26, 2014
Mocha Dick - the legend and fury by Heinz, Brian J., 1946-

Mocha Dick - the legend and fury

"The original great white whale, first spied off the coast of Chile in 1810, becomes a prime target for whalers as he thrashes about the Pacific and achieves legendary status"--

Dec 26, 2014
Pillars of fire by Molinari, Laurice E.

Pillars of fire

"After discovering his true identity, a new enemy is after Vero Leland--a demoness known as the Lilith, and she will stop at nothing to destroy him, including attacking those closest to him"--

Dec 26, 2014
Stealing Thunder by Casanova, Mary, author.

Stealing Thunder

Libby visits her neighbor's spirited horse Thunder every day, grooming and riding him, and when Mr. Porter starts to abuse Thunder she decides to steal him away to safety, with the help of her new friend Griff.

Dec 26, 2014
Shock music by Larry, H. I, author.

Shock music

On his latest mission, Zac Power must investigate and determine if his favorite rock band has turned evil.

Dec 26, 2014
Search for the Shadow Key by Batson, Wayne Thomas, 1968-

Search for the Shadow Key

As the only living Dreamtreader, fourteen-year-old Archer must protect the waking world from the evil lurking in the Dream, but when his family and friends begin to disappear, unexpected help comes from the Wind Maiden, a mysterious angelic being who seems to know how Archer can rescue his loved ones and defeat the new Nightmare King.

Dec 26, 2014
Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm by Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith

Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm

Dec 26, 2014
Raksha, the mirror demon / Bumper Edition by Blade, Adam, author.

Raksha, the mirror demon / Bumper Edition

Two evil wizards from Gorgonia use an enchanted mirror to summon the monster Raksha, who intends to use the power of the Good Beasts to destroy Tom.

Dec 26, 2014
Princess adventure stories by Disney Enterprises, Inc. (COR)/ Disney Storybook Artists (ILT)

Princess adventure stories

Features seventeen tales of adventure and bravery starring such favorite Disney princesses as Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel.

Dec 26, 2014
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mutant mosquitoes from Mercury by Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author.

Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mutant mosquitoes from Mercury

A mouse named Ricky Ricotta and his giant flying robot attempt to save the world from an invasion of massive mutant mosquitoes from Mercury.

Dec 26, 2014
Twin spins by Mercer, Sienna.

Twin spins

Olivia's movie career is on hold. Ivy has a secret she's been forbidden to share - she could be off to vampire school in Transylvania. Is Ivy really going to keep her sister in the dark?

Dec 26, 2014
Star Style by Mercer, Sienna.

Star Style

Olivia and Ivy find themselves competing for a role in a vampire romance film and are surprised when their biological dad turns up on the movie set.

Dec 26, 2014
Skateboard party by English, Karen.

Skateboard party

"Richard can't wait to show off his skills at a friend's skateboard birthday party, but a note home from his teacher threatens to ruin his plans"--

Dec 26, 2014
The Pushcart War by Merrill, Jean.

The Pushcart War

The outbreak of a war between truck drivers and pushcart peddlers brings the mounting problems of traffic to the attention of both the city of New York and the world.

Dec 26, 2014